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Gothic Gates…


Gothic Gates Dante’s France Mansion. His business Franchise is ‘GOTH’. He Rules his world and the wealthy want INVITES to his Soiree’s. Head of the Board Meeting of 12 and he is the master number 13. He is filled with secrecy and plays Chess in the underground world of other private societies in the light dark power global games. His Love he has just found. Will she now enter his World of GOTH and cross the threshold into his Heart? He is ‘not a vampire’ but an IMMORTAL.

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Part of a Series …Gothic Gates Venice

Dante’ sweeps Devon off her feet with the Goth experience in Romantic Venice.

She discovers a part of herself from a past life.   Venice begins their love Story

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Gothic Gates Switzerland

Holiday adventure, what unfolds for Devon there with HIM in this Winter Wonderland ‘ringing’ in the NEW Year of 2014 together.

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Goth Christmas

A darling SHORT Story for the ‘three’ friends celebrating a Goth Christmas together at Dante’s Loire’ Valley Mansion.  Each has a point of view…

Goth Gates Christmas 2013 2112

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Gothic Gates  “Don’t Ask”

Gothic Gates DEVON

Gothic Gates Deanna

Gothic Gates Sophia Gaia

Gothic Gates DANTE’