Are VAMPIRES Real? Book V Saga, The REBORN launches May 11th, 2015 the TRILOGY

Author Roshandra Micael Simone’     R.M.Simone’  9445f-roshandra

BOOK V Saga, The Kiss, The Mist, and The Reborn

There is NO DOUBT this VAMPIRE Royalty mansion of France begins as a CINDERELLA Love story.

..but it moves through as a FIRE of Passion, Bloodline history and into the Vampire Immortal changing and the mortal that carries a secret in her blood genes. HOW does this unfold? And WHY? ATLANTIS began the place when VAMPIRES were brought onto this planet and hybrids and royals began a light dark CHESS game of GENOME that till this day IMPACTS the real world we live in. VAMPIRES are not a MYTH, but REAL and they do live among us. The LEGACY plays out in this FICTION NOVEL read and if one can ‘read’ between the LINES, there is another story going on for those that can decipher this. Vampires are a legacy and helping mankind and love that is cosmic.

This is one couple’s Star Cosmic LOVE STORY….by R.M.Roshandra Simone

_Book V Saga her dress 1700 11

_ Book V Saga Collage


5 thoughts on “Are VAMPIRES Real? Book V Saga, The REBORN launches May 11th, 2015 the TRILOGY

  1. I cant wait to read…I never knew you were a writer too girl!! XOXO

    • Hi Sydney INDEED i have 2 series now PUBLISHED and 17 BOOKS in total. You may purchase the ‘e book’s on Amazon at R.M.Simone’ author and my
      BOOK V Saga is just launched and all 5 books including the novellas. GOTHIC GATES is my other series and 7 books. Sydney why don’t you
      BOOK A SESSION with me tomorrow for a READING…my office is in CUPERTINO and maybe it is time. Lots of Love dear, Roshandra

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