GOTHIC GATES new fall season and Books…by R.M.Simone’

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New Season coming for GOTHIC GATES series by R. M. Simone’

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Paris, sophisticate black is always ‘in’, and Dante is preparing one of his most amazing seasons every.   There is so much in swing now that this couple is entering this phase of their romance in that stage of coming near full commitment.  Dante has always wanted that.  His sights and how he sees Devon from the first moment lacked nothing in his view.  She though, has had a lot to sort out.  Who he is remains a mystery and even to Dante’ himself.  That is what makes him so readable in these books as I am the author and I too am still figuring this out.  Who doesn’t fall in Love with Dante’?

This season has a HUGE On line Facebook event on October 19th, 2015 and book launches to add to this series.

EVENT ON Facebook for Gothic Gates VENETIAN soiree’

Devon has been working on her France estate Dante’ gifted her.  The estate holds secrets of her past life inside it.  The New Orleans Voodoo reader had opened that door to make her wonder on why that house did open up her soul that afternoon picnic Dante took her too.  The standing tones spoke to her heart and the property felt like a glove to her future and past awakening.   He gifted the property to her.  She is remodeling and reburishing it now.

They will fly to FLORENCE, Italy too as a business trip takes him there and she is coming in for an event with him.  Goth ENTERPRISING is trending.   This will be Devon’s first moment in this Italian Gothic Renaissance city of Florence also.

Deanna, is also about to meet a man.  Someone coming into Dante’s BOARD MEETING Group.  Maybe she will finally have LOVE herself and if she keeps her attorney sassy mouth shut.   The Voodoo card reader in New Orleans did not mince words with Deanna on that point.

Stay tuned and Please do come to the GOTHIC VENETIAN BOOK Launch party on Facebook…here are the links

Meantime, I hope you begin reading this series and discovering this modern contemporary Gothic series and Romance.  No one does romance like Dante’…and yes, he is an Immortal…

Author R. M. Simone’

Fashion GOTH B `

 Gothic Gates by R.M.Simone Book 1 Paperback

Gothic Gates by R.M.Simone ‘e book’

Gothic Gates series in e book form and reviews

Gothic Gates paperback 14160320_cover-page-001


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