Tantra music tracks to my SHADES OF LOVE trilogies


One of the beautiful processes about being a Novelist and writing from the heart and soul of the matter, is that my VISION for my books, characters and story lines with settings in the places I put them in is like a MOVIE for me doing this.   Setting the stage so to speak.   It is my HOPE that my approach to the way i share my writing gifts and model the character’s stories is that it lends itself to a NEW FORM of Literary style.    I SEE through energy and dimensional realms which is how I somehow do my writing into the books.   The way i see this changing books is that it is my deepest WISH to formulate this new way of doing books so it comes alive in energy to the reader.  MUSIC IS PART of this.  In my books you will be able to LINK to the music that is influence in the story in a chapter of the characters and their FEELINGS, their VISIONS, Their Experience and their PROCESS of the Moods they are going through.  MUSIC will aid the IDEA of what is being transmitted to the reader.   I am thrilled on how i SEE the evolution of Literary World I am helping to Influence and Change.

Here is a conversation on COLLABORATION on Music to SHADES OF LOVE …


Hi from Roshandra, author of SHADES OF LOVE R.M.Simone. I wanted to share this. I COLLABORATE with a dear friend in France that is a BRIT and has a MUSIC Studio and is doing my Music for my BOOKS. here is some of a conversation around my SHADES OF LOVE with music tracks he is doing.

Hi Dear …. wow i have made some really good shifts and changes and things are moving and i am feeling good again and excited…. SO a message to you dear. ONCE YOU READ my Book 2 of my SOL guidance says that the 2nd song hang on I know you are thinking what is the first song track? but wait for this. the 2nd song you will do is the one off Book 2 off the TANTRA Sunrise after the sexual Tantra they had experienced. I see a SUN RISING between two NYC high rise buildings and TRISTAN”S Eagle nest Penthouse and this sound from the SPHERES coming in and GABRIELLA feels, hears and tingles alive with this music she hears due to her feeling nature, sunrise vibration and the higher realms now that their love making opens her to. THIS IS A Bi-product of the Tantra and the Two exchanging energies ..PURE TANTRA guiding them both into this new sensing and seeing the world they/she is in.

TRISTAN  of course is having his own experience too. NOW the first track will come from Book 1 which is the SCENE where they meet on the modeling ad set in NYC with the FSOG set up ‘look’…. a feeling of the city, a feeling of heightened sexuality, power and that cosmic moment of meeting and seeing someone that is been waiting for you to come into his life. She wants to RUN she wants to BOLT and he will not let her slip out of his hands. He takes OVER ENVIRONMENT on an energy and 3 D level ie he can control space and he also has some innate knowledge of how the magic can do that. SHE FEELS safe, protected as he is controlling this and hoping she feels secure enough to not leave the set. IT WORKS of course but the first track goes from maybe a 3 D energy and then into this overlay how TRISTAN is somehow orchestrating it. In a sense this is the first step in how the male sets up a BUBBLE of LOVE Protection around the object of his attention and his heart that draws this together. He needs both parts of himself His mind how he functions in the world and manifesting and his soul and this feminine that just walked into his realm of being. His job and role as the man is to do just that. LOVE IS at stake of a different kind.


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