Gothic Gates series expands this Fall…R.M.Simone’

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Samantha DEVON receives a package.  Beautifully wrapped in gold French tissue paper and a brown satin ribbon.  The delivery service asked her to sign for the parcel.  Devon carefully opens the boxed gift to find more tissue pager inside and a scent of new shoes.  Pulling back the paper, there sits the most elegant high fashion designer named heels studded with crystals, pearls, and faux gems.   She starred at them wondering what this will take her to.

Inside is his hand written note on his stationary.   “Devon, a gentleman’s choice, shoes to enter an event for a night showing the progression of the Axis Mundi of my estate in the Florence room.  I promised not to chose your dress, but if you change your mind, allow me the pleasure of dressing you love.   I hope you love the shoes.”

She began to shake, reaching for her cell to speed dial Deanna.  “Hi, hun, he has done it again.  Of course, he sent me a gift.  He did not tell me his estate had progressed to the stage that he is going to have a Renaissance event.  Wait till you see these shoes he just sent me.  I have no words for them Deanna..  And of course, he wants to dress me too.”

“Sam, let the man dress you for this coming showy event.  The man has great taste.  What is wrong with you?  Please tell me you are not going to hold him to that agreement and be stubborn on something like this.”

She clicked off her phone and just held the shoes.  A whole new world was about to display her center stage with this man she so deeply loved.  This was beyond whatever she had envisioned.  She was working so hard refurbishing her estate, while he was moving mountains in his Gothic mansion creating a new center for the social gatherings he was about to begin.   Was she ready for the next stage of this life?  With him…with his lifestyle…with all this Wealth?

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Books to Date:

Gothic Gates series

Gothic Gates, Gothic Gates Venice, Gothic Gates Switzerland, Goth Christmas, Gothic Gates Valentine’s Day, Gothic Gates Mardi Gras

BOOK V Saga and Novellas

The Kiss – The Mist – The Reborn

Novella Alleandrea, His Beloved and THE EPISTOLARY novella

Alchemy Trilogy

Alchemy, The Gold Ring, Alchemy Passion, Alchemy Interwoven

BBW Bodacious series

Scarlett, His Kisses, Monica, Tiffany, Monique

Shades of Love trilogy

Love, Passion, Gratitude

Twin Love ~ practical book on Twin Flames

and types of Twin love and Soul mates

For ‘e books’ Author Central on Amazon

For Paperback books and Hardcover copies



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