BLUE…R.M. Simone’ novel II

Blue in Pink

BLUE…a beautiful young girl woman that is a Hybrid ET. From Paradise, California before the fires devastated her beautiful mountain life and now, married. Trevor was the fire fighter that walked in through a huge wall of flames to help the two women fight the fire from taking over the ranch. LOVE OUT OF THE BLUE brought Blue and Trevor together. From there a wedding followed and a family of two groups of women came together around them. Blue moved with Tre’ to Colorado where his mother trained Dressage riders and had a boarding stable for horses of quality.
Now, the second phase of this HYBRID’S life unfolds and so does her becoming a woman. Her Purpose being here from the Stars and his purpose in saving forests from these ‘new kind’ of fires and a pathway for both of them is a story of lives, love and doing their missions they carry within their own hearts and souls.
FOLLOW BLUE…her story and love.  Sweetly so…
Author R.M. Simone’

Blue ~ a sweet romance…R.M. Simone’

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A Wedding is coming…

Blue and Trevor ~ you are cordially ‘invited’ to Colorado Springs and a ‘ranch’ canopy wedding with the high rocky mountain skies and romance of young sweet love.

BLUE is coming… it’s being SHOPPED around right now with Crystal L Gauthier OWL PRODUCTION Help…..thanks dear….I really FEEL and THINK this YA Sweet Romance is going to be very much WELCOMED. It’s about an empath Hybrid ET girl woman and living in Paradise, California as her hometown is hit with the horrific FIRES. She had a foreboding of this event coming and prepared with her grandmother to move with safety. But BLUE also had a ranch she worked on and helped the owner with the horses and animals. When this all HITS, BLUE planned to be there to help man the hoses to fight and save the farm and life there. It was holding well until the back acreage explosion of a huge wall of FIRE. Both BLUE and the ranch owner realized this could mean the destruction of what they fought to protect. Then through this massive wall of FLAMES in walked a single firefighter, cut off from his crew, onto the farm. It was his appearence that protected the women and animals and met something neither expected. LOVE OUT OF THE BLUE when they met and purity of souls destined to meet happened.

Pictured here is the WEDDING TENT created for
BLUE and TRE’s wedding at his mother’s Colorado Springs ranch and surrounded by the three most important woman in Blue’s life and how this comes together. In LIFE if we have that ONE Strong SPECIAL Anchor such as in Blue’s life her grandma, everything else we do or become is grounding in a truth of real life and heart and our purpose for being here.

My EDITOR said SHE CRIED near the end of this Novel book 1 and just LOVED this romance and story.

FINGERS crossed and I just have a ‘feeling’ it’s going to be picked up by a really GOOD PUBLISHING HOUSE. Sitting waiting in the Wings, is BOOK 2 and a Novella to this beautiful LOVE Story and about the Paradise FIRES and about Hybrid Ets living among us and earth nature missions some beautiful souls are meant to do. BLUE being one of those special souls.

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Gothic Gates series ~ Dante’s thoughts on his Love. Devon’s feelings kindled by him. An Immortal in Love ~ R.M. Simone’

Gothic Gates```

“When a man sees her again standing there in this lifetime, he knows the loop of time has unbound his heart.
She was there again.
I fell into the abyss of my longing soul filled with Love again.”
Gothic Gates series from R.M. Simone’
a contemporary romance of Goth nature with a young woman and the love of his past. He waited for her…he’s an immortal.
Devon’s Feelings about Dante’
“The rapture of being around him flooded my senses, 
making me hunger for things I never desired before.”
GOTHIC GATES series from R.M.Simone’ Contemporary GOTH Romance with a NOIR classic ‘back story’. He’s an Immortal and she does not even believe in Past Lives. How does this unfold?
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Book 5
Book 6
Book 7
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Gothic Gates Venice
Gothic Gates New Orleans

Love out of the Blue ~ from R.M. Simone’ BLUE ~ YA sweet romance set in Paradise California FIRES and a HYBRID girl-woman

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The FIRES of Paradise California erupted and were far worse than anyone expected. NO Warning and evacuation was limited by the mountain roads with only two lanes. People burned alive in their cars and homes that day.
BLUE had premonitions and dreams of this impending danger and confided in her grandma, the rock of her existence and her ranch employer for they too felt something foreboding coming their way.
Their way of life in beautiful idyllic Paradise would never be the same. BLUE helped those key women and herself to escape the danger and fight the fire for the ranch and the animals. Then a HUGE WALL OF FIRE came thundering down in the north acreage of the farm and facing the moment of being consumed by the tidal wave of it’s fury. Through the Wall walked a firefighter from Colorado,Tre’. His help at the right moment made the difference of the women living or dying and the animals.
Instantly there was a knowing between them of this connection and however God got Tre’ there to the ranch. He was separated from his team and came through the wall of fire to them.
Sometimes love happens this way.
A SWEET romance about a Hybrid girl-woman and her connection to the Stars.
BLUE from R.M. Simone’ YA Novel
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BBW His Kisses series Vampire Voyeuristic Fantasy ~ R.M. Simone’

