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from author R.M.Simone. GUISE” trilogy..

An American new author is flying to London to meet with and sign her new publishing contract… Setting is at the Iconic GHERKIN building in London”s financial district… What begins to play out is more than a business book meeting. A future franchise marketing investor is present sizing up this author. She is smart, savvy on her feet and beautiful. She comes with her own enterprising strategies with far reaching future potentials on how to market her books. She brands and designs everything around those creative projects she conceives. One man sees her potential and there is some more in that first business meeting…

It is highly Charged in Chemistry between them. Besides the fact the GHERKIN building is an Occult magical broadcasting Masonic architectural design. She can consciously use that to her advantage.

What also awaits her is a Menage A Trois. Two will compete for her Heart. Two Loves…

REVIEW: For those who love history and new age spirituality this will be a …,                 July 15, 2016 By Karen H. Vaughan

This review is from: Guise’ Arc Sample by R.M.Simone’ (Kindle Edition) GUISE ARC SAMPLE BY RM SIMONE
This sample reading of Ms. Simone’s book Guise was not at all what I expected. In it, the author divulges a lot of French history behind the name Guise. Ms. Simone also delved into the characters’ feelings about the meeting she is going into about signing the contract for her latest novel.
For those who love history and new age spirituality this will be a fantastic read and I encourage any like minded people to read the series. You may also be surprised at what else may be contained in the series as a whole. 5 STARS

REVIEW:  R.M. Simone definitely has a different writing style than any other author that I have read.

July 25, 2016 By  Alicia Freeman

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This review is from: Guise’ Arc Sample by R.M.Simone’ (Kindle Edition)
Guise is based on walking that thin line of dreaming, intuition, and actuality. We all have those moments of waking up and wondering if that just really happened. We need to start opening up and going with that fine line instinct in order to fund our true self.       Roshandra really hit it out of the park on this one, and I love those “green eyes”.
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