Shades of Love by R.M.Simone ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Love, Passion and Gratitude


Shades of Love  

Shades of Passion  

Shades of Gratitude

When you walk into a photo shoot, just filling in for a model GF
and you see it is staged like a movie set of FIFTY Shades
and you are ready to TURN AROUND and WALK OUT…
.He was standing there WAITING for this, for you, and grabs you.
HE IS NOT letting you go…
What plays out in this story will captivate and fascinate you and break open your Dreams
that a STORY like this can happen
and when it does, it just may be the END ALL
R.M.Simone’ Enchanted Love stories of Eros and Psyche…
Warmly Writing on Roshandra
to order the ‘e book’ please click here
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