BOOK V Saga, THE KISS by R.M.Simone’ quotes and excerpt from Book 1 of this Saga

Quotes: FROM BOOK V Saga, THE KISS by R.M.Simone’

The Kiss:

Upon seeing this vision of Beauty for the first time, my Venus on a half shell, Kismet walking towards me…

 “Breathe, I told myself, just breathe.   



  Her face never left him.

Her eyes… her mouth…

Her stares into the depth of his Soul.


Then the Desire took over. From that moment she entered the room there was an air that changed around the masquerade ball. Her blonde tresses of cascading hair, her sweet petite frame and the way she came to the moment was a vision instilled in my memory forever. She was breathtakingly beautiful and yet not aware of it. Every sense felt her and the miracle of her loveliness. This young woman was a dream, an angel speaking to me in a way no other female had ever done. She captured my full attention and my vision narrowed until there was only her. Yet there was something more, something about her scent and her heartbeat and how it enveloped my mind and engaged every part of me.  Even for a human of such lovely natural beauty, her heartbeat was being felt inside my own shell. This drew me even more to her and from that moment there was only her.


‘Kissing her was easy.’  Everything about her drew me deeper into being near her. The temptation of hearing her heart beat and her scent overwhelmed all the self composure I would normally have.  Turning, her so quickly was not what I had planned. Would in fact, none of it was planned. All that consumed me was being close to her and that she was mine.

Quote from THE KISS 

Truly I loved her.

Now the lies would begin.

 She was dressed in a periwinkle, French Blue gown with a Gold bodice.  She carried her Swan Mask in her hand as did he carry his.  They were the only two at the Swan Ball of his uncle’s, not wearing their masks.   All eyes befall upon them both.  The SARABANDE” played on and this vision of Venus unknowing her FATE walked towards him.   KISMET happens and when it does, you gather it all in for Love like this is so Rare you must not breath for fear you lose a nuance of this moment of meeting.   Edear Vallen Le Toussaint ATHANASE’ Meets his Kismet, Alleandrea Marie Toile’.

And so the SAGA Begins…


From the AUTHOR, Roshandra Micael’ Simone’, R.M.Simone’.  

The story is set in the middle of the 1770’s…period of Paris, France.  A Swan Ball and a resistant nephew is beckoned to attend his uncle’s gala gathering of the season.  Swan theme and attire with Venetian Masques.   He reluctantly obliged his uncle by attending,  From the opening of the SAGA the story will ENCHANT and Beguile you as the LOVERS Meet and then the FIRST KISS and the fact this is about an IMMORTAL that has just met his True Love.   Beauty, dance, elegance, splendor and enchantment of a rare kind as MAB SPINS her WEB behind the lovers and moves the couple through their history for the reason of this LOVE HAPPENING.

Is there a happy ending to this Saga?   He is after all a Vampire and she is not.  She is afterall Royal in lineage bloodline too.  He is after all BORN this way.  The mansions of France carries a Bloodline that is by far the most pure of this race.

Shall these two MIX with Love at the Heart of this Matter?

Body and Soul entertwine and they merely FALL INTO LOVE and DANCE On.

 This SAGA is unfolding.  Roshandra, warmly writing on…


Also Novella Alleandrea, His Beloved  and THE EPISTOLARY novella

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Music to listen to while reading BOOK V Saga, THE MIST by R.M.Simone OREGON SKETCH by Jason Charles Rogers and Mix by Daniel Roberts

_Book V cover PURE saga VA 1111

The second Book begins in 1801.  During Edear’s leaving from FRANCE, he moved to the port of Marseilles to ready for a new land, America and the Oregon Territory region.  On this journey from this ‘missing’ of his beloved, he received a SIGN from her in the way the land, the cliffs, and the coastline spoke to him.

This MUSIC is part of how the CHAPTER of OREGON moves giving inspiration and renewed FAITH to this LOVE Story and NEW HOPE of her Coming to him again.

please go to the third song on the list to enjoy and listen to some truly beautiful music

Truly HONORED to have this music from Jason Charles Rogers and his Bassist skills playing this along with his beautiful COMPOSING of this Track that is OREGON COAST that goes with BOOK V Saga, THE MIST.

Daniel Roberts MIX of the track for the BOOK V.   Gentlemen, Thank you, Roshandra

_Book V The Mist Persephone n Hades

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