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Roshandra, warmly writing on


Gothic Gates VENICE, Falling Into Love is a stand alone NOVEL from

GOTHIC GATES series.  by r.m.simone.  It is sumptuously Beautiful and set in a city of water canals and history of Italy and Gothic mystery.  High Art Renaissance and LOVE.    Dante’ in book 2 flies Samantha Devon off to VENEZIA for a holiday for them both.  He also has a few Goth events and his good friend Monsignor flying in from the Vatican.  The story is filled with images in the Paperback book and e book of VENICE.   All the history is accurately placed in this story and places the couple stays at and where the parties are held.  Sightseeing also is part of the magic of this unfolding love story.



For Novella Alleandrea, His Beloved by r.m.simone’

Once in a lifetime comes a story that from the moment you pick it u and begin to read it, you are transported into another world.  Enchantment… This is best how to describe this KISMET LOVE Story Saga.

Special Edition…Book ‘V” was the BRIDGE between them both and their Love.

She was heading off to Paris and then NYC for her family business but her cousin’s birthday gift to her was hidden away into her carry on luggage.

She was meant to find this ‘gift’ that would bring them back together now.

He too was being guided to find this Book “V” so he could find her now too.

She was reading her own ‘Love Story’ and was immersing into the pages of love again.

He was barely able to breathe as being guide to this Book made his world go upside down.

This is a sweet story to introduce you to Love, these Beautiful Characters and their Bridge to find each other.

That Which we are Seeking, is Seeking us.

Lovers meet, lovers part, lovers find each other again.

He told himself, ‘Breathe, just Breathe…

Paperback Book: SPECIAL EDITION with Swan History

Paperback Book Regular Edition with Cygnus LOVE Codes.

Hardcover Copy  within the DUST Cover art are the Swan CODES

for the ‘e book’ version of this book which also carries CODES for Twin Love


BOOK V Saga, THE KISS, THE MIST, THE REBORN  plus novellas


Paperback Book:

for ‘e book’–Kiss-Installment-One-ebook/dp/B00V5INVFW/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


for ‘e book’


for ‘e book’


Paperback Bookhttp

for the e book :

Novella Alleandrea, His Beloved ( LISTED ABOVE for books and links )



Shades of Love

Shades of Passion

Shades of Gratitude

Book 1 is an e book only till entire trilogy is launched:

you may read Excerpts from Book 1 and Book 2 on my BLOG:


Gothic Gates entire series you may find in ‘e book’ form or in PAPERBACK

This series is fast paced, highly romantic, GOTH Modern, paranormal, erotica and historically placing the characters in real locations of Gothic architecture.  This weaves itself into a back story of classical GOTH.  You will be pleasantly surprised how these strong characters interact and this romance story moves with his being an immortal.   Sensual, steamy, sumptuously so.

Currently 7 BOOKS in this unlimited series and 4 new books to Launch.

ALL the books are in PAPERBACK ..


Gothic Gates Venice book 2

Goth Christmas book 3  ( Cheeky and 3 key characters POV )

Gothic Gates Switzerland book 4

Gothic Gates Chamonix book 5

Gothic Gates Valentine’s Day book 6

Gothic Gates Mardi Gras book 7

Launching this FALL:

Gothic Gates Devon’s France Home book 8

Gothic Gates Deanna and Board Meeting book 9

Gothic Gates Florence book 10

Gothic Gates Axis Mundi book 11

Author Spotlight page on PAPERBACK orders to

for my ‘e book’ listing of all my books:


Alchemy, The Gold Ring  trilogy  Book 1 available

Read the opening prologue on this link.  Paris setting for this couple that one is the LOCK and one is the KEY.  ALCHEMY is a pathway both are ‘on’, but for very different reasons.  When he touches her, she parks GOLD in her aura.           A most special love story written from the heart.  Alchemy enlightens…

You will go on their journey into the ART of THE LOUVRE, the various key grid locations and the magic of it all in occult terms.  Art is a portal that some ‘see’ into’ like an opening to other worlds, times and dimensions.   Alchemy

for the Excerpt:

Paperback Book:

For Hardcover Copy Book:

for ‘e book’


BBW Bodacious series by r.m.simone’

Currently this has Book 1 in the series AVAILABLE ONLY as ‘e book’

BBW Bodacious series, HIS KISSES Book 1 by R.M.Simone’

THE FIRST Sample Taste is FREE…Black Stardust

What happens when Scarlett has a dream of going to Paris and leaves her midwest life and waiting on tables to go on this trip? She arrives in Paris with weather fronts closing in on her, but meets a vampire that was calling her there to ‘come to him’.

A Past LOVE? A business Partner? A story of black magic in the VOYEURISM World that becomes a CLUB that Scarlett is going to create. The Moulin Rouge always intrigued her and now, the world of FANTASY, Art and Vampire men comes together under one world that caters to Big Bold Sensual WOMEN.

Her Meeting this VAMPIRE is the beginning of the story. HIS KISS, need i say more

FOLLOW the BBW series. Monique is up next in NEW ORLEANS, her fantasy and then there is Tiffany and a full figure Model with plenty of money to buy whatever she wants. THE CAST IS GROWING. THEY all want LOVE and FUN.

Stay tuned.

Oh why do they do this?

Scarlett has a secret.    BLACK STARDUST…


Warmly writing this FUN, FULL CHEEKY, FANTASY and VOYEURISM series for women of BODACIOUSNESS………. R.M.Simone’, warmly smiling…ENJOY


Black Stardust

His Kisses, Scarlett



MacKenzie’s Wish

Here comes Trouble



Twin Love by Roshandra

This is a practical book from ‘Roshandra’s’ counseling work with clients and some of her own personal experiences, workshop teachings and retreat information on TWIN FLAMES, Twin Codices and Issues of the Heart.

Various types of twin loves and key soul mate information is most insightful, healing and of guidance to the reader.


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