Gothic Gates new review R.M. Simone’ Dante’ and Devon

Gothic Gates DEVON`` Gothic Gates # 48 new review thank you

Super, Sexy New Gothic Romance
ByKitri Kon July 17, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Spellbinding new Gothic romance. An unsuspecting, knows her own mind heroine, Samantha, accepts a one time job of courier to bring a high dollar music order to an elite gothic castle. The stage for seduction is set the moment she steps through the wrought iron gothic Gates and enters the realm of Dante. A to die for, mysterious hero steeped in the realms of of dark luxury, immortal power and erotic pleasure. As soon as Samantha enters the castle, she is immediately swept up into the enchanting world of a Gothic castle ball. She is redressed at the bidding of her host in a scintillating, gothic masquerade fashion then led to deliver the music to the master of the castle herself. Upon their very first meeting, sparks fly between this couple. Samantha’s fire meets Dante’s cool old world elegance in a clash of passion that will have the reader checking to be sure their kindle didn’t just overheat. If you love sexy, magical books then this one is a must read!


GOTHIC GATES series from R.M.Simone’ Contemporary GOTH Romance with a NOIR classic ‘back story’. He’s an Immortal and she does not even believe in Past Lives. How does this unfold?
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Gothic Gates Dante’s Voice GG series from R.M. Simone’

Goth tie

Gothic Gates Dante’s Voice REVIEWED A Hybrid Noir With Heated Love Scenes!
By 1 Dream Reader on July 14, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Gothic Gates. Second book read by this author. Mysterious man opens the beautiful estate Goth mansion door and there stands the courier with the music ordered for the event. It turns into an orchestrated and maybe a pre-designed meeting by the man at the door. This man is beyond enigma. He is rich, has a world around him of the wealthy that can do parties of this nature and wears a Venice mask. Oh, it gets better. He figured out a way to get her to dress up and then pay her down in the mansion Cellar. The man wants to make love to her and boy the chemistry strikes fire. I loved how she pushes back and how calm he has to stay to handle this meeting and the package. It’s a past life love waiting to rekindle and he knows where he wants this to go. His heart was yearning for her and could not stop reading this. There seems to be a double level story going on. More of a classic Noir it seems. Dante has a business and group of immortal men he meets for some reason about world balance? That seems to be part of his double life he leads. Loved this and reading the series now.
GOTHIC GATES series from R.M.Simone’ Contemporary GOTH Romance with a NOIR classic ‘back story’. He’s an Immortal and she does not even believe in Past Lives. How does this unfold?
Gothic Gates cover paperback
Also in PAPERBACK: Gothic Gates
Gothic Gates Venice
Gothic Gates New Orleans

Shades Of Love – trilogy from R.M. Simone’ Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty to True LOVE

_Shades of Love bride`  Shades Of Love trilogy from R.M. Simone’

Highly recommended! Tammy Lynn  REVIEW
May 24, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Tristan and Gabriella’s story is breathtakingly beautiful. I was totally into this book from the very start.
Gabriella is a writer doing a favor for her model friend. When she shows up, she was like OMG! Looks like a FSOG set up. But Tristan is there waiting and talks her down. What does she do? Read to find out.
Another thing I’ll say, they have real chemistry. Soul binding chemistry. Does that spark your interest? Go, go, go!!! Put this hot number on your next to be read!
Total 5 stars!

SHADES OF LOVE trilogy from Roshandra RM Simone ‘ e-books’
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ONE KISS from R.M. Simone’ Fan Fiction to Novel

ONE KISS novel 1 from R.M. Simone’  – a Fan Fiction cross-over story.

Breehan Marie Cygnet   HER THOUGHTS – Note from Author R.M. Simone’ on story.

