The Forest of Edward’s Mind by Roshandra ~ story is changing into RIO and Jaguar character

The Girl with Green eyes...Jaguar immortal

The Girl with Green eyes…Jaguar immortal

The Forest of Edward’s Mind is changing into a second book with this Series …often a character when a writer is working with her story will suddenly take the writer on a journey not planned.  This mysterious girl of the rain forest did just that and her GREEN EYES and her shape shifting into Jaguar and the legends around her Tribe.    I am going to present this as a separate book and i hope you enjoy it as i am loving writing this immensely.  Our planet right now is filled with changes and the animal kingdom, nature and mysterious ancient locations all speaking to us.  Spirit is coming in through our dreams, visions, and books and movies and art, so please do enjoy the read.  I am going to be publishing this story on E BOOK available…it’s all in the works.  Thank you  and Roshandra warmly writing on…

FROM Chapter 3…Jaguar

Edward smiled as he walked to the Silver Jaguar and the purr of this car and feminine lines was his new way to travel now. The forest he was heading to hunt had jaguar cats. It all seemed to make sense to him but for the fact he was going to run into a Girl with Green eyes and Jaguar tribe connections. And oh yes, an immortal also and she was hunting too.

The Forest of Edward’s Mind ~ story by Roshandra

Edward is heading to Rio and the Girl with Green ‘eyes’ keeps ‘flashing’ before his eyes.
Rio is rich with sounds, scents, and a flow of the harbor washing along the beach line. That night he felt drawn out of his penthouse suite to just explore the streets below. Someone was ‘watching him’. Each group of street dancers and crowds moved his body along through the meandering and hypnotic trances of Rio’s night rhythm. Then he saw the ‘eyes’ watching him and it was her. Every part of his hunter senses was alive within that second when their eyes locked as they had in the forest that day on the Jaguar hunt. This time Edward was the prey and being hunted. He smiled and she was gone.

jaguar reflection

Chapter 14 ~ Libera ~ the girl with green eyes ~ By Roshandra ” The Forest of Edward’s Mind”.

“”Libera””” the Jaguar girl with green eyes

""Libera""" the Jaguar girl with green eyesLibera ”’ the Jaguar girl immortal with green eyes
( all rights to the name Libera are owned by and belong to Roshandra 1:11:2011
read on::::  Chapter 18….when he flies back to RIO to see why her ‘eyes’ keep coming to him in England now….

My mind and thoughts floated as if I was drugged. My mind began to fog and then I saw the forest again in Rio. I began to breathe heavier anticipating something. I was in slow motion it seemed and yet in a hunting mode. Hyper aware and yet quiet and observing it all and yet being part of it.

Then I saw this female behind a couple dancing. She moved fast then disappeared. I noticed her stare and I felt her watching me. I moved calmly towards this draw and then she disappeared. I looked around and then no one was there. I felt her though watching me. I walked on and as I did I felt she was up high above me. Then I felt the next bend in this street might guide me to what this was. Then it was gone. I was no longer in that fog now and acutely aware of human beings and dance but her presence was gone. It was a mystery and so I felt suddenly at a dead end on this. My thoughts raced ahead to see if I could sense anything about this and it was all empty and a blank. I took in a deep breath and turned around and was going to head back to the hotel and think about coming here and what this all meant. I turned the corner and I walked into another street band and more people pressing into tight areas. I was going to go around and avoid this but something made sense to go straight through this section. I squared my shoulders and decided to head through the mob of bodies dancing. They were all pressing up against their partners and having a good time. Hips were swaying and music loudly sounding over all the talking dancers. Laughter and joy was heard in this movement of the dance in Rio. Then something was watching me again. Then I felt a presence and I felt my body touched as someone glanced by my hips. Then I turned and then I stopped moving and my stare went to her immediately. There she was and tingles ran through my body from head to toe. I could not move and she was standing there behind someone. She did not move either nor run. Our eyes locked in and I felt it again. It took my breath away and she penetrated into the depth of my body and soul. I did not want to move. I wanted to stand there and let her eyes scan me and I wanted to see how this felt fully. I stared back deeply into her as well and she did not move either. The music was slowing down and we both just looked at each other. Then she was gone. I felt a disengage and I felt myself drop almost to ground of the street. It was as if I had risen up high through this primal connection we made. She was wide open to me and I let her in. I mean she came in and I could not prevent her entrance into me.

It was strange as a male to have a powerful moment like this with a feline female penetrating into my being.

At the same time I felt a void now and I wanted more.

This was a new drug for me and I wanted more.