BOOK V Saga ~ The Kiss by r.m.simone

_Book V cover PURE saga VA 11This Beautiful BOOK Saga LAUNCHES.   BOOK V is in Three Installments.



His Kisses by r.m.simone’ BBW Series April 2016 Excerpt read

BBW Scarlett cover His Kisses

HI Kisses by r.m.simone’
The softness of his kisses embraced me, gently intoxicated me, and promised something much more. He drew me to him and yet it was a softness wanting to unfold into this reverie. He promised me so much more. He was not like other vampires. His kisses brought to me that feeling of the first time one begins to trust the embrace, letting him in. His kisses always were so soft, the softess kind, a kind of tenderness one rarely experiences. With him, his kisses brought me into knowing the most amazing kind of love. His kisses bathed me in this love, his caringness and it promised a passion waiting to kindle into unbridled love with a vampire. It was his kisses that opened that door. I was his, without a doubt, fully his and my body, mind and soul. His kisses were the softest of none I had ever had before. And still his kisses linger on. My mind is infused by him, by his softness and his passion upon my own lips. Hunger was I always there to meet his kisses. Kisses like no other..
His Kisses…

There are some Vampire Stories filled with very intense romance and intimacy, but then there are some stories filled with such Romance and Passion that the SOFTNESS of it is far more SAVORING as it is with a SLOWNESS of the FIRE that allows it to TOUCH THE SOUL, The Heart, and Her inner Beingness…this is one of those LOVE Stories with a Vampire and Mortal…

BBW series and HIS KISSES by r.m.simone’..

BBW Bodacious HIS KISSES by R.M.Simone’