BOOK V Saga, THE MIST by R.M.Simone’ the overview of BOOK 2 novel

_Book V cover PURE saga VA 1111

Book V Saga, THE MIST is novel 2 in this SAGA.

Set in the mid 1700’s in Paris, France finds this Kismet Love story moving into the MIST for both the Royal vampire Immortal Edear and his Beloved Alleandrea.

After THE KISS, their story rapidly moves into what occurs after their honeymoon and moving into the Champagne country home. A gift from Alleandrea’s parents, this beautiful estate filled with the magic of the gardens of this countryside brings the lovers into this second phase of their union.

What transpires there is part of his journey of his soul and her journey of her heart and spirit. It is between a Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Swan Myth of her sexuality divinely opening as she conceives new life. Immortal children?

Much happens in this second novel that takes the reader on ‘Edear’s’ travels from France, the French Revolution and into the Oregon new land of America.

His leaving France sets him into his period of THE MIST.

Author R.M.Simone’

_Book V The Mist 1

Book V Saga, THE MIST – Book 2 novel

Book V Saga, THE MIST ‘e book’ version


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