Shades of Love – Between The Sheets by R. M. Simone’ the second trilogy of SOL series


Shades of Love – Between The Sheets

By R. M. Simone’

October 14, 2015

all rights reserved and owned by author R. M. Simone/ Roshandra Simon and may not be copied or used without written permission. 

Into our lives comes that once in a lifetime moment,when it all just comes together..

It is the full package of love, intimacy and the inner wishes are met fully..

Even the things you never mentioned to anyone,suddenly he is giving that all to you.It happened between the sheets.

You just smile.


I was like all other women, I wanted it all.  I kept that inner list to myself, hoping, always hoping, but then thinking it was far too much to ask.  Could one man, one single man fulfill me in all the ways I wanted?

We all ask that of ourselves, the deepest most private parts of ourselves.

When it happens, all we can do is smile.

Unspoken wishes, dreams filled with promises and hopes of the dreams coming true.

When he entered my life, I dared not believe he was the one.  I was frankly disappointed so many times before and yet, deep down in the darkest crevices of my mind, my soul held out hope for this to happen.    The list became longer with each passing test of those that did not make it.  Soon the list became crumpled and tossed to the side.  What was the point of having a list, when no one would ever come up to those standards?  As soon as I stopped dreaming of that, he entered my life.  I did not want to believe it.  Now?  He finds me?  Now I have to face this dream that might be what I hoped for?

The last man standing maybe the one you waited a lifetime for?

It happened between the sheets.

The final test.

I smiled.

Begin the SHADES OF LOVE trilogies and Arc Sample reads


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