Gothic Gates ~ Devon by R.M.Simone’ Gothic Romance PARIS…Cover reveal and Excerpt

_Gothic Gates Devon Goth Beauty


Gothic Gates ~ Devon by R.M.Simone’  Gothic Romance PARIS

What transpires for Devon is breathtakingly unique.  Her small estate that Dante’ had gifted her, her remodeling it, the ‘reading in New Orelans’ with the Voodoo seer and now her discovering something inside the France home changes her.  HOW?  In someway the property holds a SECRET for Samantha Devon that reveals to her the SOUL of her darker world that will transform her.  This book is so special, so beautiful, as a window into her soul and the doorway of this takes the story into entirely new realms.  The realm Dante himself is somehow entangled in and does not understand himself.  It is where they will finally meet as she trasverses this landscape of psyche, soul and her heart.   Our Past HOLDS our Future.

Author R.M.Simone’

Currently there are 7 books in this series.  FOUR NEW books coming in for the ending of 2015 and beginning 2016 will have this Novel and also the Dante novel and Deanna’s love story and of course the remodeling of DEVON”S home that opens her up more fully to her inner self.  This is sumptuous, sensual and tastefully revealing the characters inner worlds.  Please enjoy the series with all the books and more beautiful ones coming.

for BOOKS in Paperback of this Series:

Amazon ‘e books’ for Gothic Gates series on this link


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