Gothic Gates – Goth Christmas – Gothic Gates Venice by R.M.Simone’ first three books of this series is your KEY

ONE THOUGHT from Author R.M.Simone; the first 3 books of this series says it all.

You experience how they MEET…well how Dante’ orchestrates bringing Her to Him once he saw her in Paris. FIREWORKS on boundaries and strong sexual attraction couples them fast. ALL SET in a GOTH WORLD of his Soiree…

Book 2 .takes the reader into the GOTH CHRISTMAS of the three, Dante, Samantha Devon and Deanna learning to spend Christmas together at his France Goth Mansion. Personalities open up, cheeky fun read of three chapters for each of them. THEIR POINT OF VIEW is laced together for insights and fun into this story.

Book 3 is all about looking into the minds and hearts of these two and this long novel read is a stand alone romance in Gothic Gates VENICE of their Falling Into Love.
author Roshandra warmly writing on R.M.Simone’

Paperback books to hold in hand of GOTHIC GATES also be sure to use the 25 % off LuLu book coupon and order all three books at one time.  YOUR WINTER Reading Holiday.       Here is the coupon code: JOY1Y2618
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Gothic Gates book 1

Goth Christmas book 2

Gothic Gates Venice book 3


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