Bree and Ethan

The week apart creates time for both Ethan and Bree the polarization changes they each must think about. It is crazy love with passions, flying wildly so high is a runaway train taking their life purposes off track at a moment’s combustion. What had Bree opened within herself with the sexual primal levels of carnal passions? Had Ethan created his own watershed? He’s building his company in public relations, media world and success for his clients he helps to model their product image may be flipped on its end. Having her in his office in Seattle was a solution to help her work feeling comfortable. Is Alise going to change the look of his branding environment of the PUBLICIS? You betcha… Brother sister dynamics are about to come into play now. Relationship dynamics are each thinking over the next move when they reconnect. Breathe Ethan, your strong self control will handle the volatile changes you both erupt with and calm things down. Still water runs deep. Bree needs to keep her head clear now too, she must juggle this real life, career opportunity and also the side consulting commitment to James Wolfe’s good cause. Oh, yes, enter James Wolfe in the picture too. And yes, enter Alise landing her dream job too. It is going to get interesting now to a whole next level of ONE KISS Story, by Roshandra.  R.M. Simone’  

BLACK TIES “Seriously, Ms. Black, you are killing me with those shoes.” A quote from Mr. White. R.M. Simone’ trilogy

Black ties heels```  From BLACK TIES and Mr. WHITE.   Black Ties arc and trilogy author R.M. Simone’

“Seriously, Ms. BLACK, you are killing me with those shoes.”  My eyes could not move off those beautiful feet of hers.  From that first moment I had seen her on the perfect sunshine afternoon in New York City, I knew this woman was meant to be in my world.

She spun around on those 4-inch designer heels looking right into my eyes.  This woman never missed a beat or the exchange of fire that was fueled by an intellectual mind that could spar with anyone in business.  I was about to be on the receiving end of one of her retorts.   I was up for the challenge.

“Why Mr. WHITE, amazing when you show up in my life?  So you like the shoes?  I thought you were more into my black silk ribbon ties on my lingerie?”  She waited for me and my eyes relished what was happening between us.  Gosh, beautiful and a brilliant quick mind.  I steadied myself to calmly answer her.  She was directly facing me waiting to hear what I was about to say.

“Ms. BLACK, there is nothing more incredible to a man than a woman with confidence.  You walk into a room or business meeting in stilettos and take over the entire moment.   Confidence is sexy as hell to a man.  Those keynotes on how you punctuate your style and yourself as a woman leaves me lost in wandering through those options you present.  You walk in and the air goes out of the room with all eyes on you.  We all feel your presence and it commands our attention.   I can’t make up my mind on whether it is those 4-inch designer heels as a signature statement of your style or the beautiful black silk ribbon  lingerie  I always love untying, or that mind of yours in business.  I literraly can’t decide what is your best asset.”

Finally she smiled.  I engaged her.  I had her thinking now.  I had my Mr. BLACK’S full attention on me.  The familiar erotic feeling rose up in me.  I hoped nothing in my trousers would embarrass me now.  The moment was perfect.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it Mr. WHITE?   Why now?  Why do you show up when i least expect it and I turn my focus back onto our paths crossing yet again?  You disappeared from my life and now you show up?”   She was simmering in her feelings.  I was ready to fall at her feet. Those beautiful heels that she strode into the social event wearing had me with every step she took.  I was lost in the moment of kindling things again.

“Why now Mr. WHITE?”

I answered without thinking.  “Why not now Ms.BLACK?”

Her smiled dropped quickly and I waited.  She became serious and I saw something different revealed in those beautiful eyes of hers.  She pursed her lips and took in a deep breath.   “I thought you were gone from my life.  I thought you finally were gone for good.  I thought you gave up.”

Truth and finally the real truth from her spontaneous speaking from her heart.  My own feelings rose up into my throat.  I was trying to hold back all of the emotions this woman could bring out in me.  I was utterly ‘in love’ with her and never like this ever had happened to me before.

“Ms BLACK, I backed off to think through this.  I just felt you did not want to pursue this other part of what was happening between us.  I did not wish to lose any of it.  The fact our paths kept crossing was something I believe about the Universe and Timing.  I can’t explain that either.  I can only admit that it draws to moving objects together with a force of cosmic gravity.”

Her face softened. She was vulnerable and open utterly open to me.  I had not ever seen her with her guard down or her self protection shield lifted.  She was even more appealing to me and even more beautiful than before.  This woman held me in her gaze.

