Shades of Love, BOUND by R.M.Simone ARC READ Chapter excerpt


GABRIELLA Savannah Trudeau…is a new signed author in NYC with a BIG agency publisher. She just received an email requesting her next series of books to be focused on BDSM and love relationships. She does not write that kind of book genre”? How will she handle her contract and the fine print? BOUND IS an ARC Read and opens the doors about what SELLS for authors and what authors are up against. HOW does Gabriella Savannah Trudeau

Can She HANDLE THIS? She is tied up in her writing…and career and her contract.

Shades of Love by R.M.Simone Book 1

BOUND from SHADES OF LOVE ‘teaser’

Fifty Shades of Love  ALL RIGHTS OWNED and reserved by Author R.M.Simone’ 8/8/2015


By R.M.Simone’8:24:2015

Once in our life, comes a love…

A love we did not prepare for nor did we see coming.

When one of the two has his vision of his love, she is walking through her own wonderland of a day dream of a life becoming.

When this love sees the other, it all changes.

Everything changes…This is LOVE.

All rights owned and reserved by author R.M.Simone/Roshandra Simon.  May not be copied or DRM used or Art without written permission from author. Copyrighted material and art.


SHADES OF LOVE by R.M.Simone… Trilogy has given birth to some additional books.  Stand alone novels and novellas about Gabriella and Tristan and their love story.This is set in NYC.  She is from Chicago originally and he is from Beverly Hills, Old Hollywood, California..

GABRIELLA Savannah Trudeau…is a newly signed author in NYC with a BIG agency publisher. She just received an email requesting her next series of books to be focused on BDSM and love relationships. She does not write that kind of book genre”? How will she handle her contract and the fine print? BOUND IS an ARC Read and opens the doors about what SELLS for authors and what authors are up against. HOW does Gabriella Savannah Trudeau HANDLE THIS? She is tied up in her writing…and career and her contract.

Chapter 1

Tied Up

Speed dial directly to Tristan.  If this is the one time, I really needed him to pull some strings, I was going to make this happen.  My call strangely went right to his voice message.  That was unusual.  He always picked up my calls.

Shelly was next to talk this out.  “Shelly, hi hun, you won’t believe what I was just informed that is my next project to work on at the publishing house.  Hold on, it is on BDSM.  All due to this being a hot topick, the publisher wants me to submit a few chapters of this idea she presented me with.  I know, this is a huge surprise of a ‘did not see that coming’ moment.   Well every publisher wants another FSOG.  Yes, I called Tristan, of course.  He did not pick up my call.  He is probably in a board meeting.  Send me some positive thoughts as I am ready to get in touch with an attorney.  I don’t write that kind of genre’.”  CLICK

No sooner did I finish my call with my best friend and ally, Tristan rang through.

“Hi Gabriella, is something up with the kitty?  What is going on hun?”

“It is something that I have no words for.  Kitty is fine, but my publisher wants me to write a BDSM novel for the second book to test this out.  I must submit three chapters by the end of the week.  I am facing a brick wall of ‘what is going on?’.”

“Really, I see, well they knew this was not your genre’.  You did have the fine print looked over by your literary attorney, right?  Sorry I could not grab your call immediately, board meeting stuff got hairy.”

“Of course he read the fine print.  I am going to call my agent first and then the attorney.   Honestly this is making me sick to my stomach.   Is this the sort of thing a publishing house can pull?”

“Not sure or even why they are doing this.  Just relax, see what the legal advice says.  Dinner at my place or out to eat?”

“Ah, neither, I need to get home; Grace is going to be missing me.  What if you swing by my apartment and surprise us with supper.  Get something for Grace too.  Creame’ fresh is her favorite and you are spoiling her.  She loves you almost more than me.”

“I want all my females happy.  What if I show up early?   Draw you a bath too.”     “My man servant sex slave?  Sounds like a plan to take my mind off going into combustion spewing like a volcano.”

“Miss Trudeau, I am to please.  You grab a tea, talk to your professionals and we will sort it out tonight.   By the way, I am your dessert this evening.”

“Tristan, this is the middle of the week.  I can’t do an all nighter with you babe, let’s stay to our agreement, shall we?”

