Gothic Gates Dante’s Voice arc – Review


Dante’s Voice from GOTHIC GATES
thank you Victoria J Philpott PA
If you enjoy reading love storys but are bored of the classic …
ByVictoria Jane Philpotton November 22, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
If you enjoy reading love storys but are bored of the classic boy meets girl and they live happily ever after then this book is for you.
This book puts a dramtic and dark spin on a classic romance when dante (an immortal) loses his entire world when devon loses her life.
This cleverly written novel manages to blend the realisms of our everyday relationship with the chilling immortal world and once your in its grips you won’t be able to stop reading. I personally loved this book and it has left me wanting more. This book is a teaser to the gothic gates and will be buying then to read more bout Dante and Devon
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GOTHIC GATES series also in Paperback
GOTHIC GATES series from R.M.Simone’ Contemporary GOTH Romance with a NOIR classic ‘back story’. He’s an Immortal and she does not even believe in Past Lives. How does this unfold?

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Book 5
Book 6
Book 7
Also in PAPERBACK: Gothic Gates
Gothic Gates Venice
Gothic Gates New Orleans


Black Ties arc – Review from Sara Miller


BLACK Ties arc by R.M.Simone’ review from Sarah Miller
starsEnticing Read!
BySara Milleron August 18, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
From the first page we are brought into the tantalizing setting of New York City and the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. Now while this is the setting for so many books these days R.M. Simone gives us so much sensory detail about the people, sights and sounds where this story is a delightful sensory experience.

Our heroine, Madison definitely had my attention, before interview jitters, feeling fierce thanks to a rocking outfit and sexy shoes makes me want to tell her “We’ve been there girl! Go out and get yours. Take on the world” I mean if you can rock 4 inch stilettos you are more than qualified to run the world (just my opinion) but her outlook on life was very intriguing some people might say it’s flighty but I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason. People that you meet, places you have been every single moment shapes your life.

So is it luck or fate that brings that mysterious man into Madison’s orbit? I’d like to think a little of both haha but their first meeting is electric and things begin a slow burn from there. Don’t think they are gonna rush right into the sexy times. There is a lot of buildup before we get to that part (which is good! If it would have been all slam, bam thank you ma’am! I would have been sorely disappointed) I liked that when she gave her name as Ms. Black and he immediately responded he was Mr. White it would seem like they would have been complete opposites but they are extremely well matched in so many areas so while people think it’s better to have characters who are polar opposites creates more interest. There is something to say about characters who are very alike and well matched.

While this is just a small sample of a much larger story I think it brings you into the story and makes you interested to see what happens between these two next. It makes for a excellent afternoon read. Short, tantalizing and leaves you wanting more delaying your satisfaction of knowing how this story is going to turn out

BLACK TIES trilogy Mr. WHITE and Ms. BLACK
“Black Ties “Arc’
“Black Ties Paris”

Black Ties from R.M. Simone’

Black Ties night out `

BLACK TIES arc from R.M. SImone just hit 37 amazing reviews’

Mr.WHITE sees Ms.BLACK on that Sunny NYC STOPPED TIME moment when eyes meet and you FEEL the other person. Everything slows down to ‘take it all in’ and then she is gone? A magnet connection sets things in motion for Paths to Cross again. Then it’s done? Now, Ms. BLACK’s career climb is taking her to Paris and Paths cross again. This time not what either expected… Steamy, heady and very much breaking all her ‘rules’ and now what to do with Mr.WHITE?

BLACK TIES trilogy Mr. WHITE and Ms. BLACK
“Black Ties “Arc”
“Black Ties Paris”

IF YOU Have K U the arc read is FREE…trilogy is launched for finding out what plays out with Mr.White and Ms. Black

Black Ties Arc                                                                                                                                   Black Ties Paris                                                                                                                             Black Ties Possibility                                                                                                                   Black Ties Promise


Romance from author R.M. Simone’



I LOVE Romance and love stories that make you re-read a passage or chapter over and over and over again….
I’m a hopeless romantic and write EROS PSYCHE cosmic love stories that are on the edge of reality and yet…a pathway into the soul of a couple that engages and finds TIME STOPPING around the meeting and then the Intimacy…. I LOVED TWILIGHT..even with the Sparkle vampires and the fact it was a soul mate Romeo Juliet FIRST LOVE Forever LOVE..


