Gothic Gates Deanna by R.M.Simone’ The Board Meeting

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GOTHIC GATES Deanna Joins the Board Meeting.  By R.M.Simone’

Samantha Devon’s BEST Friend is Deanna.  The girls met in college at Stanford.  Both majored in business as Deanna went onto Law and Devon focused on Silicon Valley start up company business contracts for IPO technology groups.   Paris was the trip for both of them to enjoy three glorious months off from careers and travel.  Deanna’s aunt having a beautiful Paris condominium, the young women had a secure apartment near all the fashion trendy centers, the Tuilere area near the Louvre with in view of the Eiffel Tower.

Then Devon met DANTE’.  Well, rather he saw her in Paris at an office that did courier delivery work for high end clientele and he orchestrated bringing her to him.  WHY?  Well, he instantly KNEW who she was and her purpose in his life.   You see, Dante’ is an immortal.   Samantha Devon walked into his GOTH Soiree’ party at his private Loire’ Valley estate only to discover this man was more then a casual business delivery.  After all she was doing this as a favor which he planned in order to bring her to him.

NOW…fast forward…  Her best friend Deanna, sharp minded blonde, and a real one, does what all ‘wing girls’ do for their friends.   She was the sounding board, voice of reason and support for Devon on this romance that promised more then steamy intimacy as this man is an enigma

The PLOT THICKENS.   Dante has a Secret Board Meeting group of men.  All the men are immortals.  There are twelve males and Dante is the 13th sitting in the chairman seat.  This is a global game that portends to counter balance the dark cabal in business in the world tipping the scales in favor of the ‘light’.  He is a master chess player with every move in his immortal existence as a calculated well thought out strategy.   So who does he bring into his Board Meeting Group?    Deanna…  WHY?   She is now the only female in the group as an attorney adviser and she is a mortal.  Does it get anymore complicated than this?   YES…

HOW?   Well Deanna is about to FALL IN LOVE for the first time too.  Dante’ is changing up his board group and this means some new men entering.  Younger immortals with business on their mind and this needs Deanna’s sharp legal views to aid Dante’.   See how complicated this is getting?    Stay tuned.  We now have a female entering an all male group of mergers and acquisitions and global players.

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Gothic Gates Deanna

Gothic Gates Deanna The Board Meeting

Gothic Gates FLORENCE

Gothic Gates book 1 by R.M.Simone

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Gothic Gates Venice – Falling Into Love by R.M.Simone’


GUISE’ trilogy The Other Man, Business & Books, and Menage’ A Trois’ by R.M.Simone’

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GUISE’ by R.M.Simone’ trilogy and arc

His words vibrated through my body as my mind played the scene over and over again.

“I’m not letting you go.   SCREW business…I want you.”

My body felt ‘at home up against his.  Nothing ever felt this good before.

My mind raced outpacing my pounding heart thinking about how this would ruin business.  This was all wrong.  I never crossed the lines of business boundaries.  Never… From that moment those green eyes began searching deeply into mine, the first meeting rattled me into the core of my soul as i remained poised in our introduction.  I always handled business in a manner that kept myself emotionally detached and somewhat guarded.  It came across as slightly aloof and this allowed me to stay on point.  The point was that it was about business, nothing else.  Mixing intimacy with a professional setting in my view never would work.  It could mess both things up.  I was there in London, in that iconic building of the Gherkin, fondly known in British terms as the ‘pickle’    I was certainly in a pickle of my own now.  Those green eyes of his sparked with gold and shards of sunlight amber made me sense immediately this was no ordinary man or meeting.  He undoubtedly was a soul mate.  A rare kind of soul mate too.  He was a ‘Key’ soul mate.   This meant he was part of some door to open and a piece of my life path puzzle that brings a promise of things held in a mystery yet to unfold.  I never crossed boundaries of business and pleasure or issues of my heart into a meeting of this kind.  Those green eyes offered me something more.  I was afraid to say yes and yet afraid to say no to that.  The moment i felt his body pressing up against my own and how he held me opened a part of me I never knew before.  Maybe it was always there and I dared not go into that part of me.  It was how he held me.  Firmly, securely, lovingly with his passion, strength of his arms and I felt trapped in the engaging body to body desire.  A desire for union to feel more of him. More of him inside of me.  It clouded my mind with visions of Atlantis in the Neptune myth of mermaids and mermen.   No man took me from behind.  I would not allow that and yet, pressing me into his body the way he was holding me to him, turned me into something i had not given into.   His strength, his tenderness, his passion and his hardness all pressed along my back and spine.  My hips softened into his pelvis and my knees went weak.  My breathing quickened and I heard myself sigh.  For goodness sake, it was only a vision of what this could be like.  His holding me to him.  I never imagined anyone would feel like this.  Not ever.

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Shades of Love – The Hamptons by R.M.Simone’ Arc excerpt


“I am just a man Gabriella, like all men, I struggle to breathe at times and live and create. But how I feel about you, for you, with you, leaves me wanting more.”

That verse came to mind again for me as I saw him show himself to me in what he had just said. The verse of “I plight thee, my troth,” came to mind again. This bond between us was of another world, another time of knights and maidens, of dragons flying and of angels nearby. Castles and kingdoms, of swans on a beautiful lake and of sonnets and songs with mandolin… I was beside myself seeing the pureness of this love proclamation from a man that was so unusual. He shone like the morning sunrise. He stood taller than most men. He cared in a time most did not. He was of a virtue that most could not scale. I was falling in love with this man. I had loved before, but never had I fallen in love. I wrote love stories about this and yet, here I was falling into love. My own love story..


His master bedroom suite was something out of a dream or a Hollywood movie set. Gabriella stood there trembling. Tristan waited. The double doors were opened for her to take it all in and quietly he stood there next to her side. He never showed anyone this room or this side of himself.

The Hamptons estate was a private project restoring it and now, not only was he bringing ‘her’ here for she was part of the landscape and his heart, but also his mother came in from Beverly Hills. Could Gabriella handle it all? This kind of man? This kind of Love? This kind of romance? She wrote love stories for her literary career, but this, this was something out of this world and of pure enchantment.

There was this blonde wood carved swan canopy bed, floating upon a black marble floor resembling a midnight lake of beauty and calm and walls painted a Chinese celadon green with carefully hung priceless original art of the Renaissance masters. Who lives like this? A true knight holding a door open for his beloved to walk in and share his vision and love with. TRISTAN…and GABRIELLA