Gothic Gates Dante’s Voice by R.M.Simone’ sample ARC

The Color of the Canals with his Moods reflected his darkness of the sojourn of his soul alone.  It spread upon the waters of Venice and the sky mirrored this as well.  Dante’s emotions of his Soul.

Venice was a darker shade of Goth when I was there without her.  My moods spread upon the canals that carried us before, only now it reflected my shadows of the crevices of my mind.  The weather above where I stood, gave me back shades of grey, darker sides of my soul and the remembering of the past without her love.  I had to release my pains of the past longing of the emotions that carried me from the dark time. Death was something I knew well in the in between world of living and that which is out of reach.  I merely prayed to lift this old feeling off me.  It was time to let that all go.  Not fear losing this again and her being with me now, maybe together in a way I could not fathom.  I longed for the security of this union of this love.  It was only always only she.

Gothic Gates

Dante’s Voice

Arc Sample   –     R.M.Simone’   –  11:11:2015

            I am a mystery to myself.

An Enigma to my own Self…

I cannot explain how I became Immortal.

My love for her somehow kept me alive until now that she is here.

How do I explain this to her other than being truthful?

I have no idea how this happened.

But it did.

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