“Mr. WHITE, so what you are saying is that you are attracted to me?  You find my assets to your liking?  Which asset is the one you most find desirable?”

She shifted back to role playing and I took in a light breath and smiled.  I absolutely loved this woman.  We began to ‘play again’.  “Well, the heels are stellar.  Walking how you walk makes me forget anything I was thinking on or holding in my mind.  Thank you… The body is amazing.  Poised and skilled in very high heels impressed the hell out of a man.  Your mind intrigues me and in business you cut your deals like a surgeon.  Your dark thick and luscious hair I can get lost in.   Let’s not even speak about your eyes and that beautiful face.  I cannot decide which asset is your best.  You turn me on my life, spin me so I am revolving around you as my centering point of seeing.  I cannot chose one asset.  Ms. BLACK you are the full package.  You  are what I was waiting for and never thought the Universe would deliver.  I cannot believe this and I cannot fathom my life without you.”   I said too much.  I had like other men turned into a blabbering man mesmerized by a woman.  How do they do this to us?  And yet, I am so grateful GOD created her.  This woman had me totally at her feet.

She calmly softened again.  I gentle smile rose on her face and she reached her hand to touch my arm and long waiting wish to embrace her again.  “Mr. WHITE, I waited for this too.  Someone just like you. Someone that could handle me and yet let me be free and how I am. Someone that was a gentleman, accomplished in his own work and someone that would fight for me and challenge me.  Someone that would Love me.   Mr. WHITE let’s get out of here.. Shall we?”

Before she turned to leave the event we both were in on the top floor of a fabulous New York City building, I grabbed her arm tightly and moved her securely to me.  I was going to whisper in her ear.  She held her face slightly back and smiled.  I smiled back and then spoke.  “Your place or mine?”

“Mr. WHITE, the place we first had our afternoon delight in.  That’s where it all began.”  She shrugged me off and confidently turned to walk and i laughed.  She was leading again and I would gladly follow her to ends of the world.  In this moment though, I knew I was going to spin her and take the lead.  Hearts were going to win this time. Both her heart and mine.     Mr. WHITE SMILING…

Author R.M. Simone’






ONE KISS chapter 2 Author R.M. Simone’ What’s it all about? “Rites of Passage – Virginity”


Chapter 2
Plan Plays Out

“Alise, I’m set. I filled out the extended questionnaire form, managed to be truthful, I’m ready to lose this Virginity and get on with life. You think of anything else I need to know? I’m clear on the birds and the bees story and ready to see how this goes, I’m not expecting much, other than taking this off my checklist.”

“Bree, wait a second. First, it’s not as clinical as all that. Yes, most girls experience a disappointment the first time. Like, is that all there is? The song you know? Just relax, you have orgasms, tell the guy what you want or like and see how it feels. He is meant to be of service to you and experienced. You won’t ever see this guy again, and you tell him what you want.”

“How do I know what I want? I have never done this before. I’m getting nervous now. I’m just trying to take this off my check list until I can meet a guy when maybe I fall in love…that is all. Oh, they were very clear on the rules. No kissing was underlined three times. They said that causes a personal intimacy and might ruin the experience or make it more about something else. Kissing they said is very personal. Like having ‘sex’ is not personal?”

“They have standards. Psychologists say that in kissing a person is a different bond of chemistry that can be triggered, this is to allow people to have sex, no questions asked, merely move through the process and have their reasons, and thrills and sex with a stranger. Don’t rebel Bree. Don’t ask to many questions, and just don’t think too much. It will mess you up on having an orgasm.”

“I am over analyzing, check, got it.”

“Now, I will drive you to the place. What are you going to wear, if I may ask? Got your breath mint too?”

“Alise, why does this need to be a fashion statement date? I’m just going to have sex with some stranger. Yes, have some mints, yes clean underwear, yes short attractive black dress to show my legs off. Do I meet your approval?”

