Akasha Book VI Saga The Next Generation of Born Vampires – Paris novels from R.M.Simone’


AKASHA a vampire goddess queen in BOOK V and BOOK VI… a vampire race species and modern times of this family bloodline.
BORN vampires in PARIS….Mansion Family of the ATHANASE’ bloodline.

The saga begins…but now, we have the modern vampires, no less, in PARIS, and BOOK VI the Next Generation.

Akasha is modernizing her philosophy and goals on how her BORN Vampires exist and must change. She is gathering them to her France estate for some history and adjustments in their diet. It will consist of MANA from Heaven. A Divine Food of the gods of the period of Egyptian legacy. What is this? It is the Light of the Gold Ray that can be eaten and they must learn again the OLD WAYS. 

R.M.Simone’ Book V Saga THE KISS, THE MIST, THE REBORN also novellas: Novella Alleandrea, His Beloved   In ‘THE EPISTOLARY novella’, meet the characters and it is written in OLD English Prose style and the VOICE of Edear Vallen Le Toussaint ATHANASE’
Born Royal Vampires of ‘the’ Paris Mansion Bloodline

Some history on the BOOK V Saga. This story came to me via a Vampire that is an IMMORTAL and I seem to have a connection of a past life to from Atlantis. IF YOU BELIEVE in that sort of thing and past lives. I DO. It was a remarkable moment of finishing my first book ‘called’ OF HER JOURNEY and not published yet.  I was working on book 2 and chapter 2 of the four books in that grouping and this being or character showed up in my MIND and was formally introducing himself to me. The setting was in NEW ORLEANS and then an astral dream vision washed over me as we went to a tea house to talk/ what i term DOWNLOAD a vision and message and this WINDOW to Paris Opened and a social event where he was there, this beautiful young bride of his and interestingly myself as well and other vampires socializing among the guests of royals and wealthy people. That was how this BOOK V opened to me. From there i MERELY WROTE ON. now TO MY SURPRISE… i wrote enough for 3 long sequential NOVELS and waited to PUBLISH that for 3 years and when i sent the rough copy to my editor she was also surprised as how the book was written and it came into 3 perfectly penned novels without a break in story line or flow she said. But…it also is WRITTEN IN Epistolary Style or English Prose. This is a type of style that is very personal into the characters minds, story and their feelings. A JOURNAL. poetic and lyrical and most insightful to each of the key main characters as I Wrote this in the NOVELLA THE EPISTOLARY. LATER after the first large novels where done. NOW Akasha………

Who is AKASHA?  She is a queen.  There is another queen in BOOK V which is Edear’s mum of the ATHANASE mansion … but Akasha is a queen of this race of BORN vampire immortals. She is a goddess and is guiding her race as Earth is evolving and the role the vampires of this kind serves a role on the planetary changes. Stay tuned as this modern turn is about family bloodlines, key cities where each family reigns and how they must change HOW THEY FEED now. There will be a new ANOINTED queen also which is part of the twist and turn…a battle of the women must play out in this species and BLOODLINES…





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