Many of my stories are about the ‘guarded’ heart and women on a driven pathway of career and visionary goals for something in their lives that fuels their Independence and Self sufficiency. The HEART is armored not due to loss or past relationship pain, but rather due to not allowing in LOVE from a Romance fully and to explore that depth of her soul and her body with this surprise of a man wanting her alone. This is what MYTHS are about and TRUE LOVE…this is what I write about…

Enchanted and other worldly and yet set in a day to day prism of life and one’s creative expression. HOW do strong female characters JUGGLE it all and LOVE? HOW does a man shine as her knight and hold the space for the romance to let her FALL INTO LOVE. It’s a bubble they agree on in an unspoken manner or dreams held silently to oneself. WHEN it appears…often the Cinderella RUNS and leaves a shoe. It also can be SLEEPING Beauty waking up and coming to life and it can be one of the most Beautiful HEALINGS for the Eros Psyche archetypes of Love.

Cygnus LOVE is about ONE mate and Cosmic love from the Stars. A Paradigm of a HIGHER and TRUE LOVE…this is what we all Dream of…even if we do not speak of it or look for it. IT IS looking for Us….
Roshandra warmly writing on Author R.M.Simone’

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SHADES OF LOVE trilogy and arcs

Black Ties trilogy

GUISE’ trilogy


BBW His Kisses series

BOOK V Saga Vampire Kismet novels and novellas

Rennaisance  trilogy

ALCHEMY The Gold Ring trilogy

Beauty of a Man  single vampire novel

Butterfly Syndrome by R.M.Simone coming The Butterfly Affect book 1

Butterfly blue`

It is the year 2019.  Hollywood paradigm of the matrix controlled the masses through the film industry while the global elite used the news media narrative to keep their agenda set.  The Democrats assumed that the ‘Glass Ceiling’ would break with Hillary Clinton becoming the first female to win the office she assumed belonged to her time, her turn and her global connection to their system.  She was instead, thrown under the bus of changes.  Donald J. Trump was and remains the residing president amidst chaos and change.  Changes he is bringing himself with the proverbial Washington D. C. Swamp being stirred.   His presidency is part of some higher plan unfolding.  How did this all happen?   Well, WE THE PEOPLE, wanted change.  The two key factions of the dark state did too.  One wanted the status quo and one wanted to get us back to our roots of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers original seeding of this amazing country.  We now have this chaos of a matrix that the systems before our very ‘eyes’ are revealing the delusions and deceptions behind the movie we are watching and part of.   The narrative is not holding the matrix in place as people WAKE UP.

Butterfly Affect.   MKL Ultra was a program from the 60’s that came from the mind-control of the masses from Germany and during the Nazi collective shift.  The experiment produced something Hollywood instantly jumped on with various alphabet agencies, ‘Think-Tank’ groups and dark side of government and military adopting the programs.  After all, better control of the people in the matrix and the parts it all necessarily plays.   MIND CONTROL and the Butterfly MONARCH program had an image of just that.  A BUTTERFLY… Look around, signs, symbols and images of the butterfly that symbolizes transformation of this person and the message of SILENCE.  Silence of the Lambs?  Silence of those transformed or caught in the program?   Women are the usual victims, but it is also the male that has his wings clipped and he too is part of the Butterfly programming.     It is part of their agenda and plan that the beautiful image and harmless insect becomes the perfect candidate for the vessel they want.

