Chocolate… Shades of Love CHOCOLATE Arc by R.M.Simone’


SHADES OF LOVE Arc Chocolate ….she’s pregnant!

GABRIELLA and Veronica is a new author in the PUBLISHER group that is now competition for Gabriella and she writes BDSM…Gabriella hates BDSM and had to honor her contract in BOUND series.

This is an Arc read you can discover what she did to handle it and it zoomed to the top of the selling list. NOW, she must write MORE and now she is pregnant eating chocolates and becoming a full figured mother of curves and shapes while Veronica is in a model, pencil thin, killer size 7 ..ugh……….. GAME ON………….  BOUND




Akasha Book VI Saga The Next Generation of Born Vampires – Paris novels from R.M.Simone’


AKASHA a vampire goddess queen in BOOK V and BOOK VI… a vampire race species and modern times of this family bloodline.
BORN vampires in PARIS….Mansion Family of the ATHANASE’ bloodline.

The saga begins…but now, we have the modern vampires, no less, in PARIS, and BOOK VI the Next Generation.

Akasha is modernizing her philosophy and goals on how her BORN Vampires exist and must change. She is gathering them to her France estate for some history and adjustments in their diet. It will consist of MANA from Heaven. A Divine Food of the gods of the period of Egyptian legacy. What is this? It is the Light of the Gold Ray that can be eaten and they must learn again the OLD WAYS. 

R.M.Simone’ Book V Saga THE KISS, THE MIST, THE REBORN also novellas: Novella Alleandrea, His Beloved   In ‘THE EPISTOLARY novella’, meet the characters and it is written in OLD English Prose style and the VOICE of Edear Vallen Le Toussaint ATHANASE’
Born Royal Vampires of ‘the’ Paris Mansion Bloodline

Some history on the BOOK V Saga. This story came to me via a Vampire that is an IMMORTAL and I seem to have a connection of a past life to from Atlantis. IF YOU BELIEVE in that sort of thing and past lives. I DO. It was a remarkable moment of finishing my first book ‘called’ OF HER JOURNEY and not published yet.  I was working on book 2 and chapter 2 of the four books in that grouping and this being or character showed up in my MIND and was formally introducing himself to me. The setting was in NEW ORLEANS and then an astral dream vision washed over me as we went to a tea house to talk/ what i term DOWNLOAD a vision and message and this WINDOW to Paris Opened and a social event where he was there, this beautiful young bride of his and interestingly myself as well and other vampires socializing among the guests of royals and wealthy people. That was how this BOOK V opened to me. From there i MERELY WROTE ON. now TO MY SURPRISE… i wrote enough for 3 long sequential NOVELS and waited to PUBLISH that for 3 years and when i sent the rough copy to my editor she was also surprised as how the book was written and it came into 3 perfectly penned novels without a break in story line or flow she said. But…it also is WRITTEN IN Epistolary Style or English Prose. This is a type of style that is very personal into the characters minds, story and their feelings. A JOURNAL. poetic and lyrical and most insightful to each of the key main characters as I Wrote this in the NOVELLA THE EPISTOLARY. LATER after the first large novels where done. NOW Akasha………

Who is AKASHA?  She is a queen.  There is another queen in BOOK V which is Edear’s mum of the ATHANASE mansion … but Akasha is a queen of this race of BORN vampire immortals. She is a goddess and is guiding her race as Earth is evolving and the role the vampires of this kind serves a role on the planetary changes. Stay tuned as this modern turn is about family bloodlines, key cities where each family reigns and how they must change HOW THEY FEED now. There will be a new ANOINTED queen also which is part of the twist and turn…a battle of the women must play out in this species and BLOODLINES…–Kiss-Installment-One-ebook/dp/B00V5INVFW/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Shades Of Love – review note from author R.M.Simone’and writing from the Heart… is True Love Possible?


REVIEW from GOOD Reads for SHADES OF LOVE  trilogy
Kerri Roth rated it – it was amazing
What a Rollercoaster ride on the plane of true love. R.M. Simone has out done herself. Beautifully written with real photos and a reason as to why she wrote this series. Tristan and Gabriella have the most electrical love story I’ve ever read. The intensity for each other is overwhelming. Better than Fifty Shades of Grey anyday. Her writing flows with such ease that if handwritten her pen would float across the paper. A very intoxicating read that I MUST suggest to other readers. I cannot wait to finish the whole series in hopes that she writes some more for them. Thank you R.M. Simone for making me believe in true love again

