Message from AUTHOR, R.M.Simone’ and a Fan Fiction free read story link too and SHADES OF LOVE update

_FF manip theres_only_u_edward_n_bella_by_bellax3edward-d2xubuvMessage note from Roshandra, Author R.M.Simone’

Hello everyone following and reading me.  A series of good events is unfolding around my ‘writing world and work’.   SHADES OF LOVE Trilogy will launch the full three books October 17th, 2015.  I have one book launched already and a free ARC Sample read too, Shades of Love, Earl GREY Morning.  This Arc will be turned into a full 300 page novel also.   I wanted to find out if this ROMANCE story and my OWN FIFTY could take WINGS and if my fan readers loved this couple.

Here is a NOTE on how I see this COUPLE.

Tristan Green Montgomery and Gabriella Savannah Trudeau


Every couple romance love story I write, seems to have a unique spin on how love and intimacy plays out. I LOVE Tristan and Gabriella. She is not a push over; likes her feet on the ground and he is just SWEEPING her up and off those feet constantly. He is also learning somethings about this FORCE Of WOMAN and this man that is so Outstandingly special that this model of a couple may lead others to re-think on Power LOVE relationships as a map guideline for them. Thank you for your review and love this couple. Roshandra, warmly writing on

here are the LINKS for the two books in e book form to begin devouring and getting to know this Love Couple Romance story.  Thank you for those sending me personal emails on HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THIS READ.   An author so appreciates that and your Reviews.

Shades of Love book 1 of first trilogy

Shades of Love – Earl GREY Morning Arc Sample free Kindle read

FAN FICTION with Roshandra

For those wishing to FOLLOW me and have some of my writing and FREE reading, please follow me on FAN FICTION and my current new story there is “ONE KISS”  a Bella and Edward TWILIGHT Fan Fiction and about this subject…

Bella has a problem.  At age 22-23 she is still a virgin.  RIGHTS OF PASSAGE is on her CHECK LIST, not love, not kissing and yet…. the PLAN to handle this may just backfire.

One Kiss by Roshandra 9:6:2015

Twilight Fan Fiction story no TWILIGHT infringement or copyright intention. This is purely a Fan Fiction story and for writing entertainment by R. /Roshandra booksbyroshandra

A FAN FICTION coming by Roshandra ONE KISS
THE GAME had RULES…no KISSING … Meet at the CLUB, virgins were welcomed and a mystery match up lover partner for a ONE NIGHT only for the experience with a stranger lover. No Names, no Kissing and never see them again… That was the RULE

Fan Fiction for Roshandra, TWILIGHT, ONE KISS story of Bella and Edward


LittleMoCullen chapter 14 . 56m ago

Right down to half- naked business & and a Kiss to seal the deal! Nice ;-P Woot Woot
LittleMoCullen chapter 13 . 1h ago

Edward the charmer, as always. Loved that he practically beg for her to come back for another interview. Excited to read what will happen next ;-D
TwimomJen chapter 14 . 2h ago

Really enjoying this story. I’m stalking my ail waiting for updates. Holy moly, hot office sexing. Loved how she blew Alice off in her mind. How Edward goes from all business to all Bella in the flip of a switch is HAWT!


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