Gothic Gates by R.M. SIMONE’ review

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GOTHIC GATES book 1 thank you
wow, April 2, 2017
By tania emma
This review is from: Gothic Gates by r.m.simone’ Book I Novella Short Story (Kindle Edition)
damn this book is hot
love Dante and Sam they are an amazing hot couple
Gothic gates hits the right spot, it is such a good read that its hard to put downa and leaving you wanting more.
I love how this book flows and how easy you can get into it and make you want to carry on reading
thank you r.m.simone for amazing work


Shades of Love – That moment you ‘meet’ and the world stops spinning. R.M.Simone’ a review of SHADES Of LOVE book 1

fifty-shades-of-love-33 REVIEW FROM Letty on Amazon

Wow, I was amazed on the descriptive style of writing for Shades of Love by R.M Simone. I love that feeling to connect with characters. And how they expresses themselves. Gabriella is waiting to crossed the street. She has an afternoon appointment to present her new book to a possible publisher. When Shelly text her in the middle of her thoughts on the subject of fifty again. On her text spelled out emergency. She wants Gabriella to fill in for her for a modeling gig. Gabriella tells Shelly that she has a full plate. But Shelly convince her that is only going to take an hour and she is near the place. I love this part I felt like I was reading a piece of poetry. He was standing there something caught me in the middle of her stomach and I stopped breathing and stop walking to where the photo shoot was set for me to join in What was this? I suddenly turned to stone. An immovable force had my feet glued to the floor. He looked up after having just adjusted his shirt sleeves and cufflinks. He looked right at me; right into me. The immovable force of staring back into someone’s eyes that really sees you makes you notice only eyes. Gabriella realized what kind of set it is. She about to leave when Tristan Montgomery holds her and he is talking to her to stay. How fated brings two soul’s to meet on a photo shot set. And how their chemistry ignite with every feeling they felt. As one. Is like you can’t breath without air. And can’t nourish body without food. That how I felt the connection with Tristan and Gabriella each time they meet. And Gabriella is not used to being dominant by a male. And Tristan being an alpha male know what he want’s and he won’t give up. If you want to find out what happens next. I recommend you to get this book. You would love it, just like I did. Is like reading a love story with Shades of Love were the characters connect like a piece of puzzle.

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Gothic Gates series…Devon and France and Love with Dante’. R.M.Simone’

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Gothic Gates when I did the short story I like to do a short arc or set the stage and see how it lays out for me or maps…then i do the rest of my books or the characters show me where to move with it. Here is my Samantha DEVON of GOTHIC GATES
she is beautiful 26 to 28 now with a good education at Stanford in Business and consulting Silicon Valley Start up company consulting new business entrepreneurs and she is also GROUNDED coming from the Midwest. An only girl child and very practical. Not lofty or into past lives. She also is strong-willed and her feet on the ground taking time in Paris for 3 months with her BFF a friend from Stanford UNIVERSITY who is a business Attorney they also RIDE horses and now are in Paris for this 3 month break and have fun..
She meets this man well he sees her and draws her to one of his GOTH events IN Loire Valley from Paris….that is how it sets up.
He is an IMMORTAL by way of Alchemy NOT a vampire and she does not even believe in Past LIVES

Intrigued? and she then meets DANTE wearing a mask in a high END HIGH Wealth Goth SOIREE at his mansion

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Gothic Gates short story by R.M.Simone and a current review

Gothic Gates Simone' 22

By veronica Lee
Feb 8, 2017
The first look you get of Dante and Sam. The leaps that Dante goes thru to meet Sam and seduce, shows just how much he wants her. You have a different version of the cat and mouse where here Dante Is the lion circling his prey and Sam not quite sure if she is dinner or dessert. Outstanding!!

SHADES OF LOVE trilogy reader fan from UK


From the AUTHOR R.M.Simone’ regarding a FACEBOOK chat with a reader fan of my book series…

An author loves to receive ‘feedback’ from those that are enjoying the labors of the work and something you are very ‘invested’ in.  Recently a new reader found these books and I love to engage in communication with those actively reading my work.  Tania is from UK and a mom of a two-year old and had a few things to say when I asked her recently what she liked so much about this series.  SHADES OF LOVE trilogy set one and arcs.

From TANIA SHRIMPTON UK – ‘Your writing it brilliant, love how your books flow and that you have more coming out to go with each series. I’ve read so many books recently that Tristan and gabby story has an impack on me as there story is different to what is already out there xx.’

FROM R.M.Simone’   In working on this ‘book’ something did happen to me personally that in talking to my editor on this, she encouraged me to stay with it and keep going as I was doing something different in my writing.  She felt this story-line was taking me into a deeper and more intimate aspect of showing this couple of Gabriella and Tristan to my readers.  I had felt it also began to ‘TAKE ME ON THEIR RIDE” and into deeper waters of the soul of the story and the relationship as to how I was sharing it with the reader.  My editor agreed and said..GO WITH IT…let this one take you all the way and see what comes of this one.   I felt and feel the same way.   It’s something of ‘me’ and yet it is opening to the reader that finds this story intriguing and personal.  It does seem to DRAW the reader into the personal private lives of this relationship couple and their story of the layers we often experience in real life, but rarely articulate.   This is the RIDE this has created for me as the author as well and also this new aspect of Intimacy through TANTRA.  I receive a LOT OF amazing feedback on that too as people ‘tell’ me they FEEL this kind of sexual intimacy is also a YOGA teaching for them and puts guidance and words on this form of Sacred Kundalini sexual exchange.   I am honestly surprised as well as the author what this story and my characters are doing and doing to me as well.  PLEASE READ ON and DO ENJOY…SHADES OF LOVE and the TANTRA Intimacy.  It is most special and very unique.   WELCOME TO my RIDE of my SHADES OF LOVE.  Roshandra respectfully sharing and warmly writing on.  Author R.M.Simone’  …

Thank you readers.  People feel drawn to this book series, couple and how it is written.  Pages you want to read again and again and ask for MORE of there story.   More is coming…Much MUCH MORE.  Thank you everyone…

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Shades Of Love – Intimacy Of TANTRA author R.M.Simone’ a Unique Erotic trilogy

fifty shades of love lingerie 11

SHADES OF LOVE trilogy and arcs also by R.M.Simone’
WHAT MAKES this so UNIQUE and Special is that the Intimacy in this is not your average Erotica and not BDSM it is SACRED SEXUALITY that is happening between GABRIELLA and TRISTAN …what is it?
TANTRA……………steamier and hotter…WHY? It is KUNDALINI energy and what is termed WEAVING energy and the fact this is a LOVE Romance story people reading it say in reviews you can FEEL THE Sizzle off the pages. ALSO No TWO LOVE scenes are the same…WHY? well in TANTRA this energy moves in a way the COUPLE feel love making passion and sacred intimacy that creates the FLOW for them.
You are INVITED to something most rare and beautiful….THIS IS HOW sexual intimacy was meant to be………. TANTRA

From a male reader for teaser SHADES OF LOVE…the Fifty Ride… R.M.Simone’


12:21 PM March 3, 2017   Rusty Rider    Artist, Jewelry Designer and Motorcycle Rider 

Hey Know your busy just wanted to say this real quick…..I got a chance to read the chapter you posted in the event. ..Strait up no BS….It takes about 15 pages for me to see if I will read a book or not. I’m just strange that way and the things that keep me interested in a book regardless is the way the Author Writes …hmmmm how the characters would talk, do the conversations flow or is it like two people speaking a different language…I do admit I LOVE the way you write and the way your covers look most of all I admire your Hustle. Best wishes I believe this is why your going places.
here is the teaser chapter free intro read