I just want to share and say this to those of you following this POST and my Shades of Love Author R.M.Simone’ the recent 3 reviews and comments are so making me TEAR UP and Cry happy good tears. WHY? well in writing it allows me to feel the FLOW of my SOUL and Heart and the characters speak to me. I HONESTLY never know what i will write, or put down on paper and it just FLOWS for me. AS i work with a story such as this one, I too am on the RIDE and while working on this, often i would back off to see who this was impacting people and where this was coming from within my world of WRITING. My writing BY HAND is this way that THINGS literally flow off my fingertips or an energy like an artist or painter working on art and this is how my writing prose happens.  how you articulated this MENTION is so how it is for me. Things FLOAT and it is a magical like script on when i m in that MERGING of a story-line and characters and my Heart……….I write ROMANCE, Soul mate stories and TRUE LOVE…often termed IDEAL LOVE…thank you and for giving me back a reflection to mirror to me how this has TOUCHED you the reader.. I merely WRITE ON… Roshandra warmly writing

  SHADES OF LOVE trilogy from Roshandra RM Simone ‘e-books’
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Shades Of Love ‘is a love story’ reviews and comments from readers

fifty-shades-of-love-33SHADES OF LOVE  trilogy and where it all began…

A DIFFERENT Kind of FIFTY… it began merely as a writing Exercise and discussion on two Phenomena Books of TWILIGHT that breed the Master of the UNIVERSE story that then became Fifty Shades of Grey off the FAN FICTION community… the rest is history… HUGE

My SHADES OF LOVE takes the reader from that point and begins SOMETHING MORE.. HOW? well read reviews and try a sample and see how this FEELS?
MORE PLEASE… R.M.Simone’ erotica moves into TANTRA
ah NEW review on Shades of Love #fiftyshadesoflove
R.M.Simone’ Shades of Awesome!!! ♡♡♡♡♡, October 24, 2016 By Jennifer Ortiz
This review is from: Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ Book 1 (Kindle Edition)
Wow! That is what I said when I finished the book. I loved the plot of the story! I felt that the love story depicted here can happen to anyone. What Gabriella and Tristan felt for each other is what every person wants: to find your soulmate, the one who will understand you and take care of your needs. Kudos to the author!
NOTE from a FAN READING  Shades of Love book 1:
Erin McDonough
I’m about 140 pages in and I’m really loving this book. I like that it’s more about love than lust and everything flows beautifully.

Guise’ by R.M.Simone’ blogs, teasers and reviews

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GUISE’ by R.M.Simone’

pronounced ‘gheez – French’




Guise’ POV (point of view) trilogy by R.M.Simone’



I could help her.  WHY now?  I was surrounded by the old men in this publishing house merger that wanted to Franchise this rising author.  Her books, her writing style and her subjects of fiction in romance had a clear hidden play of reality just beyond the normal waking world of most people reading.  She was different.  I saw it the moment our souls connected in that first meeting.  Of course I stood out to her as well.  I was used to meeting authors that write from other worlds of creative imagination.  I was part of the business team that invested in them that looked like we could make a killing on enterprising their work.   Prose lead itself to visionary films and franchise marketing had to catch the good ones fast and sign them.  She had that in her books.  I wanted to grab all her work and promote it.  Show her things.  I had no idea in meeting her that morning that I would FEEL instantly as i did.  I KNEW her from the past.   It was one of the soul moments that throws you off a 44 story building to hit the ground in a flash making you realize you did not prepare for something like this.   I could help her and she sensed that immediately.  Now to walk the temptation of my world, these old men that would rape this artist of her creative work and try to control it.  I could help her.


She was a mixture of heady fiery-ness that took a man into his mind wanting to compete.  She had power, personal power and a spiritual kind most could feel when she walked into a room.  She was a warrior nature and carried a wallop of energy that made a man either want to get in line behind her or on her flanks to protect her or follow her lead.  She was also the kind of woman that took no hostages and a man might want to battle her for control.  I was no fool.  I wanted it all with this woman and I was going to help her.  Even the dam building conspired to aid her.  I felt that too instantly.  She reeked of some other worldly kind of power and confidence to use it.  Magic was her ally.  She was a soul mate for certain.  I saw myself in Atlantis waiting for her to come to me and the continent Falling.  I was to help her now.  Something far more important was playing forth and all i could do was stare into those blue green with gold flecked eyes of hers.   I wanted to serve her.


GUISE’ and this man with Green Eyes trilogy and arc by R.M.Simone’


Soul Mate? 

GUISE’… oh, this man with GREEN EYES… this will be my undoing.
Visions and Dreams flooded me before the London trip to the publisher signing. WHY? As soon as I stepped into the GHERKIN building in the financial district of London my world went upside down. The Iconic skyscraper was set on an Occult trapezoid of land and had things that played in the background of the psychic realms. I COULD See things. I always did since childhood. THIS THOUGH was beyond worlds crossing. It was light dark magic in play. There was the doorway and this man with green eyes. Did I dare enter there? My Soul held forth a message…one word… ATLANTIS.

GUISE’ by R.M.Simone’ trilogy and arc on Amazon……/…/ref=asap_bc…