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Steamy, Sensual, Sumptuous series by Author R.M.Simone’

“Hello Dearie, what is the problem?  Can I help you find something?  You seem lost?”

I took in a deep breath feeling foolish standing there holding the package of music.  “Well I am a courier delivery and was just let in and he told me to pick out a costume to deliver the package to the host.  Really this is not what I had in mind and it was to just deliver this.’  I began rambling and felt out of place.

“It’s okay, the host has his ways.  Look let me help you ‘Dearie’.  Now what do you have on under your clothes?  Any sexy lingerie’?”   She began rummaging through things grabbing this and that.

I began to unbutton my blouse realizing I was on some kind of ride to just get through this. Get the job done.  Under my blouse I forgot I had on a black long waisted strapless bra.  She saw it and smiled.  I was really just numb with this entire event.

“Good, that will work perfectly.  We are all wearing black, it is so Goth you know.”  Next thing I knew she asked me to take off my Levi’s kicking off my shoes she searched for a tight fitting slinky skirt.  Slit up one long side of it reminding me to slide off my panties.

“What do you mean take off my panties?

I just came to deliver this package.”

Gothic Gates

From GOTHIC GATES by R.M.Simone’   BOOK I

     The rapture of being around him flooded my senses, making me hunger for things I never desired before.    Samantha Devon’s thoughts on Dante’

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​Gothic Gates quote from DANTE” as Samantha asked a question

“May I ask you something Dante’?”

“Sure, what is it?”

I looked at her, waiting.

“Are you a vampire?”

I smiled.

I did not expect that question, but my answer threw her a curve back.

“Well, do you want me to be?”

With that, I headed out the door to take my business meeting and left her to think about that.

As I drove out of the estate I could not help but smiling broadly to myself.

 5.0 out of 5 stars ” The Dark side of Love” January 3, 2015
By rose13
Format:Kindle Edition
This book is amazing!. The Art in this book is just incredible!. You will find this book to be a wonderful and interesting read. The characters are fantastic!. And the story line will have you wanting to read more and more which will make it very hard to put down!. Samantha (Sam) Devon Huntington is helping a friend who runs a courier service to deliver a package to Dante’ Allric Aquillard. Who would think delivering a package could lead to such mystery? . When Sam finds the address it is a Gothic mansion. A Man in a masquerade Mask answers the door. Sam is informed that to deliver the package she must dress in a Gothic out fit and mask. Sam loves her costume but is puzzled as to why she must dress up to deliver a package? Sam finds out the man who answered the door was no other then Dante himself LOL and he had arranged for Sam to deliver the package. Who or what is this sexy Man? What does Dante really want with Sam? There are lots of twists and turns to this story with lots of suspense,Mystery and amazing sex scenes plus some red hot Romance!. I must say the Art in this book really brings the story to life. R.M Simone’ is a fantastic writer with an Artistic Eye. This writer is new to me and I am very pleased to have been introduced to her books! I can not wait to see where this story is going!
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read! Can’t Wait for More! January 6, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
This book is hot!! Dante is sexy, mysterious and oh so intriguing. Samantha is smart, sassy and independent. This makes for fireworks every time they collide. Samantha is sent to deliver music tracks to a creepy Gothic mansion late at night. She arrives thinking to hand the music off and depart quickly. Fate has other ideas. She is forced to become costumed to blend in with the party in order to even meet the elusive host, quickly realizing he is the same man who opened the door and refused to take the music initially. This angers her and more fun ensues. No spoilers, but it gets even hotter from there. This is a story of fated lovers separated by time and fate who finally make their way back together. It is beautiful and a great read! I’m excited for the rest of the series honestly. Highly Recommended!!
Format:Kindle Edition

Gothic Gates By R.W. Simone

This Book Entranced My Heart! The Author creates Dante, The Perfect Lover and Soul Mate, To Be Every Angels’ Dream Lover. The Passion and Magic Releases Endorphins That Bring Soul Bumps to the Hungry Heart of Every Woman That Has Every Dreamed of The Magic Of Love. Samantha aka Devon, is The Perfect Angel Heroine for Us To Reflect With Because Each Of Us Has The Fire of Spirit and Heart to Relate to Her Fears of Intimacy. I Could Feel Myself Being Her and Being Taken Off On that Ultimate Magic Carpet Ride of Tantric Passion And Remembrance. This Book Smacks of True Flame Relationships and the True Meaning Of Love with A Super Twist of Magic and the Mating Dance of the Super Flames! A Wonderful Read that I cant Wait to Read the Sequels Coming!!! Hats Off to the Author R.W. Simone… LOVE Your Style!!!

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Gothic Gates Venice, Falling Into Love by r.m.simone’ Gothic Gates Series Book 2

Gothic Gates VENICE, Falling Into Love


Gothic Gates VENICE 33

Gothic Gates Venice

Sometimes Love Begins this Way
We all carry a dream within ourselves that holds the promise of a love that makes time stop, written in the stars, and holds us in her bosom of forever.
Every girl, young woman, carries that dream and we never speak it.
For if we did our dream would not come into being,


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