Shades of Love – Passion by R.M.Simone’ Afternoon Delight TEASER

_a1aaaaaaaaChapter from  SHADES OF LOVE – Passion by R.M.Simone’ 

Afternoon Delight

Traffic was miserable with no end in sight.  I was exhausted from the meeting with the publisher, my editor on Skype conference and the fact that the heat in New York City late autumn summer was record breaking temperatures.  This taxis I grabbed had no air-conditioning working.  I was melting in the back seat when he called.

“Baby, where are you?  Traffic is blocked everywhere.”

“Tristan, stuck in this gosh awful moment of things sweltering hot.  I have no idea how I will make it to your place.  This looks like an hour or so.”

“Stay there Gabriella, let me get you out of the mess going on in the city.  Let me get your co-ordinates and handle this.”

“Handle this how Tristan?  Nothing is moving, I mean nothing.”

“I need an address; look out and tell me what you see.”

I looked out the window and i was in front of Trump Tower and told him the location.  He chuckled adding he would have me out of there shortly.  I said how?  He said let me surprise you baby.  I was wiped out from my day, no resistances to a man saving me at the moment.

“Pay the cab driver, get out, head to the roof of the building.  Will be there shortly.”  CLICK

I looked at my iPhone, puzzled and leaned forward to pay the money on the meter.  I was beyond being in a daze.  I walked through the bumper to bumper honking cars in this scorching heat of the late day to the brass door entrance of Trump Towers.   My mind was in a heat haze of shimmering illusions that come off a dessert sand vision.  Why was he meeting me at the tower on the roof?  I followed the stream of pedestrians trying to get into the cooling of this air conditioned lobby.  I was greeted with relief and a chill so strongly that i nearly reeled.  Heading to the elevator i passed the desk asking about access to the roof or if it had a bar.  He looked at me asking my name.

“Gabriella Savannah Trudeau, why?”

“Oh, Mr. Montgomery sent clearance for you to go there. Please wait a minute as someone with the key will ride you to the roof.  Access is limited and we follow security rules.”

Now I was confused, stunned and without knowing what this was about.  We went up in the elevator and i saw a private concierge key put into the panel allowing us to go to this top level.  Mystery was happening and I just wanted to take off my hot sticky clothes and find ice water and a bath.  The door opened and there was another large hallway to walk through.

“Please, Miss Trudeau, just follow the corridor to the entrance door to the roof and he will meet you there.”

I puzzled for a moment wondering how Tristan got to the roof.  I walked on and then i heard this noise.

It was a helicopter landing on the roof. I hurried to see if what i thought was there was about to show me Tristan.  I opened the heavy door, the summer heat hit me with a gush of sauna like temperature and there was a helicopter landing with one broadly beaming Tristan.  He was taking off his head set and about to get out to meet me.  I was stunned.  What could I say.  My own FIFTY SHADES OF Love was rescuing me and my knight provided a way for me to escape the traffic, the heat and giving me romance.

“Tristan, I mean, Tristan, wow…”

“Baby, there is no need for you to ever worry.  I will always find you.  Let me be your rescuer and knight and provide transportation that lets you fly with me.  Here get in.”  He kissed me, I was so surprised and he buckled me into my seat.  He went around ducking his head as the propellers were still moving on stand-by and got in.  He buckled himself in and put the earphones on me and himself a set.  He was beaming so broadly like a boy with a new toy.  I had tears streaming down my cheek.  He wiped them and reached for iced water to give me and another kiss.  I heard the pilot ask if we were ready.  He answered and they cleared the air tower space to lift off the roof pad.   I had no idea he could usher me out of blocked through fairs like this and whisk me off to his pent house.  Sometimes having a lot of money is just really nice.  This was a moment.

I looked down on streets of honking cars, cabs and hot pedestrians trying to deal with this heat wave.  I was so grateful for this.  He just kept smiling.  He held my hand and I finally sat back watching the play of buildings as the helicopter left its own shadow dancing over them.  Within fifteen minutes we were hovering over Tristan’s building.  I felt myself soar with the birds, eagles, hawks and the angels and my heart felt a joy of a new way to view this city.  How utterly romantic.

Landing was so soft, noise above our heads, lightly landing on the roof above his suite.  I had no idea this was there.  “Tristan, I did not know you had a heli-pad on your roof.”

“Why should you…I kept this as a surprise.  This was going to be saved for a date, but with you melting and stuck in New York traffic, I had to rescue you.  I only use helicopter to save time.  I wanted to use this for you for special times.  This was one.  How are you feeling now?”

