Alchemy, The Gold Ring TRILOGY by R.M.Simone’ “Prologue”

Twin key

Alchemy, The Gold Ring by R.M.Simone’ TRILOGY
He was the Key and she was the Lock… a pathway of Alchemy as a unit of Love..

Paris was in her shroud that evening when I saw her walking across to the café. It was night time in the rainy season of late fall. Normally tourists are all gone by this time of year. I watched her leave the Louvre’ as she darted between the slow late traffic. Only the locals were sitting in the café.

The rain was about to come down, but she made it in time while the fog draped the landscape. Mizzle is what some people called this kind of rain in the mist of the fog.

She was out to meet someone, I wondered?

My mood matched the shroud of Paris at the moment. I could not stop looking at this girl. Something different about her compelled me to watch. She had a naivety and that American trust that the world was a safe place for her. It was not. She looked like she just got out of college. Maybe twenty three years old at the most. My attention kept being drawn back to her. She was reaching for her cell phone to probably call the person she was meeting. I quietly watched as I stayed in the shadows at the café. She had not noticed me anyway. She was about to grab a table under the awnings as it appeared maybe near where I was watching her from. She put her cell phone back into her pocket, then looked right at me. Our eyes locked.

I don’t think she expected to see someone staring at her from the dark. I debated to speak up with introducing myself. I debated longer than what might be considered polite.

“Good evening, my name is Asten Blaine Bradwell.”


The “TIME” series begins. AUTHOR R.M.Simone’
Relationships must jump from dimensional times, shifts of past lives, completing or finding the pieces left ‘undone’ so the final ONE may enter in the same TIME LINE and FREQUENCY into 2017 to 2033. This is the period of Units of DIVINTY or GOLDEN time and the HONEYMOON Period on Sophia Gaia.

The earth was always meant to be a ‘honeymoon’ planet and that is why so many ‘travelers come here. We have to all complete karma of the past, so we may now enter back into the Garden of Eden and our Divine Matches in Love. We also enter the DHARMA now of Units of Divinity working to aid SOPHIA GAIA into this new TIME OF BEING of our Beautiful Blue GENESIS PLANET.

TIME is the KEY FACTOR and working our DIMENSIONAL Dharma.
By R.M.Simone’
All RIGHTS owned and Reserved by R.M.Simone copyright 2014 `12:12

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alchemy 2  _Alchemy Passion cover  Alchemy InterWoven GOLD Love 22


Gothic Gates ~ Devon by R.M.Simone’ Gothic Romance PARIS…Cover reveal and Excerpt

_Gothic Gates Devon Goth Beauty


Gothic Gates ~ Devon by R.M.Simone’  Gothic Romance PARIS

What transpires for Devon is breathtakingly unique.  Her small estate that Dante’ had gifted her, her remodeling it, the ‘reading in New Orelans’ with the Voodoo seer and now her discovering something inside the France home changes her.  HOW?  In someway the property holds a SECRET for Samantha Devon that reveals to her the SOUL of her darker world that will transform her.  This book is so special, so beautiful, as a window into her soul and the doorway of this takes the story into entirely new realms.  The realm Dante himself is somehow entangled in and does not understand himself.  It is where they will finally meet as she trasverses this landscape of psyche, soul and her heart.   Our Past HOLDS our Future.

Author R.M.Simone’

Currently there are 7 books in this series.  FOUR NEW books coming in for the ending of 2015 and beginning 2016 will have this Novel and also the Dante novel and Deanna’s love story and of course the remodeling of DEVON”S home that opens her up more fully to her inner self.  This is sumptuous, sensual and tastefully revealing the characters inner worlds.  Please enjoy the series with all the books and more beautiful ones coming.

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Gothic Gates by R.M.Simone’ Book 1 of this Sumptuous Steamy Series offers you 33 pages to read FREE…

Gothic Gates cover  GOTHIC GATES

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available in PAPERBACK.  ALL the GOTHIC GATES series books are published in PAPERBACK and some Hardcovers too.

Also available are all titles on Amazon as ‘e books’ which are filled with HD images as part of the story line and travel in the Gothic Gates visual journey.  Many fan readers buy both BOOK IN HAND and also the ‘e books’ for easy visual reading and art in the books.   Much RESEARCH goes into the books on locations, history of Goth and back ground hidden stories and beautiful Art and Churches of this mysterious period of High Occult Magic and Alchemy..

Shades of Love – Between The Sheets by R. M. Simone’ the second trilogy of SOL series


Shades of Love – Between The Sheets

By R. M. Simone’

October 14, 2015

all rights reserved and owned by author R. M. Simone/ Roshandra Simon and may not be copied or used without written permission. 

