Guise by R.M. Simone’ what is this all about?



from author R.M.Simone. GUISE” trilogy..

An American new author is flying to London to meet with and sign her new publishing contract… Setting is at the Iconic GHERKIN building in London”s financial district… What begins to play out is more than a business book meeting. A future franchise marketing investor is present sizing up this author. She is smart, savvy on her feet and beautiful. She comes with her own enterprising strategies with far reaching future potentials on how to market her books. She brands and designs everything around those creative projects she conceives. One man sees her potential and there is some more in that first business meeting…

It is highly Charged in Chemistry between them. Besides the fact the GHERKIN building is an Occult magical broadcasting Masonic architectural design. She can consciously use that to her advantage.

What also awaits her is a Menage A Trois. Two will compete for her Heart. Two Loves

Understanding what GUISE’ arc is about.

Setting up the meeting…

The meeting was about a book publishing signing. It was set up for business in London in the GHERKIN building which is very Iconic in architecture and also it is Occult in design. Magic of the good kind or dark kind off this kind of geometric structure. As to the meeting of Mr. GUISE” the man with green eyes. This main character drifts in and out of VISIONS as she is very psychic… so the reader is reading between the world of normal life and these visions she has and this is part of some past life connection of Soul Mate spirit for her and this man with ‘green’ eyes’…

DID that help you understand this better?

R.M.Simone’ warmly wring on


Romance, romance, STEAM..SHADES OF LOVE trilogy and GOTHIC GATES series by R.M. Simone’


 Looking for Romance to read?                 Looking for steam?
Tastefully presented that leaves you wanting more….
Gothic Gates book 1 DANTE brings Samantha Devon to him..
no spoilers but page 33….the Wine Cellar   Gothic Gates series 
SHADES OF LOVE Trilogy on a Fifty Shades of Love photo shoot ‘set’ the woman of his visions WALKS into view and wearing designer shoes. No ordinary romance and Cinderella wants to RUN. He INSISTS she keeps THE SHOES… TANTRA 101 hotter and steamer than anything you ever read before. Reviews all say YOU FEEL the heat off the pages and the chapters sizzle……/fifty…/paperback/product-22649940.html…/fifty…/paperback/product-22654150.html…/fifty…/paperback/product-22626313.html
Shades of Love book 1
Shades of Love PASSION book 2
Shades of Love GRATITUDE book 3
GOTHIC GATES series and arcs…/gothi…/paperback/product-22005753.html

Black Ties Arc by R.M. Simone’ review


BLACK TIES Arc by R.M. Simone
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Top Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 starsWell hello there Mr White
By sharon jones on January 15, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Mr White, Mr White Mr White!!!
I need to know what happens next.
After a chance meeting, the H & h meet again shortly after. They decide to give in to their attraction to one another, the h believing this to be a one night stand.
This is where the book ends, but you know that this is not the end of the actual story.
Bring on book 2
Comment from author to reviewer
Hi so glad you LIKED smiles Well MR. WHITE… and MS. BLACK this is the Arc which is just the teaser into the trilogy so BOOK 1 comes on LIVE in 2 weeks so stay tuned. A ONE NIGHT STAND? Hmmmmm Black lace undies and black satin ties…hmmmm this is going to get interesting fast..
stay tuned and glad you liked, loved, and licked the Arc… Roshandra, warmly and erotically writing on Author R.M.Simone’ Roshandra Simone
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remember Arcs of author R.M.Simone’
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Black Ties Arc by R.M.Simone’


HOW It Starts…
Sunny afternoon, , late in the day, NYC, he’s sitting at a sidewalk cafe in spot and his newspaper in hand and that expensive watch reflected off the sunlight off the Movado GOLD clock face rim right into her eyes. She almost twisted her ankle and he saw her. She saw him too. Never did a man grab her attention or throw her in her high heel stride. She always had her balance…She flushed, panties got wet and breathing increased. He just watched her. It was HOW HE watched…that left an impression on her psyche and those new black lingerie panties with the ribbons at her hips. This could be trouble. She Walked ON… He continued to watch as she disappeared out of sight.

