Shades of Love -Passion by R.M.Simone’ Book 2 of Shades of Love TRILOGY Teaser



Where did Tristan really come from, perhaps a movie that played out in my mind?  A fantasy dream all women think about?  He looked like he walked off a Hollywood studio set.  He was a very good guy.  Self made by his own hands, with a philosophy of virtues like knights of other times.   He was a beautiful man.

I turned to head to my new front door, key in hand, unlocked it and walked into the hall to grab the elevator and Tristan called.

“Hi, I am downstairs, across the park looking up for your place. You there?”

“Yes, just got in the elevator.  Be right there.”

I felt the ride down blur and was in the lobby in seconds as I looked ahead, there he was walking towards me with roses in his hands.  A huge bunch of soft pink roses with a ribbon on them.  He was smiling and I felt the bond again.   Was this my love of all loves coming to me?  I hoped so.  Nothing like this had ever happened before in my mere 25 years of life.   With one swoop he scooped me into his big arms; those strong handsome hands went around my body making me feel suddenly at home, secure and safe. Roses he held in his other hand and he kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“I missed you all day.  Let’s talk baby.”

Why was he calling me ‘baby’?  No man ever called me that?  We walked outside to the park and he found a bench for us to sit on and he waited for me to begin.

“Tristan, my day was hellish.  I already shared what played out.  I am thrilled I am published, honestly so.  I cannot believe I am moving and have a new larger place and can see this park.  Meeting you at the Fifty photo shoot was like stepping into a Deja Vu dream.  I am still floundering and hate to admit that as to this with you.  It is so fast Tristan.  Shelly feels it is moving far too fast too.   Being with you and our intimacy is very different for me.  Being at your place to move in for weekends, Shelly mentioned for your needs.  I had to think on that.  I know the ‘L’ word is in motion here.  I know you are tender to me and caring.  It is all just moving so fast Tristan.”

He seemed quiet, almost contemplative, like a monk.  He listened.  I talked and poured out my internal roller coaster ride.  He attentively listened saying nothing.  I had all this pent up inside and had to talk.  He listened.  I felt heard, truly heard by him with him just quietly sitting there beside me.  Not once did he rush me or hurry or interrupt to explain.  Finally I finished.  I felt spent.  Drained of my jumbled day, but my nerves had calmed down and I was grounding myself again.  The park was a perfect place to come.

“You went through a lot today Gabriella.  Shelly has valid points.  But, I asked you to be with me for the weekends because, as you know, I work intensely long days.  I know you need to write.  I thought once you came to my private place and saw how it fit for you and your needs, that it would be more of a weekend time for us to be alone together.  This is why I jumped the gun so to speak and hurried you into what I saw could be for us both.  Again, I should have waited, asked, and I know in my normal day to day life and world, I am making decisions for a company.  I don’t ask anyone unless I need my board’s input or wisdom or weigh something.  With you, I just want to be with you and have you around me.  I had hoped as a writer you would love my home library to work in when you where there.  I know you liked it.  I could see you making yourself at home there.  I know you feel comfortable there.”

“I do, I love your place Tristan.  It suits you and it reflects you.  The art has me so pleased like I am in a private gallery show for myself.  I love your home space.”

“So, what else?  We are dating.  No matter what Shelly has said, my intentions are noble where you are concerned.  What I have said is from my heart.  Do you feel that Gabriella?”

“Yes, Tristan, I was honestly defending this against Shelly.  Her reason was logical and given as a good friend.  I am the stable one for her and salt of the earth.  She let me down too on the helping on the design and my packing.”

“Well, I can send you an assistant to aid you on that. I offered and it stands good still.  What about the colors?”

“I can talk to George.”

“Who is George?”

“Tristan he is the hair stylist that was at the magazine cover shoot. He is a personal friend.  He knows decorators and he has great taste, so either way he can help me in this pinch.”

“Good, solved then.  Now, as to the building.”  He looked back over his shoulder to where I would soon be living.   “Look, I had no idea you moved into that one.  It is a nice location and rents will go up in a year.  I am going to add a gym downstairs and a café bar too.  Rents will be higher, but if this becomes your nest, your own little special spot, since you are sleeping with the owner, I am sure he will cut you a better deal.”

I laughed.  I wanted to kill him earlier based on my emotional ride and now I wanted to laugh.  It all sorted out smoothly.    Calmness and talking things out is how I problem solved.  I avoided drama at all costs.  I put the drama into my books.  I enjoyed drama in theater, in movies and in excitement.  In real life I like calm, orderliness and knowing where my next footfall would land.  I liked have a peaceful life and world and no drama.   These emotions exhausted me.   I had this sensitive side and this heart that could only bear so much.  I shielded that from others.  I kept up a good front and trusted my radar on who to engage with or who to step away from.  With Tristan he was already inside my inner world, and able to read me.  This meant my feeling vulnerable at times, and also feeling my feelings.  This was what occurs in relationships.   I took in a deep breath and he studied me carefully.

“The roses are beautiful.  Thank you Tristan.”

“Good.  I debated between soft pink and yellow.  I had a hard time choosing.”

“Soft pastel yellow is my favorite color of roses.  My next is this shade of pink.  Vanilla is another color of roses I love and I would say red last.”

“Well, now I know M’lady’s preferences.  Good to have that figured out.”  He smiled.

“So, it goes from Miss Trudeau, to M’lady and…baby?”

“Yes, and I am going to have more terms of endearment coming.  Give me time.”

“And what do I call you Tristan, sir?”

He smiled and all the worry was gone from his brow. Now the mischief look was on his face.  “Sir, now I could get used to that?”

“Really, now we are back to the Fifty Shades?”

“We should talk about what I learned in BDSM.”

“What if we watch the movie together tonight Tristan at your place?”

He smiled and smiled some more.  “Well Miss Trudeau, I might want to give you a spanking.  My hand would love to explore your soft round ample derriere.”

“You sound serious Tristan.  So you are into BDSM?”

“Gabriella, only if you wish me to be.”    He stood up extending his hand to me and reached for my roses to carry them too.  I wanted to show him my new apartment.  I was sleeping with the building owner.  Maybe I could get him to drop the rent now and no kitty deposit.

We walked across the street and he asked if he should get his car. I said let me show you my place first. He seemed to like that idea.  We headed in and the desk clerk knew him and nodded professionally.  Up we went to my little corner of New York City skyline view.  Floor 19 was a good number for me.  He got out holding my hand.  My key came out of my purse and he waited.  The door opened and this late day light was now flooding my new apartment.  I nearly broke into tears.  It was empty but just beautiful.  It was like a ton of bricks had been taken off me.  This move placed me in a new world of my making.  I was going to be happy here.

He looked around and nodded.  “Good space for you baby. It is like an angel lives here already.  You needed to get up higher to spread your wings.  The park is filled with greens and life and love.  I am so happy you found this.”

Shades of Love ‘e book’ by R.M.Simone’


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