Are you coming? GOTHIC GATES – VENETIAN Masquerade Book EVENT of DANTE’S GOTHIC Soirees. MASK required AUTHOR R.M.Simone’

_ad mask with elegance

GOTHIC-VENETIAN soiree Book release EVENT

From AUTHOR R.M.Simone‘.. Gothic Gates series and new books launching in this group of 7 and BOOK V SAGA The Vampire IMMORTAL Royal France Kismet saga of the mid 1700’s and FIFTY SHADES OF Love trilogy also the RENAISSANCE samples and Erotica coming series for the line up.

GOTHIC GATES is all about DANTE and his Gothic Modern Romance and his business of course is Goth ENTERPRISES. He holds his soiree parties all over the world in existing Gothic Estates and the back story of how he became an IMMORTAL via Alchemy. DANTE is a huge mystery unto himself and it does weave into a CLASSIC Goth story and romance. Also in writing this, which was MUSED by one of my reader loyal fans, his name came to me INSTANTLY. I also discovered in writing his story that it moved into Erotica. This I had no idea what unfolding. The opening first CHAPTER of Gothic Gates, book 1, goes right to the substance of how Dante sets up bringing Samantha Devon TO HIM..

The Series has a cast of characters. Devon is Samantha’s wing girl and best friend. It is set in France and in this NOW TIME. Also, as an immortal, Dante has a Board Meeting group of men that are also immortals and this is a chess game of power and cabals. DANTE IS a MASTER STRATEGIST at CHESS in how he does his life, business and clearly pours into his relationship. BOTH are strong willed, intelligent and independent.

HOW they work this out will amaze, intrigue and make you smile.

No one does ROMANCE as DANTE does. ROMANTIC beyond words.

Gothic Gates paperback 14160320_cover-page-001

Gothic Gates VENICE, Falling Into Love is a long stand alone NOVEL read in this BOOK 2 of the series that will take your breathe away. SET in VENEZIA, I did a lot of research into the city, the history, the art, the places they stay at and the events that are GOTHIC VINTAGE Venetian style beautiful. In this book on e book you can see the amazing images, art and the links to hotels i placed them in on this romantic part of the story.

Gothic Gates VENICE 33

I am TRULY IN LOVE with my character of DANTE’…he remains a mystery to me as well as i merely write on telling his story.

To date there are 7 BOOKS in this series and it is UNLIMITED
There will be 4 more NEW BOOKS to this group for the coming EVENT.

Gothic Gates Venice, book 2
Goth Christmas book 3 a cheeky fun holiday at his France Loire’ Valley
Gothic Gates Switzerland book 4

these first FOUR BOOKS gives the reader a complete beginning over view of this series and the main three characters and sub characters and sub story line.

Gothic Gates Chamonix book 5
Gothic Gates Valentine’s Day book 6
Gothic Gates Mardi Gras book 7 .

Gothic Gates Mardi Gras  black black for ‘e books’

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