BOOK V Saga, THE KISS by r.m.simone’ EXCERPTS and Quotes from BOOK I

_Book V cover PURE saga VA 11 EXCERPT: BOOK V Saga THE KISS by R.M.Simone’ HIS VENUS

Chapter 1
As if on queue, my uncle’s focus nodded to this mature gentleman with this young woman on his arm. Uncle seemed to be fully aware who this was and I was motionless viewing this VISION through my gold mask.

Everything about the room suddenly changed. Everything stood still. The background faded as I stood there barely breathing.
There was this vision and she wore no mask. Beautiful long cascading blonde hair loosely flowing over her shoulders, a petite body framed by a gown of gold and heather blue. Her face was without powder or rouge, but held a flush to her cheeks and lips. Her soft blue eyes darted around the room as if she were a deer entering a forest glen. Her entire persona exuded such purity. I remained motionless, taking all of this vision in.
Botticelli’s Venus on a half shell was standing there…..

my Venus…

The Sarabande’ played and behind me dancers danced and yet I could not move while I watched her.

Further this vision held me. Her ‘innocence’, I saw from the moment she walked into the room on the ‘arm of her father’. She was the only one not wearing a mask. Her hair was loose in tendrils with flashes of auburn sun and golden light. A cascade of beauty around her face and form, I could not ‘breathe’ when my eyes beheld her. Kismet happens all the time, if only we ‘show up’ and see what has entered our Lives. I could not breathe when my eyes beheld her. She walked towards me unknowing her love was standing there waiting for her.

“Breathe, I told myself, just breathe.’

Kissing her was easy. Everything about her drew me deeper into being near her. The temptation of hearing her heart beat and her scent overwhelmed all the self composure I would normally have. Turning, her so quickly was not what I had planned. Would in fact, none of it was planned. All that consumed me was being close to her and that she was mine.

Upon a lake of midnight blue was this one perfect white swan amidst all the other swans…only she I saw and as I did I felt my world was forever changed. A dream of love…

My fingers drummed next to my journal and nothing more flowed. I found myself just sitting motionless for a sign or something to tell me how this would move and yet I was now in my own unknowing. Was she safe and how could I lose my self control? Nothing was making any sense in my mind and I could only sit there and stare at the open journal and wait to hear from my friend the doctor. I no longer seemed cognizant of how to be now or what had happened. I only knew I wanted her and her alone and my existence changed tonight. Was this love?

A Quote:
For my Beloved… this evening was without knowing and yet this evening was orchestrated for this Kiss to bestow upon her neck…
That beautiful Venus swan’s pure neck.
‘ Mab’ smiled down upon the Lover and the Beloved.
Her Enchantment was cast.

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