Guise’ ARC is taking the author R.M.Simone’ into something more…

Guise ad 3 GUISE’ new review in and the Menage A TROIS                                                                                          takes the author along on the writing ride as well R.M.Simone’

A Word from Roshandra, author R.M.Simone’

As you all know I WRITE Love stories, romances and intelligent erotica. I also am a VISIONARY and Designer and work with strong Intuitive skills and Architecture and Art. Often these are collective ‘doorways’ into consciousness and spirit worlds. One of those iconic buildings in London I was drawn to in setting my characters in a landscape was and is the GHERKIN Building there. What i discovered was this a rare design, it’s on a magical occult shape plot of land and it is holding a nexus point in energy ley lines. What i also discovered in writing this trilogy is that the LINES ARE BLURRING. A fantasy world created by this author and some personal NOTES, This trilogy story is taking me places i never expected and cautiously it is NOTED that i am walking between worlds of reality and something REAL. Other worlds co-exist in this day to day life we experience. This though, is something MORE.

GUISE” by R.M.Simone Arc SAMPLE reviews

R.M. Simone definitely has a different writing style than any other author that I have read.
By Alicia Freeman on July 25, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Guise is based on walking that thin line of dreaming, intuition, and actuality. We all have those moments of waking up and wondering if that just really happened. We need to start opening up and going with that fine line instinct in order to find our true self. Roshandra really hit it out of the park on this one, and I love those “green eyes”.

By Karen H. Vaughan on July 15, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
This sample reading of Ms. Simones book Guise was not at all what I expected. In it, the author divulges a lot of French history behind the name Guise. Ms. Simone also delved into the characters’ feelings about the meeting she is going into about signing the contract for her latest novel.
For those who love history and new age spirituality this will be a fantastic read and I encourage any like minded people to read the series. You may also be surprised at what else may be contained in the series as a whole.…/…/ref=asap_bc…

BLOG excerpt of THE SNAKE…/guise-trilogy-by-…/

BLOG excerpt of Meeting this man With GREEN EYES…/guise-trilogy-the…/

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