Book V by R.M.Simone’


Book V  by R M. Simone’

I always see the remedy in pain.
I see the subtle gift and fidelity in angry quarrels and betrayals.
When I look down, I don’t see the earth.
And when i look up, I don’t see the vault of the sky.
Whatever I glance at, I see YOU.
~ Rumi ~ 
Book V his love
Roshandra Micael Simone’
swan art leda and the swan
all rights reserved to original owner and may not be copied …owned by Roshandra M Simon

Book VI…Ariane’

By R. M. Simone’
All rights reserved and original work owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simon August 11, 2­­012
 Book V
Mirror Mirror on the Wall…
her spirit guides spoke to her through the heirloom of the family mirror. Magic was in her and as a Immortal of the good kind, Ariane’ kept her Blue Blood cousin well informed.  Her nemesis was Winter Wine and her dark friend Black Lace. Parties and soirees’ abounded in Paris and the fashion was the window dressing for the show… all showing there best style. Now ladies, be nice.
Paris, will never be the same…

Book VI  by Roshandra

This is Edear Vallen Le Tousssaint ATHANASE’ cousin ARIANE’

Winter Winter
Ariane’ is the second book of the Book VI ~
Trilogy by R. Micael’ Simone’
Book V dressed to the nines

Book VI  by R.M.Simone’

Winter Winter

November 27, 2012   All rights reserved and owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simon

Book V Winter Wine Sauvignon

Winter Wine had a string of males all falling at her Jimmy Choo feet…and not one minded how she used them.  After all, she dominated her prey and they liked her having ‘control’ and as a seductress no one matcher her skills.  She left her men threless and begging for more and she would cooling walk out of the hotel suite and not even look back.  The air air would be sucked out of the room and leave with her.  Tempting and seductive and byond what most men could handle, no one was as cool as she was or as emotionally detached.  Men loved her for that and she did live up to her reputation.  The art of the seductress is something every mortal man fantasized on but an immortal male too was no match for her skills.  She never disappointed and never loved any of them. Winter Wine…winter is coming and the Sauvignon grapes were ready for harvest…she is planning a winter party and maks were included and so was a blindfold…’hmmmm, are you attending she asked?’…in her personal hand written letter with her Black Red Wax…Seal upon it.’   Please bring a friend for Menage a Trios’. 


Winter Wine  ` Sauvignon

Part of the SAGA NOVELS

of Book V by R. M. Simone ‘

The Kiss, The Mist, The Reborn  

and Novella Alleandrea, His Beloved

and The Epistolary novella 

November 27, 2012   All rights reserved and owned by Roshandra Mitchell Simon

Book V cover lavendar pink flower 1




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