Black Ties arc & trilogy from R.M. Simone’ – Black is wickedly good

Black Ties ````

BLACK TIES arc and trilogy …..ah Ms. BLACK and Mr. WHITE
Paths Cross… Intimacy happens! Then feeling that was a ‘one moment’ carnal delight? Path CROSS again and yet, again? NOW WHAT? Mr.WHITE is just as amazed as Ms. BLACK as the Universe orchestrates this.
R.M. Simone… contemporary romance and steam that says TANTRA and role playing. Jump in and the trilogy and review smolders…
Black is wickedly good
July 6, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
In this first story called Black Ties you are introduced to the lovely and confident Miss Black. What do the black ribbon ties means the most in this story? She is a confidant young woman looking to make her mark on the world and she knows she is good at what she does.
What does this man that she sees in the way to an interview mean in the scheme of her life? She can’t stop thinking of him. Will she get another chance encounter with him?
Chance encounters are just that aren’t they? Chance. Will one encounter or is it two, that will be enough for them to stop thinking of one another. Doesn’t it have to be for her? She has an ongoing job interview in Paris to finish. Besides, she doesn’t even know his name.
I look forward to seeing what happen in Paris. The hot and steamy scenes in this book were amazing, I can only imagine how they’ll turn out in the next book.
BLACK TIES trilogy Mr. WHITE and Ms. BLACK
“Black Ties “Arc’
“Black Ties Paris”

GUISE’ arc

BBW His Kisses


BLACK TIES – ‘Something New Ms. Black?” trilogy and arc from author R.M. Simone’

Black ties fashion1

There he was again! My heart soared.  Mr. WHITE standing there as I felt his full attention in my direction.  I felt the smoldering heat rising between us.  I moved through the crowd of business executives for the night’s event.  He stood motionless watching my every step in his direction.  My breath caught and the fire flashed over my body from my lower realms upwards.  I hoped I was not blushing.  My mission accomplished as I now faced him.  He flashed that movie star perfect smile and his penetrating gaze silenced me.

“Well, Ms. BLACK, something new?”   He covered ever inch of me in looking over me entirely.  I felt every part of that and ripples tingled through my body standing my hair on end.  Those tiny short body hairs all sensed his touching me again.

“Why Mr. WHITE, what do you mean?  I love wearing black as you well know.  Nothing new here.”

“Ms.BLACK, you look like you’re drenched in Paris couture and from the looks of it, NYC is at a fashion loss. You found a new expensive level to move up to.  Not that your previous good taste was lacking for anything. But, Ms. BLACK, this is something NEW.  I hope the undergarments remain the same.  I loved those black silk ribbon ties – are you panties?”

Inside i was writhing in pleasure, delight, exquisite ecstasy from the ideas and the sounds of his voice.  I wanted to go to bed with him right there, right now and rekindle it all.

“Ms BLACK, shall we leave now?”   He READ MY MIND!!!!

BLACK TIES trilogy Mr. WHITE and Ms. BLACK
“Black Ties “Arc’
“Black Ties Paris”


SHADES OF LOVE new cover reveal Trilogy from R.M.Simone’

_shades Of Love cover new SHADES OF LOVE ~ the beginning as they meet.

A photo-shoot on a set staged for a New York City real estate investor, Tristan.  The ‘set’ was the surreal setting as the Universe created the doorway for the Cosmic connection of Gabriella to this man.     TESLA Electricity flashed as souls meet and the air is ‘charge’ noting it all.   Cinderella was ready to RUN.  WHY?

Gabriella merely was filling in as her BFF model Shelly.   She walked into a part of her life she was not ready for.  LOVE?

On the other hand, Tristan dreamed of her before this moment and he instantly knew instantly she held him to his dream.  Could he?


NEW REVIEW # 48 thank you Janet Beck 5-stars
This book was exceptional. It captivates you from the beginning, Gabriella and Tristan share a Soul connection, one that you feel immediately, almost as if you are there with them. As an Alpha Female She does not take good to Tristan’s Alpha Male dominance. This is not your average love story. The intensity in which the emotions and character’s jump off the page is breathtaking. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a really good reading it is something different.

SHADES OF LOVE trilogy from Roshandra RM Simone ‘ e-books’

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Dominance’ by R.M.Simone’ something new…

Love Stories-reviews with Roshandra

ad-3-male-dominance-1 and JUST TO TEASE you all here ….DOMINANCE is coming  by R.M.Simone’
What do you do when a male is an Alpha and Good Looking and very very very Rich and is so used to getting his OWN WAY all the time? Well you CHALLENGE him in order to break his mold and the pattern he lives by and in. To LAND a man like that takes, Wits, a Chess Game Strategy and MOVES that does not allow him to Have what he WANTS. Pure simple reverse psychology. This is when a man like this becomes the man he really is inside his SHELL Image and his World might just melt to the Ways of Her Heart. She HUNTS and she makes it seem the Man is hunting her. Only think is she too is falling into her own game and they both have no idea this…

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Gothic Gates when a man meets his love…R.M.Simone’ Gothic Gates series

Love Stories-reviews with Roshandra

_GG AdA quote from “Gothic Gates” by R.M.Simone series

A quote:
“THE BEGINNING… how a man meets you is always a moment you will NEVER FORGET. The door opened of  his LOIRE Valley Goth estate as a man standing silently wearing a mask…”  In the background the music was blasting droning sounds deafening reality.  All that was there was this tall man in a Gothic mask peering into my eyes.  “Speak, Samantha, I shouted inside myself.”

DANTE brings Samantha Devon…to him…

Only DANTE can do that….

Be Still My Beating HEART…

Author R.M.Simone’ roshandra-mist-2  gothic-gates-devon-soul-cover

REVIEW FROM Deborah.on Amazon

I fell in love with this love story of the past, present and maybe future.You will have to buy the book to understand what i mean . Samantha-Devon and Dante are just tenderhearted almost fairytale that have lots of twist and turns in it.You can most diffidently feel the passion of Roshandra’s…

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Le Club by R.M.Simone ACE OF CLUBS

Love Stories-reviews with Roshandra

Le Club cover ad

Le Club



A Gold trimmed deck of Tarocchi cards sat there ready for the Oracle’s touch.  At her other hand a deck of Renaissance court cards edged in gold sat there quietly. Her fingers drummed and she reached out slowly for the cards were speaking to her. The fifty two cards with the gold trim drew her hand and she smiled.

Ace if Clubs turned itself over in her hand.

Then the Diamond of Clubs.

Jazz played in the background and in the mind of the Oracle’ the cards began to shuffle. 

Destiny to read the cards moved through her hands as they began to tell her a story.                                                                              …

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GUISE’ from R.M. Simone’ ‘a door opens’

Gherkin man Doors to Open on GUISE ftom Author R.M.Simone
Paranormal world of the Occult she sees and walks between two worlds.. London book publisher signing moment meeting brings to her a past life connection of this man with Green Eyes.. Atlantis and Her past…. Playing out before her eyes as they meet and shake hands. Dreams, visions and interwoven dimensional realities coverage in the GHERKIN BUILDING of Sacred Architecture..

GUISE’ arc


November 7, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
In Guise Arc, we are immediately thrown into the heroine’s European adventures. R.M. Simone does a fine job in making us feel as if we too are taking in the sights and learn the history of England and France in this story, sure to bring out the wonderlust and of any reader. We likewise become enthralled with the meeting between the protagonist and who may be the love of her life. What struck me are the intricate details the author puts in every scene, whether describing a flower or the encounter between the lovebirds. This is a work that will indeed entice any romance lover.