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Paris drew her. She always dreamed of going there. Maybe even living there. Her dream was to let Paris envelope her so she could enter a world that she felt was always in the shadows. He called her… A dream kept repeating. A dream that opened a door to something that wanted her in Paris. Then her wishes became a one way ticket to Paris saving up all her ‘tips’ from waitressing. She was not going to live out her life in this midwestern nothing town on a trucker route. Paris was her unknown destination to something that focused her to pack up and go. He came out of nowhere. A shadow chilled her to the bones and this incredible man with piercing eyes appeared at her side as she walked in Paris. A cafe for a chat brought them both in out of the cold of the meeting. Her breath caught in her bosom chest and she became alive. Alive with his touch, his gaze and his penetrating into the core of her soul.

BBW series BBW His Kisses  

REVIEWS on BBW HIS KISSES series R.M. Simone’

A tale of past lives, love and voyeuristic eroticism that embraces the beauty of Rubenesque women.
ByMelissa Cullenon December 1, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Scarlett is in a pivotal moment of her life. A gypsy card reading directs her fate to Paris. What unfolds after her initial meeting with a mysterious vampire will hold you captivated and unable to stop turning the pages until the end. What is Black Stardust? Who is Remy?
A tale of past lives, love and voyeuristic eroticism that embraces the beauty of Rubenesque women. Very descriptive, fascinating characters and a deeply seductive storyline. This is my first book by author R.M. Simone and one that I greatly enjoyed.
I highly recommend this read!

Highly recommend it. An excellent take on the Vampire legend
ByAmazon Customeron December 4, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
This is an extremely well written Gothic Romance. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work. Highly recommend it. An excellent take on the Vampire legend.

BBW His Kisses

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BLUE ~ Love Out of the Blue from R.M. Simone’

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The Beautiful high mountain town of PARADISE, California was the idyllic place that drew many souls to reside in that community.  People there were all unique, some retired, some artists and those that just loved nature and living in this forest glen of God’s beauty.  Then they also had those that were most rare.  ET race that was granted permission to form a home there and live among the humans.   BLUE was a Hybrid.
Then that one fateful day when the FIRES of Paradise erupted destroying the town and lives there.  A town fully wiped out including the odd circumstances around the fires.  California had a state-wide battle of fires that commenced from the year before the Paradise fires hit.
Blue had a forewarning.  Dreams and Visions began to SHAKE her knowing that something was ‘coming’.  Her ties to her community, her grandma and her ranch job tending the animals all converged into a reality of a WALL OF FIRE.
Out of that escape, came a firefighter.
A young man that came through the WALL of FIRE at the ranch to help and of course, Cosmic Destiny in the Stars to meet BLUE.
BLUE is her-story about her life and this LOVE OUT OF THE BLUE.
A sweet romance of a 19-year old Hybrid and her mission awakening to help the earth and other hybrids.  Her gifts where opening and so was her heart for Tre’.  A beautiful joining of purity, innocence and the heart.  Hybrids are for sure among us.
Author R.M. Simone’

Shades of Love – Passion – Gratitude – Sacred Union from R.M. Simone’

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NYC romance and that moment when you meet. She was merely standing in for her BFF model friend for an ad shoot. On the other hand, he had a dream that some woman was about to enter his life. That someone special we all wonder about and wait for. Instantly the room FILLED with an ELECTRICITY of the two meeting when eyes and bodies sense something incredible. Instantly he felt a desire to make her comfortable and changed the layout for the photo-shoot. She was ready to ‘run’ and he knew it. She felt it as well and he was not letting this Cinderella in the designer shoes escape. LOVE can often happen in a cosmic moment when two souls meet in extraordinary timing and present themselves to SEE past the veils of circumstances. Prince charming saw the woman that he dreamed of, wanted and met his beloved meant to be in his arms. Now, how to navigate this intensity of attraction and souls in proximity to each other? She runs, he chases and he brings the designer shoes she wore in the PR shoot. And so their love story begins…


Gabriella and Tristan romance
SHADES OF LOVE trilogy from Roshandra RM Simone ‘ e-books’
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