“Gabriella, I never agreed to no sex in the middle of the work week.  I was open to your idea, heard your reasons, but I did not vote on that.  This is still on the table for discussion.  Maybe you should collect Grace and head over to my place?”     “Ah, no, if I come there you will have me undressed before I put Grace’s kitty carrier down.  You will begin to undo me in the foyer.  Then there is the swing by the library office and into the kitchen. Then typically you throw me over your shoulders after you get some finger food samples of me on the counter and while I am breathing heavily, you carry me up the spiral stairways fireman style.  I am helpless once I get into your lair.  You have all the time to plot, plan and play out your fantasy for the night.  I don’t dare step foot in your penthouse Tristan.  I will not get my work done.  Kitty and me stay put.  You come to me, bring a male chastity belt and I will talk.   I need a long soak, glass of wine and a good foot rub.  I am so upset.”

“I can hear it in your voice Gabriella.  Relax, I will listen and you talk it out.  Just see what your two counselors have to say.  Love you baby, see you soon.”  CLICK

My agent called.  “Hi, yes I am clearly upset.  You got in touch with my attorney.  What is his input?”

“Well, you won’t like this Gabriella.”

“Oh no, how could this happen?  Small print clause he missed?  What slipped through on creative control?”

“Your attorney said the clause was standard.  You initialed it.  It basicly says, the test market could be tried with a suggested book from publisher’s suggestion.  It did not stipulate limits on genre or anything.  This is standard to see if an author can do other styles or grab a market that is trending.  This is what they are trying.  You are a new, first time author and they do want to play the BDSM card.  Your attorney said do the three chapters and submit something.  Look, do some quick research on this.  You know the FSOG ran a vanilla view on this BDSM.  This does not need to be hard core.  Think on the idea and you will navigate this fine.  You are an amazing author Gabriella, I have faith in you.  Anything else?   I know that is not what you wanted to hear.”

“No, this was not.  My other book is selling and let’s do this, look around for a second publisher so I can move one of my other manuscripts out into the literary world.  Maybe this would compete with another book of mine.  I will figure out something on the BDSM.  I want to meet with my attorney tomorrow, okay and you too.”  CLICK

I was so upset; I did not even say the time or location.  That will work out in the morning as they both have to confer on their day schedule and mine was clearly open.  Now what?  A BDSM book?

I hailed a cab so I could get home before Tristan arrived and think about this further.  I needed a lot of chocolate tonight.   Shelly rang me next.   “How you doing Gabby?   Want me to come over?”

“Ah, thanks Shell, but Tristan is bringing me supper and I need to soak in the tub.  Fill my head with aromatherapy oils and try to think this out.  Seems it is a typical clause and they will want to test my ability in another genre.   I am going to ask Tristan if he can help me too.  He is part owner in that publishing house division.  Right now I want to let it all sit there.  I will figure out something.”     “Love you Gabriella, call me if you need to talk or anything.”

Chapter 2

Tied Up In Knots   

I dashed in holding myself together, head was spinning on overtime and my concierge smiled and said good evening.  I was home and hurried to take the elevator up to my little piece of my inner sanctuary world and greet my waiting kitty.  Grace was found on a dream message the night after we returned from the two weeks we traveled.   Tristan had whisked me off to Paris, my first time there, and my life became filled with more Art than I could put my arms and mind around.  I know was into the Laduree Macarons that left a distinctive flavor in your mouth after the coconut cookies melted.  The colors of those macarons placed individually in tissue paper boxes left a standing trademark experience in my psyche.   I never tasted anything so heavenly before.  Just to walk into this historical bakery shop in Paris and the art of the Louvre was well worth the trip to make me long for those cookies.   Our other travel was the Hampton’s north of Manhattan.  The very expensive community on the long narrow peninsula of huge homes facing the ocean was where Tristan had is second home. This was picture perfect with  white sandy beaches, model like blondes, dotting the late summer sunbathing weekend. The quaint town that provided amazing cuisine with rows of stores for the pastime of shopping was my introduction into this wealthy elite. Tristan had swept me into meeting his beautiful mother he adored that trip too.  Two boats in the Hampton’s a weekend of parties and faces I could not remember names to and his charming mother that was sizing me up.   Could this man shower me with more love?  Could I have been put through more hurdles to jump?  I was constantly on the move with all that was occurring around me like a hurricane of events.  Most of the time I sat in the eye of this storm, struggling to remain calm, clear minded and grounded as it spun around me.  I thought I was handling it all just fine till this BDSM three chapters the publisher wanted from me.   I had my new apartment and a kitty that was my spiritual companion and now this.