“Look, just go do your thing. You are smart Bree, always sassy or too quick to fire off on things, but I love you. Get this one time to bed handled and then we can focus on getting out of college, move to the big city and start careers. Dating is optional later. You are on a mission called your career. I think you look hot. Men are attracted to dark hair, spunky girls that sass them back. You will have fun, I am sure. Just tell the guy what you want. This feels good, this does not and let the feelings take you. All kinds of new sensations are about to tell you about your body. Alise looked away. She was an expert in bed with guys and boys. I was the fumbling smart virgin. How did I ever not get this off my list till now?

We darted out to her car dodging the Oregon rain in Portland to head to this private club for sex matchups.  I began to wonder if this was going to get weird. Some guy and woman started this service for college level students and ages only up to 29 years old. No one under 18 was allowed in supposedly. Most of it was experienced partners that like to throw back idea of the swinging fifties. That was a period in the USA of wife swapping, and a lot of sex. Polite gatherings in someone’s home with cocktails of course for the swingers that slept with each other’s partners. I was researching all the various phases of sexual revivals in history and never managed my own. I was so ashamed I never handled this with prom. Everyone handled this by prom as that was the passage. Womanhood was missing me, and I did not come across as a virgin. Far to independent and tomboyish with an outspoken mind I was. I was glad this kind of service sprang up in modern day needs. I hoped the health records were honest, but I carried three condoms that Alise bought for me just in case. She said have him wear two to be very safe. That made sense. She even showed me how to roll this on the guy once he was erected and aroused. She said I needed to ‘examine’ his penis too. This was becoming a science project. What is a best friend for but to make sure her BFF was educated, safe and knew what to do. I actually took a banana, squeezed the air out of the condom after tearing off the foil, and unrolled it on the fruit. She actually wanted to try out sucking it. I just wanted to get this done and get laid. I was clear on what was going to happen and just move with how my body reacted.

The drive through late day traffic surprised us both. Her BMW hummed along as we moved to the GPS direction on the commands for turning to the road that was where this business was housed. Outside was like any normal establishment. I wasn’t prepared for what was inside.

“Looks okay Bree and so keep me in the loop with calling me. I’m sure this will go as planned. I like the black little dress you invested in. Makes you look more sophisticated. You are all set girlfriend. If you need me speed dial me. They have a waiting Parlor I was told so I will park myself there for you. Building looks nice, don’t you agree?”

“Alise it does. Okay, here I go.”

Inside a person at a desk with a computer screen was greeting incoming attending folks. The main parlor was very nicely decorated like a NYC club room with grey colors and nice appointments. I was no longer on a campus environment with tattered furnishings. This could be a ‘men’s’ club where there were female call girls. A nice name for prostitutes, I was having second thoughts now. I looked as Alise began to take over to sign me in. I had to handle that myself. I was not her child or younger sister. I nudged out of the way and asked about the sign in giving my name and showing my ID. They were professional saying it would be about five minutes. This gave me no time to change my mind. One hurdle was done now. Alise poked me in the ribs. I looked around and saw only females in the waiting room. I wondered if they were all virginal? No matter, it does not really show.

The desk attendant handed me condoms. Made me sign an agreement and right there in glaring red letters was the RULE MENTION of ’NO KISSING.’ It followed a statement regarding saliva and that it allows the experience to be more sexual if kissing was avoided. I signed my initials to note I read that. Also, I was given something that was an electronic signal to trigger. It would immediately bring female attendant to the private space I was in. They seemed to be protecting the person and wanted to be sure I understood how this would work. I blushed, nodded and grabbed the small device, the condoms and was utterly embarrassed. Now what?

“They know my real name for the records, but I’m using Alise.”

Alise looked at me with a mix of fire pixie about to kill me and the deer in the headlight confusion. ‘Bree, why did you use my name?”

“They don’t know it is your name, be quiet, I need to focus and calm myself.



“Miss Collins, Alise Collins, please follow me.” I looked back over my shoulder seeing Alise glaring at me mouthing the fact I used her last name too. She was furious. I smiled back, and a  point for Bree!  I got my best friend mulling that over.

