Shades of Love – That moment you ‘meet’ and the world stops spinning. R.M.Simone’ a review of SHADES Of LOVE book 1

fifty-shades-of-love-33 REVIEW FROM Letty on Amazon

Wow, I was amazed on the descriptive style of writing for Shades of Love by R.M Simone. I love that feeling to connect with characters. And how they expresses themselves. Gabriella is waiting to crossed the street. She has an afternoon appointment to present her new book to a possible publisher. When Shelly text her in the middle of her thoughts on the subject of fifty again. On her text spelled out emergency. She wants Gabriella to fill in for her for a modeling gig. Gabriella tells Shelly that she has a full plate. But Shelly convince her that is only going to take an hour and she is near the place. I love this part I felt like I was reading a piece of poetry. He was standing there something caught me in the middle of her stomach and I stopped breathing and stop walking to where the photo shoot was set for me to join in What was this? I suddenly turned to stone. An immovable force had my feet glued to the floor. He looked up after having just adjusted his shirt sleeves and cufflinks. He looked right at me; right into me. The immovable force of staring back into someone’s eyes that really sees you makes you notice only eyes. Gabriella realized what kind of set it is. She about to leave when Tristan Montgomery holds her and he is talking to her to stay. How fated brings two soul’s to meet on a photo shot set. And how their chemistry ignite with every feeling they felt. As one. Is like you can’t breath without air. And can’t nourish body without food. That how I felt the connection with Tristan and Gabriella each time they meet. And Gabriella is not used to being dominant by a male. And Tristan being an alpha male know what he want’s and he won’t give up. If you want to find out what happens next. I recommend you to get this book. You would love it, just like I did. Is like reading a love story with Shades of Love were the characters connect like a piece of puzzle.

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