I gladly placed my brass key into my apartment door and was greeted by a patiently waiting Grace.  She was sitting there, her green eyes quietly sizing up her mistress and her Egyptian like demeanor of a cat goddess posing for me.  Her grey tail was doing a swishing of a whip like message.  She was picking up on my feelings already.  This cat was so dialed into me emotionally and on the psychic planes that I was convinced after the dream I had that morning that guided me to find her in the city, that this cat not only belonged with me, but she was my guardian and maybe my guide.  I could not help but fully love her at first sight.  A soul thing between mistress and her pet…  Although, I was not sure Grace was of pet stature, more of cat deity role.     She meowed greeting me and I reached down to pick her up.

“Grace, it was a tough day.  Wait till I tell you everything.”   I headed to my kitchen and located her clean small lotus bowl to fill it with some tuna.   Her dessert would be coming with Tristan’s cream and since she was so spoiled already, I tried to pace her treats.  I just loved her.  A Russian grey kitty that was regal, petite in feminine size and utterly royal looking.   So calm, that the exchange between us was always one of other realms.  We had conversations in thoughts and feelings.   She was an astral traveler and very much belonged to Egypt in some way.   Grace purred as I placed her bowl on her mat and headed to my bedroom.       My bedroom was the sanctuary of my nest and womb space.  The canopy bed, creamy vanilla drapes that hung off the rounded top channel over the queen size bed, gave me that English world of another century.   The soft ecru colors left me feeling warmed by the simplicity of it and the overstuffed goose down duvet cover and pillows was my resting place to resume my inner balance.  A writer needs this kind of comfort around her so she can dream and write new stories.  Over the back of the headboard will hung the angelic cherubs in an embrace kiss that Tristan gifted me framed in a walnut rose carved oval frame.   This was my private domain and my sanctuary. I sighed wanted to crawl into my bed and hide under the covers.   Instead I reached for a terry cloth robe, some warm fuzzy socks for after my bath and a hair clip to bring up my tresses,   I would be fine.

I headed to the bathroom, my next favorite place in my home and I heard the footfalls of Grace coming to join me.  Her purring was so loud that I knew she was satiated with her treat of food.   I opened the door to the purple elegance of my master bath.  I loved how George had painted the walls from the tile up and the ceiling too.  This gave me a canopy feeling again and cave like mystery of being inside a gem of the earth.  A huge amethyst gem of a dragon like secret quiet abode to be in a grotto.  I loved the candles, the oils, the music I turned on off my M3p and I was ready to soak.  Ran the water, lighted my vanilla and bergamont votives and went into prayer.  Prayer sustained me.  My meditation kept me balanced.  My exercise or yoga kept the eye of my storm peaceful.   This is how I lived.  This is how my nature thrived with my rituals and self discipline practices.   Gratitude constantly range through my lips silently as I thanked God for everything.  It helps you to get through the tough periods and also the periods when one is facing challenges.  It also helps to keep that spiritual relationship aligned with the nature of our inner light.  The being who we really are.

I was grateful.


This is a teaser sample.   There will be three chapters and it will be FREE AS AN ARC READ ‘e book’.

There will be the HOT THREE BDSM chapters Gabriella must right, submit for her publisher and present a possible book.  What happens astounds her.

Often when a writer is in that process of the flow of the story, the words, and ideas, a vision will take the author on a path that is not revealed or seen till you are in the forest so deeply.  Then you MUST WRITE your way out of it.  This is what happens to Gabriella in BOUND.

For those that would like to begin these books, please start with this FIRST BOOK in the SHADES OF LOVE series. R.M.Simone’ AUTHOR


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