ONE KISS chapter 32 from R.M. Simone’


ONE KISS prologue:


ONE KISS -THE GAME had RULES…no KISSING … Meet at the CLUB, virgins were welcome and a mystery match up lover partner for a ONE NIGHT only. The experience with a stranger as a lover. No Names, no Kissing and never see them again… That was the RULE

The event ad clearly defined the guidelines on how this worked. My best friend Alice, brought it to me with the biggest smile on her face ever. Her plan was to get me through this process of finally losing my virginity. No questions asked, just health reports, no STDS and over 18 years of age to consent. All partners would be computer matched up from the questionnaire filled out before. I was just ready to get this on with so I no longer at the age of 22, almost 23 now let go of this label I carried. “Virgin’… Of all my friends in college, I was the only one still a virgin. Granted, pleasuring myself gave orgasms that always worked, but this was the ‘rite of passage’.

Normally the high school prom was the moment most girls lost their virginity. Planned out with a new gown, a first step into grown-up world of social party time, all chaperoned while the plan was to end up with your date at a motel or someone’s parents big home finally having sex. I was set for that and my date got sick. He was throwing up all night because like most 18-year old guys, he drank too much. I was left still a virgin and he had no memory if we ‘did or did not’ and I quietly kept that to myself. I only confided in Alice in my junior year of college and she was in shock. Her mission became to get me through that passage. It was like a check list and I was far too busy for a boyfriend. She came up with this newspaper campus ad with the solution in hand. I thought I would die.

ONE KISS from R.M. Simone’ all rights reserved and owned by R.M. Simone’
Chapter 32
Time to Rock My World
My best friend Alise was in the ‘glow’ of dreaming about Jonathan. We all go through that. I was still working hard sorting out Ethan and working together. James Wolfe was on the back burner while I was trying to hold myself to ‘earth’ ground and not getting ahead of myself. Everything inside of me was on fast forward and the fire that ignited between us.
Alise deserved whatever this surprise neat guy was in her life. She was a treasure and fast on her intuitive gifts of ‘knowing things.’ Issues of the heart though, that causes us all go into that zone of ‘rose colored glasses’ and the fantasy of maybe forever after love. We are always planning a wedding that keeps our eye looking for the right DNA father for our promise of babies.
I was different. I never thought about a wedding. I was more practical, and I wanted my career to support me. My mind was always active in the independence of being more mature than my chronological age. Ethan though, everything around this brought me into a chaos that could only be described as losing my mind to my desires and yes, this feeling of helplessly drawn into the abyss of ‘no control’ over my usual logically moving mind. With Ethan, it was a battle to keep my own head quiet, above water and intellectually manage things. The sad truth was, we combusted together and then it was ‘off to the races’. I had to laugh at this fact as “I didn’t see this coming in my life and I thought I was safely armored against this kind of heated sexual romance.
I figured wrong.
I looked over at Alise ‘babbling’ on as she was clearly showing signs of ‘begin in love’ for this chance meeting with supposedly ‘Mr. Right’. I was truly happy for her. He had to pass the ‘friend test’ and I was looking out for my Alise. So far, Jonathan sounded too good to be true. If he turned out to be a kind man and gentleman with manners of another time, I would know if he was real or not on that. Window dressing, I would call it. On the other hand, if he was the ‘real deal’ I would give my blessings. Alise was a gem of a fairy with unseen wings and a heart of pure magic. I would always be her wing-girl.
I sighed and took in a deep breath. Alise kept chatting away and my thoughts took me to Ethan.
Something told me my world was about to be Rocked!
Ethan was no ordinary guy. I was thrown off the cliff and falling into the abyss and now I would find out if I could handle all of this. My world was no longer as neatly set as it was or how I wanted it to be. I was flying now in new territory and off the ground. New horizons coming in and I hoped I could FLY. After all, Ethan brought out inside of me something I had no idea was sitting dormant all along.
My passions were kindled, and everything began to be ROCKED.
Breehan Marie Cygnet
Breehan Marie Cygnet my RITE OF PASSAGE story and Much More…