Into our lives comes that once in a lifetime moment,when it all just comes together..

It is the full package of love, intimacy and the inner wishes are met fully..

Even the things you never mentioned to anyone,suddenly he is giving that all to you.It happened between the sheets.

You just smile.


I was like all other women, I wanted it all.  I kept that inner list to myself, hoping, always hoping, but then thinking it was far too much to ask.  Could one man, one single man fulfill me in all the ways I wanted?

We all ask that of ourselves, the deepest most private parts of ourselves.

When it happens, all we can do is smile.

Unspoken wishes, dreams filled with promises and hopes of the dreams coming true.

When he entered my life, I dared not believe he was the one.  I was frankly disappointed so many times before and yet, deep down in the darkest crevices of my mind, my soul held out hope for this to happen.    The list became longer with each passing test of those that did not make it.  Soon the list became crumpled and tossed to the side.  What was the point of having a list, when no one would ever come up to those standards?  As soon as I stopped dreaming of that, he entered my life.  I did not want to believe it.  Now?  He finds me?  Now I have to face this dream that might be what I hoped for?

The last man standing maybe the one you waited a lifetime for?

It happened between the sheets.

The final test.

I smiled.

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BEAUTY OF A MAN by R.M.Simone’…new vampire love story coming… an excerpt and a quote.

_Beauty of Him cover 11

The Beauty that was His,

was beyond what I ever Dreamed of.

Even if that Beauty was of Death,

I wanted to be there with Him.

From BEAUTY OF A MAN by R.M.Simone’…

Nastasia, did not know he was a vampire, how could she? She was from a region of old Europe raised in the courtly customs and schooled in proper etiquette with a naivety that gave her the nature of her inner purity. He was drawn to that. Her soul was Pure. He never saw a soul like this before in a young woman. What she felt with him was this beauty she never witnessed before in a man. What ensued was breathlessly amazing. Why? It changed the royal courts and the time of romance like no other pair ever did before in history. Falling in love with a vampire. Beauty…

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A STAND ALONE one Vampire NOVEL Love story of a 15 year old young courtly royal and this Beautiful man she meets in Austria in her exposure to the ways of the aristocracy ….He is a Vampire and she sees only BEAUTY in him. She is being matched for a royal marriage that is the way families created political alliances. This love story takes this young woman girl in a very different direction and changes history of her country. She is to become queen, by her side is this man, well this vampire. She comes into her sexuality and her personal power. He comes into his finding his own humanity within himself as a vampire with a soul.

A very rare liaison and union of two hearts and two spirits that most would think impossible to become this kind of Love.  Undying, unending and one of everlasting Bond.    He never ‘turned’ her nor would he.  She never asked him to and this was part of the Purity between these two and this LOVE.  But being with him, she did not age.  A SECRET within this Novel suggests why.

Shades of Love THE HAMPTONS by R.M.Simone’ EXCERPT… Tristan is such a knight


When will we leave for Paris?”

“The following Wednesday; it is an 11 hour flight and we can sleep on the plane.”

“Sleep on the plane?”

“First class Gabriella, everything with me is first class…  I want you to enjoy this.”

He reached for the dinner tray sliding it to the side and drawing me near to kiss me.  He pulled back, smiled and said, “Maybe I should clear the bed Miss Trudeau, we have dessert to enjoy.”  He looked over at Grace, she had not budged.  He gently picked her up and grabbed one of the pillows to place her in a new nesting spot.  He put her on the area rug talking to her sweetly.  Patted her head and she dozed back off where her second master placed her.  Animals are amazing how quickly they adjust to a living experience with new owner and the extended circle of family friends.  Tristan had it all handled.  I sat on the bed waiting for his next move.

“Glad you did not eat too much Gabriella.”

“Really, why? I could handle a few more spoonfuls of that pasta salad.”  He picked up his wine, took a long sip and clearly let his palette enjoy the complexity of the wine he brought

“How expensive Tristan, if I may ask?”    He smiled.

“Does it matter?”

“Curious…that’s all.”

“Gabriella that was about fifty dollars worth of a taste I just drank.”

He kept moving towards me, taking me in fully realizing I had only a blouse on, lace panties and a bra   Very little barrier between us.  He calculated the question on the wine wondering, I was sure, why I asked that.   “So, that bottle cost you around $600?”

“Ah, actually try $5,000 for this bottle.”   My eyes got large like saucers.

