Shades of Love – Gratitude by R.M.Simone’ book 3 of first trilogy set


Chapter 1  

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The Bath

I walked into the moonlight of the New York City full moon to see before me a new soaking tub in his en-suite’.   It was filled with delicate cream colored roses, beautiful floating ivory candles and a note next to the bath from him.   ]

A vase of long stem white roses overflowed to canopy his note.  Candles filled the entire moon time room with a scent of light floating jasmine incense laced with sandalwood.  The mood this presented sincerely took my breath away.  The sacredness of it all…  It was a gift for me.

I reached for the note.

My darling, this is for you.   I decided since Paris that you should have the most beautiful hand carved bath to soak in and lavish you with the feeling of my love for your pleasure.  I wanted this for you in the penthouse so you would know this was meant for you, your comfort and your hours to spend floating in it.

Since New Year’s Eve, the ritual bath you prepared, the roses, the oils, champagne and surprised me with a night I would never forget…I decided then this marble carved tub was a gift from my heart to you.   What you gave me on New Year’s I still cannot put into words. Making love together, soaking in your beautiful ritual bath water, gave something that brought more of you to open to me.  I loved what your bath ritual did.  It was my best New Year’s Eve.

Thank you Gabriella.

I love you, Tristan.

There was the beautifully white Carrara marble spa soaking tub.  Italian marble of the finest was sitting there looking like it belonged in some ancient goddess temple in the Greek region overlooking the sea.  Perched high in his penthouse, overlooking the city below, this could be my piece of Greece placed on a mountain view.  He had changed his handsome en-suite with a statement to me.  The tub was incredibly beautiful, custom designed, something that sincerely could be placed in the Pantheon with the gods and goddess of the past.  It was calling them to bathe in beauty.  I could see how this transformed Tristan’s male master bathroom, now making it a sanctuary for me.  My feminine body rippled with tingles of gratitude as he was showering me with a gift of love.  What could I say, other than this was now for me my home with him.  I never felt so invited into a place as this was doing for me.  The tub was aglow with floating vanilla candles, soft pure white ivory candles floating, the marble carried the feeling of the quarry it came from with the craftsman’s hands that artistically created this vessel.   I was speechless, I was feeling in awe, most assuredly, this was his love giving me a gift that changed this entire room.   He was not even here, so I would experience it by myself.  I undressed, dropping my clothing, letting it all fall off my body at my feet.  I wanted to soak in this tub that spoke of beauty of the ancients, of the heart of a woman and her needs to be in a rose bath, of how my heart wanted to feel surrounded with the nourishment this was giving my soul.

I walked towards the bath, outside the evening winter skies of New York City held the background of a modern world, noise muffled due to the height of the apartment; I was going to sink into that water to experience heaven.  One foot went in gently moving the floating candles out of my way as the roses came in closer around my leg.  My second foot followed and I closed my eyes, crossed my arms over my naked body across my chest and said a prayer.  

 ‘Thank you God for this.  Thank you for this man.  Thank you for this moment when I can rest in this sacred bath to feel how grateful I am to be here, loved, to be living, to have such a luxury.  Thank you to the feminine ways, her temple times of the past, thank you to her mystery and her sacredness.’   I slowly entered the bath fully to submerge my body into what a ritual bath means.

Shades Of Love – GRATITUDE by R.M.Simone book 3 in first trilogy

Shades of Love

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Shades of Love – Gratitude



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Shades of Love

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