The Forest of Edward’s Mind by Roshandra


The current FAN FICTION Story has moved the Character of ‘Edward’ into the Rio Rain forests and the Girl with Green eyes’.. Another immortal but feline ‘cat like’ and also meant to cross paths with him.

Her name is unique and Edward begins to open up and explore his own world of being an immortal that is going into a rare group of these beings. His life and Pathway is taking him through the Forest of his Mind and into Other Worlds.

Disclaimer: the use of the characters of Edward and Bella are of TWILIGHT. These ‘characters belong to Stephanie Myers and Twilight. The STORY of THE FOREST OF EDWARD’S MIND by Roshandra BELONGS to Roshandra M SIMON.  This may not be copied or used nor the new names of the additional characters. Thank you and Writing on.

Much Love…Roshandra warmly writing on

follow the story on FAN FICTION

the blog and story book excerpts is on the Books by Roshandra BLOG page


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