Gothic Gates Costes Boutique Hotel, Paris… Gothic Gates Valentine’s Day by R.M.Simone’

_Gothic Gates red paris

Another U-turn for them.  Dante’ returned the ‘favor’ on Valentine’s Day to Devon at the Chocolate and Strawberry Goth party at the Eiffel Tower.  He took her back to the COSTES Boutique Hotel to collect what he felt she owed him.

She had HANDCUFFED him to the POOL Chaise lounge, walking out on him in the Leopard high heels and red corset.  The word ‘TEASE’ came to mind, but leaving him there handcuffed?    How did he ‘get free’ to head to his Goth Event?

                 BOOK LAUNCH February 14th – 17th  in PAPERBACK with and ‘e book’

_Collage Valentine's covr

Gothic Gates Valentine's 22


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