Shades Of Love – Intimacy Of TANTRA author R.M.Simone’ a Unique Erotic trilogy

fifty shades of love lingerie 11

SHADES OF LOVE trilogy and arcs also by R.M.Simone’
WHAT MAKES this so UNIQUE and Special is that the Intimacy in this is not your average Erotica and not BDSM it is SACRED SEXUALITY that is happening between GABRIELLA and TRISTAN …what is it?
TANTRA……………steamier and hotter…WHY? It is KUNDALINI energy and what is termed WEAVING energy and the fact this is a LOVE Romance story people reading it say in reviews you can FEEL THE Sizzle off the pages. ALSO No TWO LOVE scenes are the same…WHY? well in TANTRA this energy moves in a way the COUPLE feel love making passion and sacred intimacy that creates the FLOW for them.
You are INVITED to something most rare and beautiful….THIS IS HOW sexual intimacy was meant to be………. TANTRA


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