“Rescued…”  I smiled with gratitude and no more tears.  Just relief and feeling out of this heat.  I needed a bath.  He got out, thanked the pilot, came around to open my door and we both ducked as we walked to his roof top door.  He opened it to usher in that breeze of cooled air and closed the door soundly behind us.  I heard and felt the vibration of the helicopter taking off.  My first ride in one and under the circumstances of my day, this was something akin to a miracle for me.

“Let’s get you in a nice cooling bath.  May i suggest that?”

“I thought you would never ask.  Ice tea or lemonade?”

“Gabriella,let’s have that, then if I can convince you on Champagne Mimosas?”

Off I went to his bathroom dropping my clothing piece by piece and kicking off my shoes.  I was a trail of articles with lingerie slipping off too.  I stopped to turn to see where he was noting he was standing holding my belongings.  I smiled as he was so neat in his place, orderly and there I was going naked like a bird removing all her feathers and plumage.  I had to undress and get into the water.

“Nice view and nice new lingerie.  Someone went shopping?”

“You always notice Tristan.  I am spending far too much on this stuff, merely to have as window dressing and take off.”

“Look, baby, I will gladly set up an account for you at your favorite places and just say the word.  I am more than happy to pay for the window dressing.”

“Let me think on that.  You are getting expensive to keep your eyes entertained. I need my bath and thank you and for the rescue and the ride.  My Fifty moment…”

Off I went, naked and ran the water cooler than usual and plunged in before it filled.  He returned with gifts of hydrating me, promises of wine with orange juice and finger food.  Strawberries dipped in chocolate, raspberries in white chocolate and cheese…nice Camembert cheese… I was about to be surprised further.  Gifts were coming.   He began to undress as I drank my lemonade. His bare chest was beautiful and he was unbuckling his belt to maybe get into the water with me.  I just watched.  I was taking all of his maleness into view.  He reached for my hand and asked if i was cooled down now?  I nodded and then he pulled me up out of the bath right to his body and out of the tub.  He carried me to the suite upstairs.

“I got a new couch upstairs baby.  I want to see you on it.  I have a present for you too.”

Arriving at the top of that spiral stairway I saw it.  A beautiful Damask fabric of a mauve shade, maybe antique French design on a chaise lounge couch.   The robe was silk, elegant from Paris as I spotted the label knowing this was couture fashion.  He set me down, reached for this elegant gown of a robe and the silk on my body gave me an exhilaration of sensual pleasure.

“What is this all about Tristan?  This day couch is purely beautiful.  Looks like France.  The robe is lavish, thank you.”

He tied the robe loosely on me and handed me a champagne fluted crystal glass with the Mimosa wanting to toast.  I sat down on the couch running my fingers on the fabric. Everything about this was of fine design and opulence.  I wondered what else was going to occur.”

“Well, I wanted to bring more femininity into my home space.  I wanted to surprise you, but I did not expect this sweltering day of heat, but got you here was a fun thing to do.  Now, recline, I want to give you something.”   Tristan reached for a box, a jewelry velvet heart shaped box.  Now what?

“I want to gift you this Gabriella.  It is meant for you.  It also belonged in my mother’s family from France.  I hope you like and treasure it.”

He opened the box and there was a diamond necklace, with a single heart shaped stone pendant. It was encrusted around it in an Art Dec design of the 1920’s and i was certain they were diamonds.  The single heart pendant was tinged in a pink huge.  It sparkled like a fireworks show in something from a dream.  He leaned forward asking me my permission to put it on me.  I nodded and said yes.  I leaned onto his shoulder and chest smelling how fresh he was and his bath soap oils.  I could barely breathe again and heard him whisper.  “I Love you Gabriella, this was meant for you.”

My heart overflowed, over brimmed with feelings for him, my passions rose with his touch and his hand slid in under my silk robe to find the place between my legs welcoming his touch.  I was on fire for him. Passion was always present with him.  He reclined me back further revealing my body, the necklace he took in viewing it on me.  I reached to touch it and he began to make love to me.

I have no way to describe this moment other than this.  As a writer words are always in my mind like a symphony composing with notes here and there.  I pluck them out of the ethers around the air of the flow of my writing.  But, now, at this moment of such love, such passion and this gift, there were no words but for this.

Afternoon Delight…

Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ ‘e book’ Book 1


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