BOOK VI saga The Next Generation of BORN Vampires. Paris Mansion Royal Bloodline by R.M.Simone’ ~ FAN PAGE for NEWS

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Hi Everyone, Roshandra sharing a MESSAGE…Author R.M.Simone’.

New books, cover teasers and  with the next generation of BORN Vampires.  My STREET TEAM are working to help me bring about the new levels of ‘getting’ the word out there on the books, series and sagas now.   I am thrilled with it all.  EVENT themed parties and now a NEW FAN PAGE is all happening.

What ELSE is coming?  Well product and music to go with the                                                   SHADES OF LOVE books and also fully developed NOVELS with the Arc FREE Kindle Unlimited Samples turning into Stand alone NOVELS.   The second trilogy to this series launches in the FALL of 2016.   We now have TRILOGY One done and in paperback now too.   We now have FOUR Arc Samples that goes with this set.  It is all so exciting.   We will also be TEACHING TANTRA through the new website coming and the music to read by or do the yoga Tantra with.

BLACK TIES is about all things Sexy, Ribbons, Ties and Sophisticated romance Love.

GUISE’ Trilogy finally will be out by MAY 2016 hopefully.  A Menage a Trois and the iconic building in London called by the shape it is.  THE GHERKIN and what a pickle this trilogAly presents.  Occult architecture, two loves of her life and a literary story that will open the doors of the hidden worlds laid out on England’s shores.  This city is filled with Ley Lines that hold magic and a history of other worlds overlaid onto this reality.  Sexual magic.

ALCHEMY, The Gold Ring is published and coming is Alchemy, PASSION.  Our leading character slips into more VISIONS and this time the Joan of Arc area of Paris where a battle was fought.  This all centers around the LOUVRE’ and the ALCHEMISTS secrets that aid both the characters of this adventure.  He is the Key and she is the Lock.  They both are on a Path of ALCHEMY.  Her AURA though SPIKES GOLD and that is a sign to him that she is meant to become a transcended master ALCHEMIST.  Together they fall in love while solving something.

BBW Bodacious series HIS KISSES launched and now comes the new additions to this Fantasy VOYEURISTIC world for women of full figures.  They also find they have a Vampire lover waiting for them.  BLACK STARDUST is the key to open this world and dream land for them and Paris with Scarlett guiding them into this CLUB.  Oh, REMMY is her vampire lover and two words…NIPPLE PLAY… need I say more?.

Gothic Gates series is expanding further and DANTE has a few Secrets he is now willing to give up.  Deanna now is in his Board Meeting group and finally Love might find her life now.   We now see 13 Books and 1 free sample ARC, Dante’s Voice to the series.  Please NOTE that book 2 of Gothic Gates, GOTHIC GATES VENICE is a beautiful long read of a stand alone romance between Dante and Samantha Devon when the FALLING INTO LOVE begins for her in Paris and his flying her off to VENEZIA.  Beyond romantic as only DANTE’ can do.

BOOK VI is the next Saga generation of the modern vampires and this  family bloodline of the ATHANASE’  This name by the way Means IMMORTAL.  I was guided to find this and it is FRENCH.  Now we enter Edear “V” Vallen Le Toussaint ATHANASE’ coming back to Paris and BURGUNDY to an estate he will finish and live in finally as the Heir to this family power.   He moves swiftly back into his role in what seems old history battles facing head on today’s royal groups of world wide key BORN Bloodlines.   His queen matriarch mother is part of the Chess Game strategy battle he must now move through.  He also is REBORN now and engages again with the Doctor and his cousins.    He now knows his BELOVED Alleandrea is also reincarnated and somehow they are both reading the SAME BOOK.  The BOOK V Saga leads them to find each other.  It is a love story KISMET about when they met in 1700’s in Paris and the first KISS.   The author becomes part of the story with an interesting back story to ATLANTIS when Edear “V” came in to the planet and the vampire races where harvested for the agenda of the dark elite and ET race hybrid plans.     As this SAGA moves into the current time frame, we find it all culminating through “V” and those that are deciding to CHANGE as IMMORTALS evolving in a race and into SHINNING ONES.

Book VI Saga “V” REBORN         novella LOUIE LOUIE



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