Shades of Love book 1 by R.M.Simone of the first trilogy set REVIEW


A REVIEW that touched me so deeply from a NEW Reader that I the author BROKE INTO Tears… read what she shared.. on this 5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, what an amazing read!!!, March 16, 2016
By Jerrilynn carter
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This review is from: Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ Book 1 (Kindle Edition)
I fell in love with this book not 10 pages in. This is very captivating story that sucks you in and holds you there, I wanted more and was not even finished with the first book. My favorite quote from the book is ” I want to be more than that. I want to be your Edward of Twilight, your Romeo of Shakespeare and your Forevermore and happily ever after too!” can’t wait to read more on this series!!! here is my COMMENT BACK to the early review on Amazon Airriel says: From R.M.Simone the author.
Oh my goodness dear. I just read your early review of this and i am just in that spot of happy tears. Often when i am IMMERSED in the characters, their emotions, their hearts and the flow of a story I merely am sharing what is transpiring. I will often forget key passages such as this that you as a reader outlined. All i can say is reading your review comment, I BROKE INTO Tears. This is how MUCH TRISTAN Love’s this woman GABRIELLA. They are in a discourse of various books, Twilight which SHE LOVES and Fifty… Shades of Grey and the classics… THANK YOU. Roshandra warmly writing on and for sharing this..

REVELANT Book One Shadows by R.M.Simone a darker kind of vampire

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REVELANT Book One Shadows by R.M.Simone.
a darker kind of Vampire story COMING…
Roshandra Simone Hi Brianna Thomas thank you for asking what this book is about.

This is a DARK ONE and he is rather remarkable and coming out of the SHADOWS now into this modern day and time. He has always been there watching … A VAMPIRE on the darker kind is harvested in the ATLANTIS time to be used by the dark elite agenda for HYBRIDIZATION. This one though scares the hell out of the captors. More cunning, more diabolical and more intelligent than they ever expected. He is a killing machine par excellence. BUT.. since he is IMMORTAL he figures out how to handle this TRAP he is in on the PLANET and cannot leave to go to his HOME Planet. The story goes into TWO RACES or rather species of Vampires harvested during the Atlantis THIRD pre fall and then what happens when he is set loose on earth to do his own feeding.

Roshandra Simone Beauty of a MAN has something to do with him too. But REVELANT and BOOK ONE which is called Shadows…begins the telling of HIS STORY as he has a lot of history of the hidden worlds and the cabals and elite to tell about. I would say he is like a Hannibal Lecture. But a Vampire that can YOUTH himself and is a SOLO traveler her among us. VAMPIRES DO LIVE among us…you do know that?

For my other books with VAMPIRES…

Shades of Love BOUND series by Savannah Trudeau pen name for Author R.M.Simone’


I trembled in fear and desire.  My Back arched to his touch and I asked for more.

I felt his breath on my neck and his lips moved closely to my ear.  He spoke in a baritone voice softly seductively with drawing me to listen caefully.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Don’t hold back anything from me.”

“I want all of your deepest desires and then I;m going to take you further than you ever dreamed of.”