Shades of Love – PASSION by R.M.Simone Book 2 of the first Trilogy


Fifty Ride…Shades of Love PASSION  by R.M.Simone’ AUTHOR.  All RIGHTS reserved and owned by author, R.M.Simone’ and may not be copied or used and only in this LINK shared in this original form. June 11: 2015  book 2 of the trilogy.


TANTRA means to ‘weave’.

Tristan is Tantric.  Gabriella is allowing herself to experience for the first time this kind of man, this kind of lovemaking, and this kind of passion she never tasted before.  Her life is set on a path of her choosing for her writing world to explode.  Does love really happen when there is this much fire between two individuals?   Does this really become the kind of connection that makes a forevermore mark in your life?   Was this going to be someone she would keep as part of her journey in her life?   He was bigger than life.  Successful in his own self made endeavors and his career.  Admirable quilisties this man possessed and now he was in her life.  She had not yearned for this kind of relationship and was this Love?  Passions cloud the mind making blood chemistries go wild.  Breathing heavily would begin merely at the thought of him again.  Feeling him close to her body would instantly make her moistness ready to greet him in her lower regions.  Passion was combustible fires that could extinguish itself with overlapping scotching temperatures fueled by sexuality between two.   Yet, when he touched her, came in close to her so she felt his breath on her body, she seemed to only feel the coming desire of union.  The ache of wanting someone and to merge with that.   Fire could destroy and burn you up.   It could consume itself.  Go out in a flash also.  Fire was her ally all her life, but not like this with man. Never like this with a man, ever.   Was this merely carnal lust?

Her lessons lay before her as the NYC sunrise broke into shades of crimson reds, orange flashes of enthused joy and flamingo pinks across the horizon of this rising morning sun. It was as if this sun was telling her this was no ordinary morning for her.  It was as if it was a tequila sunrise  Layers of colors revealed a horizontal beginning of the shades of this passion with all the excitement of new light beginning.  So many FLAVORS in this ONE BURST of Morning COLOR before her eyes.


Shades of Love PASSION book 2 by R.M.Simone’



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