Gothic Gates Dante’s Voice by R.M.Simone’ sample ARC

The Color of the Canals with his Moods reflected his darkness of the sojourn of his soul alone.  It spread upon the waters of Venice and the sky mirrored this as well.  Dante’s emotions of his Soul.

Venice was a darker shade of Goth when I was there without her.  My moods spread upon the canals that carried us before, only now it reflected my shadows of the crevices of my mind.  The weather above where I stood, gave me back shades of grey, darker sides of my soul and the remembering of the past without her love.  I had to release my pains of the past longing of the emotions that carried me from the dark time. Death was something I knew well in the in between world of living and that which is out of reach.  I merely prayed to lift this old feeling off me.  It was time to let that all go.  Not fear losing this again and her being with me now, maybe together in a way I could not fathom.  I longed for the security of this union of this love.  It was only always only she.

Gothic Gates

Dante’s Voice

Arc Sample   –     R.M.Simone’   –  11:11:2015

            I am a mystery to myself.

An Enigma to my own Self…

I cannot explain how I became Immortal.

My love for her somehow kept me alive until now that she is here.

How do I explain this to her other than being truthful?

I have no idea how this happened.

But it did.

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Tantra music tracks to my SHADES OF LOVE trilogies


One of the beautiful processes about being a Novelist and writing from the heart and soul of the matter, is that my VISION for my books, characters and story lines with settings in the places I put them in is like a MOVIE for me doing this.   Setting the stage so to speak.   It is my HOPE that my approach to the way i share my writing gifts and model the character’s stories is that it lends itself to a NEW FORM of Literary style.    I SEE through energy and dimensional realms which is how I somehow do my writing into the books.   The way i see this changing books is that it is my deepest WISH to formulate this new way of doing books so it comes alive in energy to the reader.  MUSIC IS PART of this.  In my books you will be able to LINK to the music that is influence in the story in a chapter of the characters and their FEELINGS, their VISIONS, Their Experience and their PROCESS of the Moods they are going through.  MUSIC will aid the IDEA of what is being transmitted to the reader.   I am thrilled on how i SEE the evolution of Literary World I am helping to Influence and Change.

Here is a conversation on COLLABORATION on Music to SHADES OF LOVE …


Hi from Roshandra, author of SHADES OF LOVE R.M.Simone. I wanted to share this. I COLLABORATE with a dear friend in France that is a BRIT and has a MUSIC Studio and is doing my Music for my BOOKS. here is some of a conversation around my SHADES OF LOVE with music tracks he is doing.

Hi Dear …. wow i have made some really good shifts and changes and things are moving and i am feeling good again and excited…. SO a message to you dear. ONCE YOU READ my Book 2 of my SOL guidance says that the 2nd song hang on I know you are thinking what is the first song track? but wait for this. the 2nd song you will do is the one off Book 2 off the TANTRA Sunrise after the sexual Tantra they had experienced. I see a SUN RISING between two NYC high rise buildings and TRISTAN”S Eagle nest Penthouse and this sound from the SPHERES coming in and GABRIELLA feels, hears and tingles alive with this music she hears due to her feeling nature, sunrise vibration and the higher realms now that their love making opens her to. THIS IS A Bi-product of the Tantra and the Two exchanging energies ..PURE TANTRA guiding them both into this new sensing and seeing the world they/she is in.

TRISTAN  of course is having his own experience too. NOW the first track will come from Book 1 which is the SCENE where they meet on the modeling ad set in NYC with the FSOG set up ‘look’…. a feeling of the city, a feeling of heightened sexuality, power and that cosmic moment of meeting and seeing someone that is been waiting for you to come into his life. She wants to RUN she wants to BOLT and he will not let her slip out of his hands. He takes OVER ENVIRONMENT on an energy and 3 D level ie he can control space and he also has some innate knowledge of how the magic can do that. SHE FEELS safe, protected as he is controlling this and hoping she feels secure enough to not leave the set. IT WORKS of course but the first track goes from maybe a 3 D energy and then into this overlay how TRISTAN is somehow orchestrating it. In a sense this is the first step in how the male sets up a BUBBLE of LOVE Protection around the object of his attention and his heart that draws this together. He needs both parts of himself His mind how he functions in the world and manifesting and his soul and this feminine that just walked into his realm of being. His job and role as the man is to do just that. LOVE IS at stake of a different kind.

Shades of Love – PASSION by R.M.Simone Book 2 of the first Trilogy


Fifty Ride…Shades of Love PASSION  by R.M.Simone’ AUTHOR.  All RIGHTS reserved and owned by author, R.M.Simone’ and may not be copied or used and only in this LINK shared in this original form. June 11: 2015  book 2 of the trilogy.


TANTRA means to ‘weave’.

