Gothic Gates CHAMONIX by r.m.simone’ the GOTHIC GATES Series Book 7

The Gothic Gates series takes Samantha Devon and Dante’ from their Goth Christmas into Gothic Gates SWITZERLAND and then into the French ALPS of Mount Blanc.  CHAMONIX is tender of heart, allows the couple to talk about feelings and what concerns Samantha Devon on how fast this love story has been moving.  Dante’ presents one of the most romantic scenic and soothing settings for their travel so far and you feel the TENDERNESS in this short story read.  VENICE was by far the most ROMANTIC places Dante took her, but it is in CHAMONIX the reader sees into the fabric of the soul behind this man and this woman he adores and loves.   It comes with a GIFT as well when she figures out the CLUES of the Holiday questions on the treasure hunt.   A beautiful gift.

_Gothic Gates Chaminox mask chaminox

Gothic Gates Chamonix by R.M.Simone’

  Gothic Gates series Book 7


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