To ‘fragment’ the mind and make one compartmentalize parts of themselves is a carefully thought out understanding how the mind works and self-protection of survival triggers this HONEY COMBED MIND.   Butterfly Affect is the moving out into the world of something or someone beautiful that seems innocent and non-threatening.   Beguiling those that they fly near or around and they themselves a victim as well.   Butterflies are fragile and now they must awaken to a different kind of transformation and use that to help the changes they were forced to succumb to and be part of,

Innocence reclaimed.  Clarity found again.  the FOG and Mist of it all is LIFTING now.

Super soldiers and the Kittens are all WAKING UP now…

From Author R.M.Simone’


Guise’ by R.M.Simone’ A magical world you experience through her eyes of the story


Guise vertical


Guise Arc by R.M.Simone
Sooo reviews coming back…in and the last chapter in the Arc teaser read is. A MENAGE A TROIS…
I spoke with Lisa Mcleod last night – a fan reader –  on how the sex scene was….she was JUMPING UP N DOWN…. wanted more… Was like OMG… I smiled as she ranted on…This AUTHOR DID HER JOB WELL..I’M smiling to myself… Thank you Lisa for your FEEDBACK…
5 starsWow
ByAntoinetteon July 21, 2017
VERY Different thank any other book I have read and I MEAN that in a GOOD Way. What was so different is that it has a magical layered story line that takes the reader into the sense this is between worlds and visions and dreams. Almost like a grimoire’ or magical book. I Will be reading the trilogy as soon as it comes out and will say I loved this book arc.
Guise’ Arc Sample is Fabulous!
ByCountrygirl reviews postedon August 10, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
R.M. Simone has a talent for drawing you into the story and making you consider things beyond the written words. You will enjoy the story and the history of the setting for sure. You will feel as if you are right there in the story and experiencing just what the characters are. It is vivid with details and will have you thinking about it long after you have finished the book. Remember this is short read but it is a sample of what is to come. I can’t wait to read more!!!
5.0 out of 5 starsGuise and Menage a Trois Chapter
ByPamela Swanon July 26, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Guise makes for wonderful historical novel in itself, would love to read it as a whole. As for Menage a Trois, Ms. Simone has me panting like a dog in heat. I could feel every sensation in that room and just want more!
5.0 out of 5 starsWow
ByAntoinetteon July 21, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
VERY Different thank any other book I have read and I MEAN that in a GOOD Way. What was so different is that it has a magical layered story line that takes the reader into the sense this is between worlds and visions and dreams. Almost like a grimoire’ or magical book. I Will be reading the trilogy as soon as it comes out and will say I loved this book arc.
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5.0 out of 5 starsHot, thought to be forbidden, menage a trois at its best, makes you want more yet satisfies every urge….
Bylmcleod71on July 18, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Omg! This is definatly for the ones who dream in black and white and want a taste of what life has waiting for them if they solely desire forbidden desires……I was wet with anticipation, the detail and feelings you get while reading this will make you feel like you are there, in the menage a trois. Feeling the force of the thrusts and the moans make you tighten up and tingle in places that you too would want touched… keep reading….you will have the climax you want

BBW series from author R.M.Simone’ BLACK and GOLD

BBW black ```

BBW series from author R.M.Simone’…something NEW !!
BLACK and GOLD …She was a classic shape and accented it with black silk corset and long silk stockings. TIMELESSNESS was her middle name and calling card. She SIGNED up for the ad from Paris about UNLEASHING your deepest fantasies and booked her flight for the interview with Madame Scarlett. One LOOK at her SCARLETT recognized a woman of her past life and one from the Hollywood era of the classic black and white film era. NOIR was her secret calling card and pet name. NOW to match this woman up with a Vampire and a Dream she was ordering.
THE BBW SERIES is about shapely women of all sizes and ages that dream the dream of a nighttime second life. One of the astral landscape and one that includes a sensual beautiful vampire lover just for them. Once accepted into the CLUB, Scarlett hands them a small packet that opens this doorway for their Voyeuristic wishes. BLACKSTARDUST…what is that? hmmmmmmmmmm secrets…………
BBW HIS KISSES is book 1 for your beginning the series.