Shades Of Love ‘is a love story’ reviews and comments from readers

fifty-shades-of-love-33SHADES OF LOVE  trilogy and where it all began…

A DIFFERENT Kind of FIFTY… it began merely as a writing Exercise and discussion on two Phenomena Books of TWILIGHT that breed the Master of the UNIVERSE story that then became Fifty Shades of Grey off the FAN FICTION community… the rest is history… HUGE

My SHADES OF LOVE takes the reader from that point and begins SOMETHING MORE.. HOW? well read reviews and try a sample and see how this FEELS?
MORE PLEASE… R.M.Simone’ erotica moves into TANTRA
ah NEW review on Shades of Love #fiftyshadesoflove
R.M.Simone’ Shades of Awesome!!! ♡♡♡♡♡, October 24, 2016 By Jennifer Ortiz
This review is from: Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ Book 1 (Kindle Edition)
Wow! That is what I said when I finished the book. I loved the plot of the story! I felt that the love story depicted here can happen to anyone. What Gabriella and Tristan felt for each other is what every person wants: to find your soulmate, the one who will understand you and take care of your needs. Kudos to the author!
NOTE from a FAN READING  Shades of Love book 1:
Erin McDonough
I’m about 140 pages in and I’m really loving this book. I like that it’s more about love than lust and everything flows beautifully.

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