Guise’ POV (point of view) trilogy by R.M.Simone’



I could help her.  WHY now?  I was surrounded by the old men in this publishing house merger that wanted to Franchise this rising author.  Her books, her writing style and her subjects of fiction in romance had a clear hidden play of reality just beyond the normal waking world of most people reading.  She was different.  I saw it the moment our souls connected in that first meeting.  Of course I stood out to her as well.  I was used to meeting authors that write from other worlds of creative imagination.  I was part of the business team that invested in them that looked like we could make a killing on enterprising their work.   Prose lead itself to visionary films and franchise marketing had to catch the good ones fast and sign them.  She had that in her books.  I wanted to grab all her work and promote it.  Show her things.  I had no idea in meeting her that morning that I would FEEL instantly as i did.  I KNEW her from the past.   It was one of the soul moments that throws you off a 44 story building to hit the ground in a flash making you realize you did not prepare for something like this.   I could help her and she sensed that immediately.  Now to walk the temptation of my world, these old men that would rape this artist of her creative work and try to control it.  I could help her.


She was a mixture of heady fiery-ness that took a man into his mind wanting to compete.  She had power, personal power and a spiritual kind most could feel when she walked into a room.  She was a warrior nature and carried a wallop of energy that made a man either want to get in line behind her or on her flanks to protect her or follow her lead.  She was also the kind of woman that took no hostages and a man might want to battle her for control.  I was no fool.  I wanted it all with this woman and I was going to help her.  Even the dam building conspired to aid her.  I felt that too instantly.  She reeked of some other worldly kind of power and confidence to use it.  Magic was her ally.  She was a soul mate for certain.  I saw myself in Atlantis waiting for her to come to me and the continent Falling.  I was to help her now.  Something far more important was playing forth and all i could do was stare into those blue green with gold flecked eyes of hers.   I wanted to serve her.



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