Renaissance by R.M.Simone trilogy

Renaissance cover 1  Renaissance cover 2  Renaissance cover 3

Renaissance trilogy by R.M.Simone. Hearts are for those that are nostalgic or dreamers of the wish of a fairy tale. Bryce is a man that hides his inner most true feelings and Simone uses her mask of modeling and desires for the camera posing her in the world of art and fashion. He is no fool. She is no ordinary woman. They both understand how this world of ‘images’ and appearances functions. Can he remove the barriers for them both so the HEARTS may actually disclose what is there between them?
She waited for a man like this, thinking he would never come. He might just be the only one for her Heart never has been opened before or touched. RENAISSANCE is of a world of ART, Beauty, Intrigue and a WORLD the Rich move in. Who is real and who is not is part of the game of their world. THE HEART is the doorway for Love and both of them as they both enter the darkness of not knowing…

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