Book Boyfriends. Vallen – Dante – Tristan by author R.M.Simone’

Hands two 1 Falling MADLY Into LOVE with your BOOK BOYFRIEND…

It is INDESCRIBABLE how you ‘feel’ the first time you read him.  How he looks, how he enters the story line and how he sees her.  BOOK BOYFRIENDS now make our world spin out of control and we hunger and long for more.  What is going on?

Well, women now want, desire and fantasize on a man that comes off the pages and into their personal private world of reading and feeling they are part of a landscape they can life in and be in with this romantic, steamier than life and handsome leading male.

Here are three of MINE… From Author R.M.Simone’

DANTE” an immortal by way of Alchemy and a loss in his life. Sometimes grief triggers our soul so deeply that we enter into the shadow worlds of between the living and dead. Dante is this sort of man and one with many secrets. He also carries a love for ‘her’ from time she cannot remember. After all she does not even believe in Past lives or immortality. She is his heart beat and he is her soul. Dante is also a man of unusual enterprising masking his life and secrets in Gothic Soirees and the BOARD MEETING male group to balance global Cabal of light dark power games. He sits in this group in Chair # 13 as the head of the group and deciding vote on strategy. A master chess player strategist and Goth NOIR classic back story being told. Steamy, powerful, secrets he carries and he is an enigma off of his own. Samantha Devon finds in the journey with him to VENICE that they both are in a past life as FALLING INTO LOVE becomes the book 2 of this series and a stand alone romance NOVEL. Purely beautiful and high romance as only Dante can do. GOTHIC GATES series Paperback

TRISTAN from SHADES OF LOVE trilogy set one and Arc samples. It begins off a FIFTY set photo shoot and quickly moves into Mr. Prince Charming top of the food chain mega wealthy alpha male with having a ‘coming attraction’ in a dream she was about to enter his life. NYC and Gabriella firmly had her feet set on her career climb in the literary world to become a top author. She did not expect to meet Mr. Right so soon. After all she was writing romance love stories and no time for her own. Not yet anyway. He though, saw who she was immediately and was not letting her go. Electricity filled the air of the photo shoot and the pictures caught looked remarkably like proposals for love. It starts with a discussion of the pros and cons of Fifty Shades of Grey and moved into Cinderella and his buying her the modeling designer shoes she wore that meeting. She refused. He had to work to earn her hand and oh yes, this is all about such a strong sexual attraction of two very independent rising stars that before she knew it she was in his penthouse and bed and his back seat of his car. It turned out to be TANTRA… stay tuned ..steamy page turner and TRISTAN trying to pace this.Paperback

Edear VALLEN Le Toussaint ATHANASE’ from BOOK V Saga as a a BORN Royal vampire in a Paris Family Mansion that begins this saga in the mid 1700’s. This is a KISMET romance and yet something far more intriguing as it takes the story back to Atlantis when this immortal was harvested for a dark agenda. This race carries in their blood the ability to be BORN and then to mate one time and carry forth this way of living. Meeting his Beloved triggered his blood lust and Edear VALLEN ATHANASE broke his abstinence with THE KISS and the moment of seeing ALLEANDREA at his uncles Swan Masquerade ball that moment in Paris. She was kindled into her own secret bloodlines while he was awakened from his sleeping soul. Both had gifts and both journeying into this Love like something from Shakespeare or Star Crossed lovers. How does a love like this end? With his waiting for her to be born again and his journey of time. Now in BOOK V I Saga the Next Generation VALLEN returns to his family mansion and PARIS to resume a life of the living. Modern vampires in France and a BOOK that sets up by chance his finding his BELOVED.

BOOK V begins it gain for them both. R.M.Simone…is there Bridge… Paperback

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