Shades Of Love – review note from author R.M.Simone’and writing from the Heart… is True Love Possible?


REVIEW from GOOD Reads for SHADES OF LOVE  trilogy
Kerri Roth rated it – it was amazing
What a Rollercoaster ride on the plane of true love. R.M. Simone has out done herself. Beautifully written with real photos and a reason as to why she wrote this series. Tristan and Gabriella have the most electrical love story I’ve ever read. The intensity for each other is overwhelming. Better than Fifty Shades of Grey anyday. Her writing flows with such ease that if handwritten her pen would float across the paper. A very intoxicating read that I MUST suggest to other readers. I cannot wait to finish the whole series in hopes that she writes some more for them. Thank you R.M. Simone for making me believe in true love again

I just want to share and say this to those of you following this POST and my Shades of Love Author R.M.Simone’ the recent 3 reviews and comments are so making me TEAR UP and Cry happy good tears. WHY? well in writing it allows me to feel the FLOW of my SOUL and Heart and the characters speak to me. I HONESTLY never know what i will write, or put down on paper and it just FLOWS for me. AS i work with a story such as this one, I too am on the RIDE and while working on this, often i would back off to see who this was impacting people and where this was coming from within my world of WRITING. My writing BY HAND is this way that THINGS literally flow off my fingertips or an energy like an artist or painter working on art and this is how my writing prose happens.  how you articulated this MENTION is so how it is for me. Things FLOAT and it is a magical like script on when i m in that MERGING of a story-line and characters and my Heart……….I write ROMANCE, Soul mate stories and TRUE LOVE…often termed IDEAL LOVE…thank you and for giving me back a reflection to mirror to me how this has TOUCHED you the reader.. I merely WRITE ON… Roshandra warmly writing

  SHADES OF LOVE trilogy from Roshandra RM Simone ‘e-books’
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