Tristan is Tantric.  Gabriella is allowing herself to experience for the first time this kind of man, this kind of lovemaking, and this kind of passion she never tasted before.  Her life is set on a path of her choosing for her writing world to explode.  Does love really happen when there is this much fire between two individuals?   Does this really become the kind of connection that makes a forevermore mark in your life?   Was this going to be someone she would keep as part of her journey in her life?   He was bigger than life.  Successful in his own self made endeavors and his career.  Admirable quilisties this man possessed and now he was in her life.  She had not yearned for this kind of relationship and was this Love?  Passions cloud the mind making blood chemistries go wild.  Breathing heavily would begin merely at the thought of him again.  Feeling him close to her body would instantly make her moistness ready to greet him in her lower regions.  Passion was combustible fires that could extinguish itself with overlapping scotching temperatures fueled by sexuality between two.   Yet, when he touched her, came in close to her so she felt his breath on her body, she seemed to only feel the coming desire of union.  The ache of wanting someone and to merge with that.   Fire could destroy and burn you up.   It could consume itself.  Go out in a flash also.  Fire was her ally all her life, but not like this with man. Never like this with a man, ever.   Was this merely carnal lust?

Her lessons lay before her as the NYC sunrise broke into shades of crimson reds, orange flashes of enthused joy and flamingo pinks across the horizon of this rising morning sun. It was as if this sun was telling her this was no ordinary morning for her.  It was as if it was a tequila sunrise  Layers of colors revealed a horizontal beginning of the shades of this passion with all the excitement of new light beginning.  So many FLAVORS in this ONE BURST of Morning COLOR before her eyes.


Shades of Love PASSION book 2 by R.M.Simone’


Review of Shades of Love and comment to story line.

Shades of Love REVIEW: Amazon customer.


on November 9, 2015
What a story!! A man who has everything, a woman who wants to be her own person. They both have issues to work out. You will like how this story unfolds – guaranteed!! Great love story.

Hi Sarah Fisher A REVIEW for SHADES OF LOVE book 1
, thank you so very much. You hit the story truth perfectly. In beginning to WRITE this and about Gabriella and Tristan, I pondered the idea of how so many want Mr. HOT and Miss seeking the right guy. I did NOT want to go with that view at all. LIFE Today is layered, complicated and images can be up front amazing and look fabulous, but when we enter into the psychology of the issues there and what is hidden, well this gave me my COUPLE. Independent woman on her career path full steam ahead and this gorgeous male that is not attainable and self made man. But he KNOWS what he wants and will go after it. A Silver spoon in his mouth and he waited for this love to enter. What a mixture of coming exchanges with this couple. Roshandra, warmly writing on

Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ Book 1

Shades of Love by R.M.Simone book 1 PAPERBACK

SHADES OF LOVE by R.M.Simone…how did this happen? Shades of Love Gratitude from Trilogy 2

_a1aaShades of Love GRATITUDE from Trilogy 2 by R.M.Simone’

Gabriella was on her hands and knees in Tristan’s penthouse bathroom on the cool marble floor beneath her body.  Grace washed over her.  She was nausea and shaking with cold perspiration running down off her face.  Everything inside her was telling her why.  She embraced the floor and began to prayer. ‘Hail Mary Full of Grace, the Lord is with me,’ please God, it can’t be that now.   She heard the bathroom door open behind her and it was Tristan.  She heard the rush of the music from the party in his penthouse going on and then, softly the door closed behind him.  She was certain he was standing there taking in this full view of her on the floor trying to hold herself together.  She could only repeat the murmur of her one prayer.

He spoke. “Gabriella, is this what I think it is?”

She did  not answer him.  He knew…

She was pregnant.


This book idea came as a SURPRISE. It began as a discussion about two other books, TWILIGHT and FSOG/MOTU as phenomenon series.
One book a YA Saga and the other an erotica trilogy. Other mentions were for
books connected to FAN FACTION that work within the TWILIGHT Canon theme and love story and also Chloe Thurlow, UK Author and friend of mine, her book on why FSOG became a phenomena on popular reading and film too now. TWILIGHT set a new template and for the franchise films off the books too.

As I wrote this book discussion POV, suddenly a LOVE STORY came to my mind and I began to WRITE that. The manuscript was sent to my EDITOR Karrie Newcomb and she wisely suggested making the first part of this book the BOOK and Discussion the second part. FLIPPING it made sense and so the book story line is as follows.


SHADES OF LOVE is part of a trilogy that takes the reader to NYC and the life of a budding author, Gabriella Savannah Trudeau. A beautiful 25 year old with a clear head on her shoulders and focused on her goals as a writer and publishing dreams. She is the complete package of a young woman set for career goals and aspirations fueled by an amazing drive to go for her visions. She meets Mr.Perfect 29 year old Tristan…here is what happens,

When you walk into a photo shoot, just filling in for a model girlfriend and you see it is staged like a movie set of FSOG and you are ready to TURN AROUND and WALK OUT…
He was standing there WAITING for this, for you, and grabs you.

HE IS NOT letting you go…

What plays out in this story will captivate and fascinate you and break open your Dreams that a STORY like this can happen and when it does, it just may be the END ALL


R.M.Simone’ Enchanted Love stories or Eros and Psyche…
Warmly Writing on Roshandra

The BOOK also carries a part 2 inside as a DISCUSSION about TWILIGHT and FSOG is the background on phenomenon books and films now. Also author Chloe Thurlow of UK, links to her book that discusses Fifty phenomenon and also some rather amazing current Fan Fiction links and books from there. WALLBANGERS is mentioned and also KNOCKED up by Gabby from Fan Fiction.

Fan Fiction is where many authors have begun and TWILIGHT inspired many.
The DISCUSSION touches on this and also on the subject of romance books, love stories and erotica and fantasy stories.

Author R.M.Simone Warmly writing on.