Gothic Gates by R.M.Simone’ Devon’s Vision

ad 3 gothic gates devon angelic soul

Gothic Gates – How did this all begin for her and now this nature of her soul revealing her spiritual non beliefs in the realms she was drawn into. Falling in love with him was her first step into the unknown and then his world of Goth and then past lives. All of it she kept in balance until the small estate he gifted her in France. In the remodeling of it, her soul took her into that realm of LETTING GO and experiencing things she did not believe in. Now this? He sees her wings. Dante’ seemed to know this about her.

Is any of this even possible?

Samantha DEVON”S Note in her journal upon moving into her Lorie Valley home and the standing stones there in the garden. Everything became Alive in a way that parallel worlds overlap.

Was this at all Possible?

There is the FOYER of her country French home was an angelic presence with flaming red hair and wings outstretched. Devon heard a thought transmission instantly. “WELCOME HOME, Dear, I have waited for you for a long time. Welcome to your home where your soul resides in a state of both worlds. Welcome home Devon.

SHE Broke INTO TEARS and fell to Her Knees feeling this message of the angel and truth pouring through her body and tingling alive like electricity from a storm of lightening hitting her in the heart. She then felt her own wings unfolding and spreading from both sides of her  body in a moment of inner knowing and personal divine reverence. Her nature was kindled.
Angelic human and this light within her own soul broke forth.

NOTE FROM Author R.M.Simone’ I just love GOTHIC GATES, the story and the characters and where this writing takes me as I share this with you my readers. This is something most special coming in the next books to this ongoing series. I write from the HEART and my Soul finds its own WINGS…..
Roshandra warmly writing on…/gothi…/paperback/product-22413207.html…/…/ref=asap_bc…
Gothic Gates book 1
Gothic Gates Venice book 2
Gothic Gates Goth Christmas book 3
Gothic Gates Switzerland book 4
Gothic Gates Chaminoix book 5
Gothic Gates Valentine’s Day book 6
Gothic Gates Mardi Gras book 7
Gothic Gates Dante’s Voice FREE ARC read K U

launching later this year is
Gothic Gates Devon;s Home book 8
Gothic Gates Deanna The Board Meeting book 9
Gothic Gates Deanna Love book 10
Gothic Gates Axis Mundi book 11


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