Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ THE PROPOSAL from trilogy set three of SOL


SHADES OF LOVE a proposal is coming                                                                                 trilogy 3 in this series of SHADES OF LOVE and a Roman Holiday after his Penthouse surprise for a party and pink champagne. Then the ring. The ring every young woman dreams about.

It was PERFECT and finally her heart was not only saying yes to romance with a man of this nature, but the healing of the shattering of old wounds making her whole for the first time in her life.

THEN the business trip after they came back to New York City from the holiday in Italy and an unseen accident. HOW COULD her life be faced again with LOSS? Right after she fully let in his love, healed and then this? FATE was playing with her Heart Strings and how does this turn out? She had taken that step off her own plank into the ocean of bliss and now a private jet falls from the sky with her Love TRISTAN in it. Can she fathom life now without this love or him? HOW does this end?

Shades of Love book 1 first trilogy set
Shades of Love PASSION
Shades of Love GRATITUDE…/fifty…/paperback/product-22649940.html
Arcs are FREE READS always on Amazon if you have
Shades of Love Earl GREY Morning
Shades of Love THE HAMPTONS
Shades of Love BOUND
Shades of Love Tristan’s New Year Surprise 

Trilogy set three: Shades of Love
THE PROPOSAL is trilogy set three which is coming and
stay tuned…. this is the prologue to the series.

His FLIGHT DOWN…landed


these are Works in Progress




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