“Tristan, who in the world drink’s wine that expensive?   Come on; please tell me this is seriously not real?   People are hungry in the world.”

“Gabriella, I grew up in a family that required finer tastes and understanding what that meant and how to produce work to afford that creative lifestyle level.  I also grew up being responsible for what I spent money on and also that life is tough for many levels of society.  I grew up doing charity work and valuing what that means.  My mother made sure I did service in the communities.  When I am stressed, like this moment we went through, I need something to remind me I can get through this.  I was really upset with you.  I was upset with myself.  I am taking over too much without conferring with you as a man of heart, rather than a businessman.   I am not pleased with myself or how I acted Gabriella.  After I ran in the park, I thought this out, I picked up our dinner and the bottle of wine was my indulgence to remind me to balance myself back.  I had to climb out of those feelings of possessing you, wanting to control it all, knowing everything you were doing and the urge to be angry.   I indulged myself in a very expensive wine.  Something good, to make me feel I weathered this.   I am sorry Gabriella.  I don’t want to rush this or you.  I don’t wish to make you feel uncomfortable.  From the start of this, I have wanted to make you feel safe.  With you I have entered two worlds.  One I know of wealth, society and how that life and business works.  The other is this world of the passion between us and the heart.  I want both worlds with you in them.  I truly have waited for you for a long time.  Maybe forever…  Now that you are here, I want it all with you.  I am trying to just be with this, to let you have your space as needed and you do push me back just fine.  You are strong on your boundaries and I respect that.  It is my hope that my qualities that are of a knight and is what shines forth for you to see.   I am just a man Gabriella, like all men, I struggle to breathe at times and live and create.  But how I feel about you, for you, with you, leaves me wanting more…”

That verse came to mind again for me as I saw him show himself to me in what he had just said.  The verse of “I plight thee, my troth,”floated again in my mind. This bond between us was of another world, another time of knights and maidens, of dragons flying and of angels nearby.  Castles and kingdoms, of swans on a beautiful lake and of sonnets and songs with mandolin…  I was beside myself seeing the pureness of this love proclamation from a man that was so unusual.  He shone like the morning sunrise.  He stood taller than most men.  He cared in a time most did not.  He was of a virtue that most could not scale.   I was falling in love with this man.   I had loved before, but never had I fallen in love.   I wrote love stories about this and yet, here I was falling into love.  My own love story..

Shades of Love THE HAMPTONS by R.M.Simone.

GOTHIC GATES new fall season and Books…by R.M.Simone’

fashion goth black shoes

New Season coming for GOTHIC GATES series by R. M. Simone’

fashion goth B

Paris, sophisticate black is always ‘in’, and Dante is preparing one of his most amazing seasons every.   There is so much in swing now that this couple is entering this phase of their romance in that stage of coming near full commitment.  Dante has always wanted that.  His sights and how he sees Devon from the first moment lacked nothing in his view.  She though, has had a lot to sort out.  Who he is remains a mystery and even to Dante’ himself.  That is what makes him so readable in these books as I am the author and I too am still figuring this out.  Who doesn’t fall in Love with Dante’?

This season has a HUGE On line Facebook event on October 19th, 2015 and book launches to add to this series.

EVENT ON Facebook for Gothic Gates VENETIAN soiree’

Devon has been working on her France estate Dante’ gifted her.  The estate holds secrets of her past life inside it.  The New Orleans Voodoo reader had opened that door to make her wonder on why that house did open up her soul that afternoon picnic Dante took her too.  The standing tones spoke to her heart and the property felt like a glove to her future and past awakening.   He gifted the property to her.  She is remodeling and reburishing it now.

They will fly to FLORENCE, Italy too as a business trip takes him there and she is coming in for an event with him.  Goth ENTERPRISING is trending.   This will be Devon’s first moment in this Italian Gothic Renaissance city of Florence also.

Deanna, is also about to meet a man.  Someone coming into Dante’s BOARD MEETING Group.  Maybe she will finally have LOVE herself and if she keeps her attorney sassy mouth shut.   The Voodoo card reader in New Orleans did not mince words with Deanna on that point.

Stay tuned and Please do come to the GOTHIC VENETIAN BOOK Launch party on Facebook…here are the links

Meantime, I hope you begin reading this series and discovering this modern contemporary Gothic series and Romance.  No one does romance like Dante’…and yes, he is an Immortal…

Author R. M. Simone’

Fashion GOTH B `

 Gothic Gates by R.M.Simone Book 1 Paperback

Gothic Gates by R.M.Simone ‘e book’

Gothic Gates series in e book form and reviews

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