Gothic Gates – Goth Christmas – Gothic Gates Venice by R.M.Simone’ first three books of this series is your KEY

ONE THOUGHT from Author R.M.Simone; the first 3 books of this series says it all.

You experience how they MEET…well how Dante’ orchestrates bringing Her to Him once he saw her in Paris. FIREWORKS on boundaries and strong sexual attraction couples them fast. ALL SET in a GOTH WORLD of his Soiree…

Book 2 .takes the reader into the GOTH CHRISTMAS of the three, Dante, Samantha Devon and Deanna learning to spend Christmas together at his France Goth Mansion. Personalities open up, cheeky fun read of three chapters for each of them. THEIR POINT OF VIEW is laced together for insights and fun into this story.

Book 3 is all about looking into the minds and hearts of these two and this long novel read is a stand alone romance in Gothic Gates VENICE of their Falling Into Love.
author Roshandra warmly writing on R.M.Simone’

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Gothic Gates book 1

Goth Christmas book 2

Gothic Gates Venice book 3

Shades Of Love by R.M.Simone’ a quote from Tristan



“I am just a man Gabriella, like all men, I struggle to breathe at times and live and create.  But, how I feel about you, for you, with you, leaves me wanting more.”

Here I was falling into love…my own love story…THE HAMPTONS.

Shades Of Love trilogy set one has an ARC sample that takes the story of the two into the moment when the man is leading the way into his personal life preparing her to meet his mother.  Social friends in the Hamptons’ life style far from the bustle of New York City opening a doorway into his beachfront beautiful home that is a setting out of a movie film.  She is suddenly up against all her reservations and resistances that this is moving her too fast and too soon.  The story takes them both into a back drop setting that is deliciously set with a white canopy tent, his private home and a key.  Can she let this all into her life?

Fifty, my Fifty came as an exercise to write a spin off and it surprised me as it took ‘me’ along on a ride of my own Fifty story.  I love Gabriella and Tristan and the attraction there and the karma of star crossed lovers meant to meet.  How it unfolds, constantly surprises me as ‘they’ are telling me their love story.  I merely write on.

Roshandra warmly writing on and warmly sharing Visions from my Heart.

Author R.M.Simone’

Shades Of Love – THE HAMPTONS by R.M.Simone’ Arc Sample

Shades Of Love by R.M.Simone’ book 1  Paperback

Shades of Love – PASSION book 2

Shades of Love – GRATITUDE book 3

Shades of Love ‘e books’ on Amazon

A REVIEW Romance with a twist

By jeanne bannon on September 29, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Shades of Love – The Hamptons i

The story is a romance, not my usual genre, but the author has done something unusual; something I’ve never seen before. She’s woven other forms of media directly into the fabric of the story itself. What I mean by that is R.M. Simone has come up with the unique idea of adding links to songs as well as pictures to her novels, thus, immersing the reader completely into the story. She also brings a sense of spirituality to her free flowing prose. Not hit you on the head stuff, but a subtle sense of spirit, giving the reader a sense of who the author is.

I think I may have jumped into the middle of the series and without the benefit of reading the books that came before, I was not as familiar with the characters as Simone’s regular readers would be. However, the characters were quirky and delightful.

Chocolate… Shades of Love CHOCOLATE Arc by R.M.Simone’


SHADES OF LOVE Arc Chocolate ….she’s pregnant!

GABRIELLA and Veronica is a new author in the PUBLISHER group that is now competition for Gabriella and she writes BDSM…Gabriella hates BDSM and had to honor her contract in BOUND series.

This is an Arc read you can discover what she did to handle it and it zoomed to the top of the selling list. NOW, she must write MORE and now she is pregnant eating chocolates and becoming a full figured mother of curves and shapes while Veronica is in a model, pencil thin, killer size 7 ..ugh……….. GAME ON………….  BOUND