Gothic Gates by R.M.Simone’ Book 1 of this Sumptuous Steamy Series offers you 33 pages to read FREE…

Gothic Gates cover  GOTHIC GATES

Would you want a LOOK-SEE READ:?::You may have a FREE 33 page read of Gothic Gates book 1 off this link… go to LINK AND UNDER IMAGE OF BOOK COVER PICTURE  ‘click’    see the PREVIEW

 Preview Read of Gothic Gates book 1 for Paperback book – 33 pages

ENJOY as the first sample into open the GATE is for you…. Roshandra, warmly sharing and writing on

Gothic Gates paperback 14160320_cover-page-001

available in PAPERBACK.  ALL the GOTHIC GATES series books are published in PAPERBACK and some Hardcovers too.

Also available are all titles on Amazon as ‘e books’ which are filled with HD images as part of the story line and travel in the Gothic Gates visual journey.  Many fan readers buy both BOOK IN HAND and also the ‘e books’ for easy visual reading and art in the books.   Much RESEARCH goes into the books on locations, history of Goth and back ground hidden stories and beautiful Art and Churches of this mysterious period of High Occult Magic and Alchemy..


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